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  1. You could look at Customeeple and Warsenal. Both started already producing and selling stuff for Aristeia.
  2. Why look after pictures? Get your own japanese cherry tree bonsai like myself. Nothing beats the lif color comparison. 😛 As for other terrain a got a pair of terrakami tori gates which are mdf with acrylics which have a nice sci fi touch.
  3. No, all politicians already won.
  4. I have / had the same problem with my family / coworkers etc. except for "You are the artsy guy, can you do something for Christmas / Birthday etc." and i live in a rural area where everthing that doesnt revolve around cars, booze and s..x isnt considered manly enough to even acknowledge existance except maybe video games which are pretty mainstream now. If you want to share you painting success online either do it here in the forum or go to some dedicated painting groups i recommend eavier metal which are a lot of friendly painters worldwide. But for the rest, show your family that miniature painting is a form of art, show them pages like putty&paint or massive voodoo and more. There are some great miniature painters out there, competitions, shows and what not. Its developing and growing world of enthusiasts not only consiosting of wargamers aká manchilds as most peopel see them. There are some great polish artist like Bohun and others i cant write the name. Show your family pictures from them and how much time people invest to make some art.
  5. Its the same when people can raise their own pay. Happens alot in german parliament,
  6. Love me some german bureaucrazy. Here the City or Community Council decides for what the land can be used and if you have a building permit noone can realy stop you, at least if no scarce bat or something is found on your ground while working. Thats why building permits sre sometimes hard to get here. Thats why i would love more prussian official laws. In 19th century when the royal prussian railway was a thing in my area one official was fired for stealing a pencil and the second one for knowing but not telling the other one stole that pencil. Both lost their job and all benefits, pension etc.
  7. @ all [Sorry, i have been busy and got alot of stuff on my mind to be productive in this thread.] [I wrap it up here and ready the car Nathan. But for keepeing in our role i have to leave first and bring the car to the door for you. The only new idea i got is to check if Bo Ryan who is in charge of the regulation chips has some ties to teams or sponsers to get the "right" chip to the matching team. Seems to be easier as with tampering on the side of the techies.] Konrad parts from the Techie and walks up to the bar, giving the barkeeper a good tip and telling him to distract 50 bucks from the bill of the techie and asking him for the adress of a noodle bar he could recommend. With that info hes going out to get the car ready and driving it slowly to the entrance to wait for the friend of his "boss" to get in to keep in caracter.
  8. Could have been me. Even if i have some Bonsai trees i loathe f***in garden work since the time i have been forced to mow the lawn when i was old enough to operate a gasoline powered lawn mower. After i took over the house of my parents i started reducing the fruit trees and other stuff thats more work than benefits for me. I am living in a rural area where gardens tend to be a bit bigger than in the city. Problem is not the lawn mowing alone, you still have to cut the bushes, and work with a gasoline powered buchcutter the areas you cant do with a lawn mower. I dont use battery powerde ones as they dont have the working time i need to do everything. I always wanted to cover everything in concrete and paint it green, but that would ruin me through sewage water fees. (You have to pay per square meter that is covered with anything liek buildings, pavement and the like from your property in my township, Horray for german taxes!)
  9. Do you have pictures of a finished one? I am still a bit undecided but your Wip looks tasty 80s.
  10. Well, look at pk-pro.de they have them pigments in small pots, still not cheap but its covered for tests.
  11. @Solodice So here is my roll, Personality 8 and 1 Exp in Persuade, hope that helps. Resukt is 2d20=14, 3
  12. .... and politics.
  13. After chewing through much of the technical information i would like to try get more information about the chip techies. Can i try to bring the woman to talk about the officials responsible for the chips, maybe getting a name or 2. It would be the easiest way to get a tampered chip to the teams who need it. With some names we could do some investigation if anyone from them is in contact with one of the sponsors.
  14. I have read the news about it dont know what to say about it.
  15. Personly i have some problems with Merkel, but thats more personly than political. I dont like it when a leader, boss etc. is like just wait what the most people think and act that way still voted for her party for people like Schäuble (Minister if Finance for the last few years). His clear no or more NO! to his colleagues when the asked for more money as they had planed in the household and using the extra money to reduce depts was a clear winner. But taxes are not the only problem why Merkels popularity decreased, there are the bavarian nutjobs, that a always talked how bad everyting is about what was done with refugees without seeing that we have the strictest refugee laws ever and the other point is the implement of street charges pushed by the same bavarians. As a german car owner you have to pay alot, for taxes on fuel, insurance and a car tax and the last years the bavarians wanted road charges for foreigners cause those bavarians have to pay them for trips to Austria and other countries connecting to them. So everyone will be punished for bavarian envy. Next point is, the AFD party is alot like Trump in the USA with the anti establishment movement and all other parties that had been voted for parliament are to mucvh establishment for alot of people. Just a short rundown for most people about the other parties viewed from some voters: SPD - they ovffer nothing different to Merkels party anymore and send in a candidat shouting for justice without any concept and being known for greed for leaving as best paid president of the Eu Parliament. Linke - no one likes commies and their leader Sarah Wagenknecht FDP - known for not realy being there for the people that done have much money and not realy known for competent personal too Grüne - environment party you cant afford with a normal income and hardliners that wanted to make a law that there has to be a vegetarian day once a week and alot of dreamers and incompetent leaders. In my eyes we dont have a politcal problem, its alot of management and administration problems and leaders without a plan. I tell you something, german army threw away a few hundred laptops as they werent able to run some special programms. The same time you go to a police station and see a cop typing a record on a typewriter. This happend cause people are not able or willing to talk to each other.