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  1. as a response to Nathan over the tacnet Without knowing the exact procedures for testing and documenting the bikes and other stuff and who is involved i cant say much at this state of our investigation. It would help if we could have a closer look at the official testing sites when we manage to get to the bikes and teams at the racing site.
  2. In the US everything is bigger. There are alot of old grannys household tricks for vinegar like cleaning or getting rid of plants.
  3. As answer over the tacnet about the question how?: I see some possibilities to tamper with the technical side of the race but some seem more possible than others. Least possible would be the bike hardware, as the regulations go, the bikes are pretty similar constructed as the regulations afford. Changing the hardware would cost alot especially after all the bikes are checked by officials, so you would need to invest alot of money in the hardware and you would need to bribe a bunch of people to not notice anything with the bikes. Going with that would be the driver augmentations, possible but not sure it will work, as most teams will bring some sort of medical staff and the driver will be checked more than once. To work with that you would need to sabotage mire than one driver, which would be again expensive in bribes. My best bet would be on either manipulating the regulations software (info send as attechment) it would be the cheapest way of manipulating as you either would just need to work on one bike for better performance and could hide the manipulations or just bribe the one or two people responsible for software checks. Or manipulate all bikes so you can change their performance as needed. Last option would be hacking the bikes during the race, but that should be more complicated,as the communication should be properly supervised.
  4. @Solodice Is there more information about that regulation programm? Like who is responsible for it and who confirms the programm is without fault? Tampering that programm could be a possibility to change the races to ones favor.
  5. [To Nathan] "No drink for me, Sir" [To Aaliyah] "Yes, a com-sync could be pretty usefull, Miss Aaliyah. But for first hand impressions of that islands i cant give you much. I have never visited them as neither me or my family got the funds for such luxury. As i read it its mostly a tourist trap and a place for the wealthy to get rid of some of their money. Nothing much in common with the places i grew up. I already send a request to different rental car companies if they have something available that will suit our need for representation and security.
  6. Sitting behind those attractive people Konrad, or Chi Lin for this mission, is rather unremarkable. With average height, weight and a face without any remarkable feature he tends to be overlooked in company of his new teammates. Wearing a rather light summer suit in a dark blue color he looks exactly like his role, the competent employee to his boss Lawrence Calversten. Only those who knew him better would see the signs of nervousness. Being in a surrounding breathing wealth like this was something he never encountered in his life and he feels he is no part of it. He would rather be in the cargo hold and take a closer look at one of the racers and maybe take one for a short trip breaking in the engines. As this isnt realy an option Konrad / Chi Lin decided to get more information about the technical side of the job to divert his mind. Skimming through regulations and specifications of the racers he still has is ear on the conversation of his teammates should his service as an employee beeing demanded.
  7. Probably the next roommate, neighbour, coworker etc. There is plenty of peopel out there to rant in this thread.
  8. I like that name, but doubt i could convince anyone to name a daughter like that.
  9. Is there still a place open to join? I am interested but still have to look around the rules as i havent get around to look at them.
  10. I have Avalon here on DVD. Bought it becouse looked like an interesting sci fi movie. Watched it again, and as Maru said it goes through alot of questions you find in sci fi novels.
  11. I think this video captures it alot
  12. I liked the soundtrack, not in the movie but while driving to work. Its not bad, but didnt realy match the movie. But there is a problem in that, i know from a friend who is doing music for games / movies and the like. There are the producers / bosses etc. you play them something you think that works for the scene and the reaction is: "The music needs more." "More what?" "Well more notes." "K, so i shall bang my head on the keyboard or what to give you more notes?" "No, it needs more to sound better." "So and what exactly do you want?" "I dont know, but it needs more." Such discussions can go a whole day. I am happy its not my job, i would bang the heads of my customers on drums, Keyboards and everything to give them "more". If you want some epic music cheeck out 2 Steps from Hell.
  13. They have the courtesy to let you measure that before they kill you? How nice from that cute critters.
  14. Well. that describes some sort of women i tend to run into.
  15. SO if you have the choice between Eurovision thingy and regular TV programm do you use an axe or a hammer to demolish your TV?