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  1. Did i miss something here or are you thinking about this: If you are talking about the G20 meeting in Hamburg, that was something that could have happened in every other big city and if you follow the news about it they catched some of the guys and brought them to court and they have been mostly non germans. It was a tactical decission of our Mommy Merkel to damage a growing political rival, the major of Hamburg, in her own party to do the G20 meeting in Hamburg in hope there would be alot of false decissions on his side. Dont let you fool from Angela Merkel, he killed all political rivals on her way to become the party leader and thus candidate for chancellor. She learned alot of that from her mentor Helmut Kohl. Yes there are mor big protests and demonstrations but they are mostly peacefull. I Its just most dont think of germans as protesters cause it was not so common like in other countries so its more: "If the germans are unhappy and going to the streets world is coming to an end, we are all gonna die!" @Section 9 What economy could fixed exchange rates damaged in the UK. Even before the Euro there wasnt much except banks and if they want to do business in the rest of Europe they still have to show everything in both currencys. Most economy had already been killed by Thatcher. The UK didnt join, because they have not been happy with other stuff in terms of rules and regulations or joining responsibilities with other countries. They only wanted the stuff benfeitting them without any responsibilities. The Brexit was a shot in the foot for themself as more than 50% of their business is with the rest of europe
  2. I am waiting for folks to boycott democracy as the Spartans have been the biggest slavers in ancient greece.
  3. How do you incorporate the tactical stuff, with that third party bases. sometimes it just dont match like the tactical rocks and the basetoppers for haqq from customeeple. I havent found some tactical sci fi junk to replace that rocks.
  4. Ok, but i dont picture Morats as skull collectors more than professional soldiers like the society of the ancient Spartans. And a modern army alien or other wise wouldnt let a pile of corpses laying around as its not realy sanitary. And i doubt they are much trophy hunters of weaker races except for real traditional hunts like the one Raicho pilots do. Personly i would use that bases for the Terminator TT to get the look of the movies.
  5. [over Tacnet We just got some rumors but no real evidence yet.It seems that from the tech site the best bets are on Team Coca Cola and Team Druze for the top five and that the Imperial Sevice has some investigation going on, but no real information about whats going on. Grabing 2 drinks from the bar heading through the drunk tech woman from team Star Sword. Offering that woman a drink. "Hey, Miss you seem to know alot about the tech site of this sport care to enlighten an amateur about some stuff?"
  6. Sorry, absolutly not what i am looking for, to fantasy for my.
  7. Thank you, but Warsenal is out for me, as it is realy hard to get here and i dont realy like to go to customs.
  8. They are free they have the choice. But mostly the choice between bad and worse.
  9. So i bought the starter pack and Kornak for the base of an MAF army but i have no idea for the bases. Haqq, PanO, YuJing had been easy to pick some third party bases or base topers from Customeeple but with CA and MAF i struggle to find a good idea for the miniatures. I hope i can find some help here for ideas.
  10. Not really accustumed to such civilized partys Konrad trys to follow Nathans path trough the crowd. In his experience most partys had already gone downhill with a brawl or 2, passed out drunks, naked people dancing on tables and better beer. That thin rice beer they served on this upper class holiday island just doesnt do it. I am trying to look around for some mechanic that is not sober any more and willing to to talk to someone sponsoring his drinks to get more into the technical details. I think i need to roll on observation Awareness is 11 with Exp 1 and Foc 1 Dice rolls are: 2d20: 31 [2d20=19, 12 Should be one success hope that helps
  11. @sonicReducer You beat me with the personality stat. Personality roll D1 for general info with Personality 8 Rolls are 10 and 4 so one success D2 Awareness test, Awareness is 11 Rolls are 8 and 13 one success again So Konrad seems to impressed by the rich and other stuff going to notice the important stuff.
  12. Depends on pub and beer. You can get a box of 20 bottles of 0,5 liters of beer for 5,80 € which is ok taste wise for me and some pubs sell those bottles for 1 €. But that are pubs for the ones realy down the social ladder. My standard choice is at least twice the price for the same box. But you can buy beer nearly everywhere here.
  13. Beer where you life must be disgusting. You can get pretty decent beer here in Germany for less than 1€. Sadly not much for my area where you are accustomed to a more acerbic taste than the standard beer.
  14. [Secur Coms Nothing new Miss Aliyah. We are still in the crowd trying to make friends]
  15. @sonicReducer [over TacNet: Your idea is as good as mine. Only thing i would add is something for you. As i am playing the poor corporate driver / bodyguard und you the rich friend you could try to get a copy of the regulation program so we can run easier tests for manipulation. Maybe mention a nephew or something with big interest in racing and a bike that could use it to get a mre real experience. ]