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  1. Chi Lin takes a look aroind as he opens the door for his "boss and his bodyguard" closing the doors he walks behind them a few steps like the little nice driver / butler / assistant he has to play. And he absolutly disliked every step. In the store he starts to watch the people as his role would involve to intercept the employee and anyone else trying to talk to the sponser Eddie is displaying. When they finished this, Konrad thinks, i will be renting a shuttle for a day and doing some orbital insertions to get everything from his mind.
  2. Or going mad and needs friends.
  3. Got my copy yesterday and all looks good but i am a bit unhappy with the board. Is there already someone doing a licensed gaming mat? I have seen Customeeple and Warsenal already doing stuff like Walls etc. which i am going to use but i would like a high quality gaming mat.
  4. You need some roomies? 😉
  5. My Nerdstore got my copy on saturday and i cant get there until next week. 😟
  6. Konrad comes out of the kitchen with a pack of ready to eat just warm up noodles he seemed to have had time to organize. "Well, thsi invistigation looks some sort of noodle box, everything is a mess and to many strings to pull." I think we should check if the bookies have some connections to the local biker gang. It could be that Team Druze is with one of them to change the favors of the race to earn the bookies or someone else some money, even Bo Ryan could be together with them in the same escape pod. We still dont have much information.
  7. No, cause we miss the Crown of all cleansing Fire and a Plasma Pistol.
  8. Its pretty simple. In my nearest town there is a GW Store and my personal Nerdstore both are around 500 m apart. GW mentality is to pay full retail price in the GW store rather than going 500 metres and getting the same product with a discount and supporting someone who did more for the hobby than said GW store will ever do simply for the fact its bought in the official GW store.
  9. Thats less of a problem, but you need to be carefull to not break any branches and stuff like that. A real Bonsai tree is something of age. A piece of art that took at least 2 decades of growing with alot of work and patience. It just doesnt feel right for me and most times the scale is of to much.
  10. Please dont. Bonsai are still real trees and need to be outside and mostly you will get dirt on your table miniatures. If you get one you can still use the cut branches and roots for basing material.
  11. You could look at Customeeple and Warsenal. Both started already producing and selling stuff for Aristeia.
  12. Why look after pictures? Get your own japanese cherry tree bonsai like myself. Nothing beats the lif color comparison. 😛 As for other terrain a got a pair of terrakami tori gates which are mdf with acrylics which have a nice sci fi touch.
  13. No, all politicians already won.
  14. I have / had the same problem with my family / coworkers etc. except for "You are the artsy guy, can you do something for Christmas / Birthday etc." and i live in a rural area where everthing that doesnt revolve around cars, booze and s..x isnt considered manly enough to even acknowledge existance except maybe video games which are pretty mainstream now. If you want to share you painting success online either do it here in the forum or go to some dedicated painting groups i recommend eavier metal which are a lot of friendly painters worldwide. But for the rest, show your family that miniature painting is a form of art, show them pages like putty&paint or massive voodoo and more. There are some great miniature painters out there, competitions, shows and what not. Its developing and growing world of enthusiasts not only consiosting of wargamers aká manchilds as most peopel see them. There are some great polish artist like Bohun and others i cant write the name. Show your family pictures from them and how much time people invest to make some art.
  15. Its the same when people can raise their own pay. Happens alot in german parliament,