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  1. The replacement thread for this is up in the new forums here: Corvus Belli Forums: High Res Logo Vectors Consider this thread essentially closed. All new content will posted at the new forum.
  2. Gata's nameless logo is pretty generic, so I tried some things...
  3. It's on the To Do list. Everything is stored in the Google Drives (and my personal hard drives because I don't trust the cloud), so no significant content should be lost.
  4. Boo! Those of us heavily invested in the art sub forums will have our work cut out migrating our content. And I just recently cracked a thousand internet dollars (rep), too. On a ridiculously low postcount ratio, no less. How am I supposed to wave my ePeen in peoples' faces when you emasculate us like this?
  5. Wasn't on my radar until I looked at the Aristeia page and started thinking about possible uses. They seem doable, and CB has used SVGs (mostly), so that makes the job easier. Wild Bill's is the only bitmap so far, meaning building from scratch, and that's now out of the way.
  6. I've been hesitant to put much effort into the 'coming soon' sectorials as, like you say, they're all low res and photos of screens and such. Soon as they officially drop (or at least get some decent preview art), I should have them vectored and posted within 48 hours.
  7. Can't replicate the problem you're having with those logos. It's the SVGs that are giving you issues? All else fails, the PNGs in the public drive are high res, should be able to use those instead and not see any quality loss on a 1" circle. Devabot Kydoimos and CA Bit & Kiss emblems added to the Google Drive.
  8. These three should bring us mostly up to date (if the upload attachment function cooperates). Plugging away at Switch...
  9. When I build the vector, I have it centered at 0,0 on X/Y axis. Some programs designate 0,0 to be the bottom left corner of the page.
  10. Two down, one to go for the ALIVE group. The circuitry background for Switch is a pain...
  11. To celebrate the arrival of our latest goodies (Fat Yuan Yuan posted several pages ago).