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  1. These three should bring us mostly up to date (if the upload attachment function cooperates). Plugging away at Switch...
  2. When I build the vector, I have it centered at 0,0 on X/Y axis. Some programs designate 0,0 to be the bottom left corner of the page.
  3. Two down, one to go for the ALIVE group. The circuitry background for Switch is a pain...
  4. To celebrate the arrival of our latest goodies (Fat Yuan Yuan posted several pages ago).
  5. Odd... In the Google Drive preview it shows the 'SWAST' out of place / mis-sized, but when I import the SVG, it's fine. Re-uploaded a new SVG, after converting the text to a curve instead of leaving it as a font, seems to have fixed it.
  6. Wirelizard's advice above is probably what you're looking for, my Inkscape knowledge is thin. If you're looking to make outlines for engraving or laser cutting, my designs are MOSTLY line-art friendly. I've done quite a bit of engraving/cutting over the years, so when I create designs I try to keep that purpose in mind, minimizing duplicate lines and hidden objects. Nevertheless, most of the SVGs on the Google Drive will need some minor edits to remove invisible lines (eg. circles that act as guidelines for curved text).
  7. From the beginning I've conceded that some Ariadna lists need to be reined in, but there's better ways than this. I'm certainly sensing a vibe of "Got mine, **** you". As long as it's the other player getting the nerf, everybody is cool with it. What if an extra was added to enforce a MINIMUM 10 man list? 'Cause, ya know, your nigh-invincible demi-god striding across the field murdering my dudes as bullets bounce off him is really demoralizing and ruins the enjoyment of my play experience. Hey, it's just an option.
  8. So I go to the TO early on and say "This really screws me". Meanwhile 3-4 other players think this is awesome because it favours their play style or faction, and insist the TO use that option. Now what?
  9. A lot of these theoretical lists rely heavily on me benching half my collection as no longer viable choices and purchasing 7-8 new minis to bulk up the list. And of course they're unreleased or come as 1/6th of a box. Yeah, fun times...
  10. "Calm down, it's completely optional!" The majority seem positively giddy over this and seem set to push TOs to use it. I'm fine with Limited Insertion at the 200 point level, it still leaves us plenty of flexibility to fill those 10 slots. At 300, you're breaking our balls, some more than others. Of all these "It's totally doable!" Ariadna sectorial lists posted here and elsewhere, I only have about 25% of the models needed (I like to do a bit of everything and hate painting the same model twice), so I'm going to have to drop a lot of money to participate under Limited Insertion. Meanwhile, a whole lot of my recent Ariadna additions get to sit in my display case looking pretty with little to no hope of ever seeing a table because they can't contribute ~30 points of value to justify giving them a seat on the dropship. At 400, **** you. Just. ****. You. You want to stop 30 order lists and taking an hour to check all the AROs, I'm with you. But there's got to be a better way to do it.
  11. "It was written in the official rules, therefore it MUST be the Word of God, and we HAVE to do it." If TOs are convinced that this is a great option (either by personal prejudice or peer pressure) it becomes defacto mandatory. Already seeing high-cost-per-model faction players excited about putting this rule into effect as a 'new and exciting dynamic', even though it won't change THEIR lists at all.
  12. I'm not terribly thrilled about this. I get not wanting to see like 40 Highlanders or some such shenanigans, but this seems particularly restricting for this faction. When I pencil up an Ariadna list, 1 combat group puts me at about 150-200pts. I'm now left looking at a lot of entries thinking... "I'd like to include X for 10-15 points, and shuffling some things to get it on a 300 point list wouldn't be hard, but I don't like it enough be one of the 10 minis I'm restricted to." Quantity is Ariadna's quality. The low point cost of a unit is one of big selling points CB has trotted out when they've done promos for the faction's new releases. I don't want to get into a ****-measuring contest about how I need to learn2play and build better lists. I like running a larger than average (but not a swarm) Ariadna force. If I want to run a handful of high-cost powerhouses, that's what my other factions are for. If this is about kneecapping human tidal wave lists and speeding up player turns so it doesn't take an hour to spend all orders or check all possible lines of sight, I can fully sympathize. That being the case, I think a 2 group limit is not unreasonable. At least this is flagged as a strictly optional rule, enforced at the TO's choice. Hopefully I can argue against it's usage in my local circle. I have to wonder if this is a test run before making it mandatory...
  13. They should be there, in the 'Other' subfolder. Some more...