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  1. But you could destroy them with EM weaponry. Suicidal Ghazi Muttawiah, straight out of Al Qaeda*, I don't miss those either. They were way less powerful, but way more politically incorrect. In a bad way. *Remember Al Qaeda? They used to be a world class threat. Remember Bin Laden? We didn't have ISIS back then. More things I don't miss? Your guns exploding because someone shot with an EMitter, used an EMarat or you tripped on an EMauler. Yu Jing HI being like PanO's but worse and more expensive Multi Rifles being useless Templates imposing a -6 on dodges Heavy Grenade Launcher Things I miss: Not really that much. Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! and probably some more things. Unhatched Seed Soldiers being S2, Sphynx being a 25mm To camo marker.
  2. Sheskiin. She would kill me and eat my corpse, but whatever man. There's things worth dying for. Like the GLORIOUS SOCIALIST STATE EMPIRE OF YU JING! THAT'S RIGHT YOU CAPITALIST HEATHENS! GLORY TO THE EMPEROR AND THE PARTY! YOU can win a date with his imperial majesty if you abanon your brutish western ways! Only today! I have to admit Rao is pretty hot, but he doesn't have an airdroppable turban, so Singh wins the mr. Acontecimento title.
  3. Clearing snipers? nop. Clearing HMGs by outranging them? Every goddamn time. Killing TR bots is pretty much the only reason Lunah goes in most of my list, anything else she does is just icing on the cake.
  4. Me neither. I understand we are doing something illegal, and that it's their job to stop us, but I wasn't expecting them to just go "Hulk Smash". It's fucked up maaaan. It's WTF but in a bad way. A painful way.
  5. We are doing our peaceful illegal referendum and the police seem to think that the best solution is to go all in with the law sticks and the rubber bullets. 50 people wounded and going up. Amazingly no violent response from the massses, but I'm not betting on that horse. Yaaaay, western democracy! Now, I'm not particularly against them doing their job, following orders and all that, but when facing peaceful protesters maybe hitting a granma on the head until she bleeds is not quite the best way to go about it.
  6. Yeah so, about that thing today in Catalonia? Yeah, fuck.
  7. The Regional Party of Vojvodina gave its support for the Catalan Referendum. Trump gave his support to the Spanish Government. I'm trying to decide which one is the least useful. I'm leaning towards Trump being the uselessest one.
  8. They are trying to find proof and confiscate any materiel regarding the referendum we are illegally having on the 1st of October to see if we tell them to suck it and unconstitutionally secede from Spain. You know, YOLO stuff. The police raids started today in the morning, and people just started going to the places being investigated and sat at the door. Then sat in front of the building. Then they sat around the building. Then they sat on the entire street because there was too many people. Lots of Ghandi and peaceful resitance being thrown around and surprisingly no violent incidents that I'm aware of, but it seems we are in the way to general strike. Inspection of private properties and opening of personal mail without juditial orders are alleged to have also happened. You know, funny stuff. Also our regions treasury has been put under the control of the central government and there's been multiple threats of rescinding our autonomy.
  9. WTF of the day: The way Spain deals with Catalan independence movements in general, and specifically the genious that thought a coordinated raid on our regional government buildings was a great idea.
  10. Nah, they would be murdered by the IS players before that.
  11. Sogarat is CC20, so he can defend himself in melee, Charontid is CC15, so he dies in melee
  12. And both pale in comparison to the preN3 Aquila Guard.
  13. Guijas? Nope, that's Oyoyoys schtick.
  14. But that's the British Government Issued Footwear for Exploring Exotic Wild Countries. It's what british tourists always wear here! Unless they are secret poles, which I doubt as Poles can speak English, and real United Kingdomians can't.