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  1. Also on the Vector Operator. OH SNAP!
  2. Its probably something more mystical, what with them all being theologians and shit. Okay, maybe not Speesh Magic, maybe just bad luck bullets that hurt more.
  3. This multipost epydemic we are suffering is freaking me out. This multipost epydemic we are suffering is freaking me out. EDIT: I has been infected! Fuck!
  4. Which you can't do in ARO.
  5. Do you want me to bring up the League of Nations?
  6. Its in the Tohaa alternative color schemes section. Or at least it is in the Spanihs version.
  7. Its in HSN3 too
  8. Considering Nomads already have a fast or "assault" S5 HI, I'd bet on this one being a slow, "turret" HI. More Azra'il/Yan Huo/Blackjack than Taskmaster/Al Fasid/Ayax. But then the Mk12 makes little sense... unless it is masquerading something else, like how that "bounty hunter with 2 breaker pistols" is actually a bounty hunter sniper.
  9. I'll bring the parrots! Yar har har, fiddley diddley di! For the Lo Pan! Take those noodles! Cafeine-potato-relativitytheory-caskudasoup-pokeimon
  10. NOT IF WE GET IT FIRST! C yo ther mai homie. Aleph rules!
  11. OOC: We have. Its people who registered today and put up three or five batreps each. That's why I suspect someone is playing dirty. And now we have a troll in our faction forum. I've already one-star'ed all the blank reports. And the troll is in for a report to BoW of he gets on my nerves once more. IC: Bitches and drugs, my house or yours? I need to forget this shit. And for the record, all the damage was @Luisjoey's fault. Drakios's flamethrower didn't do shit.
  12. Especially with all that misinformation running around. Someone has been posting videos of Nomads in Battlestar Galactica dresses so it looks like we have full control of the ship and are terminating everyone on board. You aren't fooling this aiodos tho!
  13. This isn't only illegal, its also inefficient. The Uberfall could have used NBW to give herself a +3 CC bonus, hitting on whatever her CC is. I hate it, if you cheat do it competently!
  14. It mainly comes up with Drakios and the Montesa knights, whenever they find a revealed infiltrator in cover. I did the math. And it works in the real world too. A foxtrot or two and a clipsos have died to them already. What do you do when some assholes comes at you screaming with a Shock CCW?