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  1. Repurposed vacuum cleaners. I'm not even joking, I'm sure someone remembers that story.
  2. *For specific values of necessary see: Always and All the Time
  3. Yes. Although in Acontecimento you can take 5 Blargh Maries and their handsome named character. But yes, Infinity is built on the premise that your list is composed by a hand picked team of dispare Special Operatives gathered from all over the place for a specific mission.
  4. You may have noticed that units have a stat called AVA. That stands for Availability. The number there is how many of that given unit you can have in your list. Some units have a T or a "total", those mean you can have as many as you can fit in your list. Keep in mind that AVA changes between Vanilla factions and their sectorials and that there are additional restrtictions in some cases like the 2 of any kind of Dog Warrior in Vanilla Ariadna or the Confrere Knights rules in Military Orders. EDIT: On characters with multiple Versions like Sun Tze and Joan you can only have one of them, you can't have Sun V1 and Sun V2 in the same list.
  5. Now maybe. But it was 2nd Edition, CC was shitty and Chain and HMG were the only two weapones that mattered. Dark times, dark times indeed.
  6. There was that guy whose gaming group wanted everything WYSIWYG so much that to play four Chain Rigle Highlanders he would have to buy 4 boxes, as they didn't accept the guys only armed with swords as valid.
  7. It is a production line simulator. Combat is very simple, and a pretty basic tool for it is in a DLC because Fuck You. So in the base game you spend most of the time looking at production lines, then take all your troops in one bic army, use the battle planer to put them in line at the border, draw a line of advance to Moskva and hit play. Then go for a walk. Come back and... Moskva is yours! It's not bad but... Its expensive, and needs more stuff to be worth it.
  8. Maybe she has a Panzerfaust
  9. She has the Aquila HMG shoulder thing! This is TOO funny!
  10. I had to play Asuka Kisaragi on foot once. It was atrocious, but I roasted a Tikbalang.
  11. Yeah, I have never understood why a password with a set number of characters (or a set range, 7-16 something like that) which has to follow a series of conditions (one number, upper case, lower case, etc) is supposed to be more secure than a random one. I mean, sure, they wont be able to get it by trying your parent's name, your birth year or 1234, but there's probably something you can make that tries random combinations within that set of parameters automatically, right? Then you just sit back until you have access to all the accounts. Like, this is probably more secure againts your husband/wife trying to read your emails, but sounds way worse against mass account sequestration, which is way more annoying (no to say damaging) than your brother sending an insulting email to your boss.
  12. Sure, in a body bag. Tunguska doesn't like sellouts.
  13. It isssnt?
  14. I'm just going to remind everyone that the Vorpal CCW fluff has some pretty strong hints that some surviving Templars may have developed some kind of prototype with similar caracteristics or a straight up reverse engineered copy and are selling them to whoever can find them and afford the cost. Soooo.... There's that.