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  1. I don't care about any of this discussion because it's not focused on the tiny robot cow
  2. Links dont worry me in regards to power creep, but in regards to how, as they become more numerous in lists, they fundimentaly change what kind of game Infinity is, from unit based to squad based.
  3. No Uhlans? Good. Let the hate flow through you.
  4. Anyone remember a female 90's band called The Corrs made up of sisters? Well their brother was also in the band. And that's how much I care about a male Riot Grrl
  5. Although...if they want to bring out a bumper box of updated Bakunin models...then I'm cool with that As someone who wont be at Gencon because its on another continent then really I don't mind. Maybe some nice extra special releases could come to the UK? Maybe? No? Ok....;)
  6. Wont be anything new new, like a new faction or unseen units. Maybe a starter box or a release of something that has profile but no model. Maybe a combination of both...
  7. Oh my god I'm smiling so much Boo PanO!
  8. Ahahaha no Uhlans for you! >:D
  9. Just a bit of hyperbole. They also don't appear to be apes or Mammalia. Don't misunderstand, many of the models look great, I just like my aliens to be alien.
  10. Few months ago I would have said Mag Guard for Gencon. Glad I didn't
  11. Well you can come up with a million crazy and intetesting ideas to justify putting boobs on a plant. Suspension of disbelief is fine right up until it isn't
  12. The Kosuil is a pretty good example of why I'm not a fan of the Tohaa design. Human secondary sexual characteristics on a sentient fruit from beyond the stars. It's stil a cool model though.
  13. Woah now! He has a cape! Where some see attitude, I just think she looks lazy. I love how her little bot is so dynamic and she's just like....meh. Bot is all like "Zoom zoom zoom lets go lets go mistress faster faster hurry hurry GO!" Carlota is more "Meh, tired, gonna get into my sweats and binge episodes of Orange Is The New Black, eat a pizza, text bae and then scroll Tumbler for the next 5 hours. Whatevs."