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  1. I really enjoyed running krakots. I either run them in Vanilla Yu Jing or Tohaa and have had great success with them as disposable attack troops. I've only ever taken the cheapest 14 point versions though. If you get lucky and roll superiro mobility, these guys become even more awesome.
  2. @Beasts of War - Warren @Darkvortex87 ah, thank you for the clarification on that.
  3. @Beasts of War - Warren - On the subject of the "rubber banding" idea : 1) Not trying to pick apart or dig at anything. I'm fine with the system the way it currently is. It's a narrative fun campaign and I'm here to play games and have fun, and engage with my local community. 2) I'm interested in all of the behind the scenes stuff that is usually discussed in these threads (I followed Flamestrike's pretty closely as well) just 'cause I'm nerd for mechanics and game theory. So from just a strictly shop talk point of view - I like the idea of trying to create some more balance and diversity to compensate for points levels, and player count and all that. But if the triggering mechanic for this "rubber banding" idea is that reports are worth more when you're behind - wouldn't then "gamey" players be able to store up a whole bunch of reports and intentionally keep themselves behind on points, then just publish the lot at once and get not only points for them all but extra points since at the time they're behind on points? Obviously as you previously stated it's just a theory/idea currently, something you're potentially work shoping. I'm just asking academically. The mechanics behind making a global campaign for something like this interests me.
  4. The bundle deals are only through the CB store.
  5. This is pretty much the first thing that came to my mind during this discussion. If what you prize is being the ultimate warrior, and your whole society values being great warriors, then you'd want great weapons. I'd imagine that if you have morats who are "eggheads" so to speak, that their ability to create technology that would make the morats better warriors as a whole (given their propensity for regimental honor rather personal) they would be pretty valued. Not necessarily maybe the same way a great warrior would be, but definitely valued, as to keep pushing the boundaries of their prowess in war, they'e going to need bigger and better weapons.
  6. Hey Everyone, In case you haven't heard already, but are interested the I-4 Invasion Dire States Tournament is a little over 2 months away! Register now if you're interested in attending. 300pts ITS No Spec Ops Missions are Antenna Field, Firefight, Supplies, and Frontline. $45 registration - registration gets you an I-4 invasion t-shirt, I-4 Invasion Patch, lunch, and a prize support swag bag from our sponsors and some cool custom items! January 28th 2017 in Orlando Florida, Check us out at our facebook page for more details and how to register. Sign up while spots last!
  7. Stylistically, pretty much anyone else in the world will have better base suggestions than me, however, I do want to pat myself on the back for one inadvertently good thing I've done with my yu jing bases. Yu Jing was my first army and I didn't want to do the crappy gravel and grass tuft bases that I had mangled onto some bases for space marines when I first started playing. I wanted something simple and more clean cut. So I just paint the bases a silver/gunmetal color, and throw some Bead Landing Craft Gears on top, one large one to cover or boarder the base, and a smaller accent one a little off center. It's simple but them being brass, copper or silver colored look kind of cool. Probably more at home for a steam punk game or Ad Mech or something but it's what I stuck with. Now, on to the serendipitus portion. These gears are metal (tin maybe? they're super cheap to buy at a craft store) and when I switched out all my hodge podge tokens for Warsenal magnetic tokens, they stick to the bases. This has been super helpful for mutli wound models, Tin bots on my Wu Ming and Hsien, and link leader tokens. So if you have magnetic tokens/markers and can work metal into the base somehow, I highly recommend it, because it's really useful.
  8. ^^^Pretty much this. I got into the game basically off of the aesthetics and small fluff bit on the website of the Hac Tao and the Oniwaban. Then I started reading about the Imperial Service. I like Yu Jing mechanically and fluff wise, though I personally don't agree with all of their principles and practices, if I were in a position of running a space psuedo communist iron fisted governmental regime with what amounts to a bunch of Crane Agent Dredds enforcing my government's will and policy, their practices and strategies totally make sense to me. Agree with in the real world? No. Understand the practicality of some if it in a fictional setting? Totally. @Locksmith - great picture.
  9. Personally, I don't really get the shades of grey impression from Infinity. Don't get me wrong, I've read the background and the fluff, and I've seen all the "bad" stuff factions have done, but I don't really see the impact from it. I put bad in quotations because, yeah political prisoner zombies, and ateks and assassins and black labs and alien genocide, I get all that. But in the fluff, it feels really secondary to me. Sure, there is a hefty amount of propaganda in each fluff section for the different factions, but the things that make all the factions "morally" grey, feel a bit token. As if to say "hey everyone needs to be morally grey. These guys don't have a thing yet, give them a thing". From a community perspective, except for few and far between discussions I only ever see on here, it very much feels like, at least to me - humans are the good guys, Combined are the bad guys, jury is still out on the Tohaa. Even when breaking down morality among just the human factions, it doesn't feel morally grey to me, just more of the "here's our token morally questionable thing". It's all in perception I guess. This is just my impression having read the fluff. I could be wrong.
  10. Can confirm as someone who frequents the Infinity reddit page. It honestly seems like most of these people are transplants from other games where the "netlist" idea or really hardline separation of faction capabilities is the norm, or they seem to be referred over by others from those games, so it's the expected norm, and can be quite a concept to really understand when getting into Infinity. It's a tad difficult to get across sometimes.
  11. That seems an interesting option. I have only really tested my baseline version of it in casual games, I've done alright with it, I think it can work from a list comp perspective, though it will really be me getting better as a player to make it really work. The only addendum I've added to it are "Legendary Difficulty" where it's all the same restrictions but you have to take either a TAG or a Recreation.
  12. No, you're not forced to take 1 each of each specialist, you are limited to taking 1 each of each specialist. You don't have to take an FO, but if you do, it can only be one. If you take something that's Doctor/Engineer, that counts as both. And Strategos 2 could allow that if you want, but I'd say don't use that aspect of it, but rather focus on the other things it gives you and still don't keep back a reserve model. All of these are potentially big hindrances to lists but its just what I've thought of for the "Iron Man" rules concept. Plus, I almost always forget to hold a reserve model because I'm dumb, so I've just grown used to playing that way.
  13. A different engineer option would be great, but for what she does the Sophotect is a really good unit. I'm 50/50 on taking her. I've run Wu Ming links and remotes without taking her and haven't had too much trouble with it honestly. She doesn't have the offensive capability of other specialists, but I try to keep my opponent focused on dealing with other threats rather than her. @-Ghost Wolves- My own personal "Iron Man" Rules 1 Combat Group 1 List 1 FO, 1 Doctor, 1 Hacker, 1 Engineer. Don't keep a model in reserve when deploying.
  14. Not sure if this has been addressed or not, so pardon the ignorance: Opening the app in Safari on an iphone 5s - after I've created the list, when I click on the unit to look at it's stats, it redirects me back to the full list of units for the entire army, and I must open up the unit entry as if I'm going to add another unit to the list.
  15. I haven't really used them a whole lot except for when I was first playing before N3 came out. At this point, if I'm playing vanilla, I find it hard to take them honestly, I usually spend the points and SWC on other unit's I'd rather be taking. I'll definitely be using them when they can form a fireteam though. Before that, I don't see it happening beyond having points left over for a FO zhanshi or something.