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  1. Thanks for all the feedback we've had so far, I'm really looking forward to exploring many different layouts on this and a summer of gaming
  2. Yes sure, I can do a basic explanation for each, just ask if you need more detail... Coke, etc... cans: Those are bits of hollow plastic tube with green stuff stuck in the end, little indent made with the end of a paint brush, then painted up. Burgers, hot dogs, pasties, etc... Those are all made from green stuff and painted up Noodle boxes: I found a blank box template online and then knocked up a design in photoshop. Printed it out on photo paper, super glued the tabs together and filled the inside with hot glue. Those with noddles inside are green stuff rolled in to thin lines. Chop sticks are made from cutting the end off cocktail sticks then splitting them down the middle. Coke cups: I used the following template I found online... Printed it out on photo paper, cut about a 3rd off the length, then wrapped it round the end of a cocktail stick. Filled the inside of the cup with hot glue. For the straws I took a paper clip, cut it to around 10mm in length and filed flat one of the ends. Painted it white, added a little black dot on the flat end and pushed it in to the hot glue before it set. The hot glue I then painted with a dark brown wash.
  3. lol, yea I did take a bit of artistic license and slightly over sized the smaller boxes, mainly so it was easier to see what they were, but hey this is a future filled with elite fighting machines (fat yuan yuan aside) they need their calories The Goku stall has two sizes, my original intention was to make the larger ones like bargain buckets and have multiple sets of chop sticks sitting on top to show this, but with the rush leading up to Salute it didn't get done.
  4. Buildings: On all the main buildings I laser cut + printed access key pads for all of the doors: Hotel Several improvements were made on the hotel building, access buttons for using the central "turbo" lift were added... Beds were added to all floors, with enough room to still allow for minis to easily move around (as above you can see the up/down arrow buttons for the lift)... On the ground floor doors were added and tree planters now surround the building... ...and the reception kitted out with computers and what looks like a lunch delivery from a local noodle bar Office block: The office block got similar treatment to the hotel, with desks and computers added to all floors... Amazon and lunch delivery...
  5. Shop fronts: The various shop fronts on the board were also decorated with books, hot dogs, burgers, pasties, chocolate bars, etc... Sad times as a copy of the 1st edition Infinity rulebook has been discarded in the trash... The Combined Army appear to also be fans of the human's fast food... Nomads drop in for a quick snack... A keen reader of the rules Avicenna is on point at the book shop... Roads: Crossings were added to a few of the boards along with manhole covers, drains, general grime, blood splatters, leaves, litter... all with the idea of making the table look a little lived-in...
  6. A lot of detailing was done on the table in the last week leading right up until Salute, hopefully I've managed to capture most of these in the images that follow... Food bars: I made several noodle boxes with chop sticks, cups of Coke with straws and cans of drinks to decorate the serving hatches and also other areas of the board to establish a coherent theme across the table. Some clumsy punter has managed to spill theirs just up the street... Just across the street we also have... The High Senberg's Bar now serving hot food... Shrubbery improvements on the large tree (it's a bit of a mascot which has appeared in some form on all our tables) and added food on the Dolphin Shack's conveyor belt...
  7. I thought it would be cool to try and take some shots of the table as close to some of the original pictures in this post to get a bit of a before and after look (apologies for the quick and dirty photoshop masking job)... Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  8. My plan for this weekend is to get some decent pics and post them here, so you can see the actual detail on the table The lighting in Salute wasn't great for photos and most phone cameras really seem to have a hard time photographing it as they completely blow out the red colour, making it way brighter and more saturated than what it really is.
  9. Was a great day, took about 3 hours to finish turn one as we spent most of it just chatting to people who came over to see the table Just finished setting the table back up at home all ready to take some decent shots of the completed board. Once I get some work commitments out of the way this week (pesky day job!) I'll aim to get some decent pics up by the weekend
  10. That's 1.5mm card, yep all home made The chairs are a mixture of 2mm mdf and card.
  11. Thanks It's the last day before Salute, so today's a mad dash to the finish line to get everything ready and looking it's best for tomorrow. Will resume posting pictures of the improvements and "finished" table after that's out of the way. Until then here's some work in progress pics to give you an idea of the extra detailing added to the office block (the blue version of the hotel building)... Happy with the above test I churned out a load of them, quickly painted up ready to put in the office rooms...
  12. Thanks. I airbrushed the whole roof black, then gradually highlighted up the whole roof through various shades of grey, hitting the centre of each hex, getting closer to just the middle ones as the shades got lighter. The outer ones I also lightly sprayed afterwards with a thin dusting of a blue "wash" to tint them a little. Then the centre most ones I hand painted the edges of each hex by hand with a brush using Vallejo deck tan and then up to pure white in a few spots. Hope that helps?
  13. Thanks very much. So many of the skills and techniques I've picked up and learnt over the years are down to other people sharing their knowledge online, for free, so I'm more than happy to share the work I've been doing if it helps others. Likewise I've been inspired by countless forums, blogs, youtube channels, going to gaming shows, etc... and if posting this stuff also inspires at least one other person to have a go themselves then that's mission accomplished in my book One thing that bugged me about the table was that we have a landing pad with shipping containers on it, and a train with shipping containers on it, but no explanation as to how those are moved from one to the other. With Salute fast approaching and an already massive todo list, I still wanted to fix that problem, ideally in as quick a way as possible. One idea was to have some form of crane setup, but that was quickly abandoned due to the size it would take up. Instead I went on the look out for a fairly cheap flyer that would fit the bill and found this... I wanted it to look like it was in the middle of picking up a container, so the first step after building it was to mock up the idea using cocktail sticks as "cables" and see what it looked like. You can also see the start of a clean up paint job on the landing pad... Happy with the way that looked I then took some threaded bar and turned down the ends in to pegs on my lathe so that they could slot in to the flyer. At this stage I also weighed down the container with a bunch of heavy fishing weights to help keep the whole thing more stable. Now that was in place I didn't like the way the tail section looked as I wanted it to be vaguely believable that the cables could reel back in to the craft. I decided with the time constraints I had that I'd just block in the open sections with green stuff and a bit of plasticard. Far from pretty, but it does the job... The canopy was open to the cockpit which came with a detailed interior with two, not very Infinity looking, pilots in side. I figured the easiest way to remedy this was to block it in and then I could paint the windows in the same style as the ground vehicles. Then on to the paint job, again with very little time to spare I set aside a single day to speed paint the whole thing in one go... The final step before Salute will be to add some Nomad decals Oh and as a bonus here's the finished landing pad plus flyer (minus the decals)... Work in progress: Complete: You also get a bonus, bonus look at the cleaned up floor tiles in the above shot. I edge highlighted every single street on the board... wow that was an almost endless job!
  14. Part one of the hotel improvements was to airbrush in some highlights, paint up the doors, more edge highlighting and add actual hotel signs to the sides. As all the floors are accessible the signs are simply magnetised on and can be easily removed during play.
  15. When we first finished the table I thought I'd gone to the limits. I hadn't. The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits... pain and pleasure, indivisible There's a lot of signage on the table which have been given the clean up treatment too. Airbrushed along with glow effects on the lights and edge highlighted to give them a more consistent match to the shading on the buildings.... After: