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  1. @jockjay ah ok try using more of it, like a fat layer of it, and you might end up making it look a lot more organic.
  2. Minis look real good, Im totally digging the theme, but the bases feel somewhat rushed witht those single grains of sand showing.
  3. Thats just beautiful
  4. Thats just insane on metal models and that size, looks real good though. Cant imagine myself doing anything that small.. I get annoyed by just putting the minis together and trying not to have to pin anything Awesome stuff!
  5. Damn nice painting, earlier stuff couldve used some depth to some of the colours but all in all really good work.
  6. Looks like youre off to a nice start
  7. I really like the whitish (nurgling or something) green against the dark brown your painting overall is damn nice and neat.
  8. nomads

    Damn thats some clean painting, really like the yellows.
  9. I really love the use of dryad parts cant wait to see some paint on these.
  10. Fusiliers are just so cool Ive got three of them waiting too.
  11. The reds and brown pouches really brings thw mini to life great job! Looking forward to seeing more of these.
  12. Loving the colours!
  13. Id guess the stuff covering her ass is some sorta mesh cloth or something The pouches could definately use some colour, might give the mini a nicer and less dark look all in all. But anyways, looking really good
  14. Im not feeling the NMM either but I really like the way youve painted these, looks great!