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  1. I don't see why a simple clean solution wouldn't be "you can mount/dismount/mechanical-transmute at the begining of the order if you first short skill is a movement skill".
  2. Is it the same with mechanical transmutation?
  3. Yup, been saying that for a while.
  4. The plastics remind me of early malifaux plastics for some reason.
  5. The sculpts look kinda dated to me Also, very remeniscent of overwatch, genji and lucio, Im guessing some ppl will paint overwatch characters
  6. I just hope that these new Svalarheima units dont end up c/p +- a skill and a stat to Specialist Sergeants. Similar how crusaders feel to akalis.
  7. It didn't stop them from increasing the Seraph's silhouette when they did the model.
  8. And thats cool, I had moments like this as well. But they're still a 4-2, 1 wound models for 22 points. Its good, but not 22 points good. Its ~18 points good. That is ~20 points cost reduction for a 5-man team. That seems OK imho.
  9. The problem is paying for stuff you rarely if ever use. Remove the shotgun tax, reduce the price for bioimunity, and reduce the dropbear price to match the mine (no camo state vs thrown is a wash, no need for points hike (or make them be camo mines when placed)) and we're golden.
  10. Precisely. A model has a significance on the battlefield and can be shot at.
  11. At least now we can put the fat yuan yuans to some use
  12. How did you manage to get such clean and precise cuts?? Does anyone have any good results of toni/tikbalang reposing?
  13. I was surprised no one linked or mentioned the NCA army review. I must say, I was eagerly avaiting for it to hear @Vaulsc's thoughts on them since I think his logic in infinity and other wargames is pretty sound and solid. Suffice it to say, he did not disappoint. I agree on most if not all of his arguments. Not happy about it but I think we all should be realistic. Some of the things I kinda disagree on is Devas, I think they are more viable and useful for NCA. On the other hand, aquilla is quite overcosted due to the weak rules of MSV3. I run him sometimes, but am always reluctant to take him compared to the Swiss. I always looked at the Black Friar with dropbears as a nice utility toolkit, but rarely had him do much on the field. Didn't really stop to evaluate his performance, just took him as a useful troop in theory. Must admit, kinda getting over that recently, agree with @Vaulsc on this one. Similarly with locust, thought maybe I will run him when a model drops... well see. The hacker profile is an abomination though, however you put it. Things I haven't been using and will explore more are CSUs. I take them but not use them enough, I feel. Also, never ran 3 Fugazis, since I have only two small rems and usually run them as the specialist bot and tr or 1 fugazi. I must admit that I am not happy about the fact that I should take 3 of those ugly rems to be competitive. But, its very efficient, cant argue with that. I must admit I never took the Fusilier HMG, as I felt the heavy weapon was wasted on a defensive link, but am definitely keen on trying it out. Bolts, wont go there. @Vaulsc cuts through the b.s. and wishful thinking and theorising. Interesting anecdote regarding a place for bad units in a game from Hearstone. I am kinda like that with bolts. Mainly because of the models and dropbears (the shenenigans you can do with them). Starting to use the Uhlan more, but its hard when you have swiss competing for a similar role. Only used for TAG missions, agreed. The rest of the vid is pretty much on point and in line with my own experience of the faction. My secret hope is CB will watch this video and maaaaybe realise some things. Once again, cudos to you sir, @Vaulsc.