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  1. No way mimetism-camo is 1 point difference. Marker state is one of the strongest abilities in the game.
  2. This is really bad reasoning, if true. From my experience we tell beginners: "Buy and play what you like the look of!" not "Buy and play PanO!" Every faction should have a begginer friendly selection of troops.
  3. The "best" part was when he talked about the authorised bounty hunter being awesome now, since they are regular and can link with ISS! They are perfect in ISS! I was staring blankly thinking to myself: "Is this guy for real? Is this some practical joke?" Honestly, I felt so disgusted at that moment, I had no words... CB just leveled up.
  4. "wait for it"?
  5. Fair enough. Just why not use this badassery on a fitting profile. Like a knight, like defersen or literally any knigt or guy with a bigass sword in his profile. Or what youre saying is, for example, Bipandra with an action pose swinging a big-ass sword would be totally cool with you and make sense? Reason why ppl, myself included, are not enthusiastic about it is that it makes little sense from what the unit is about ingame. That is kinda the basis on which we build the games and the narrative...isnt it? tldr: Its cool, but it doesnt make sense.
  6. That actually makes a bit sense comming from a jungle planet where tags are kinda prohibited to move as easy...
  7. Pano getting trolled is exactly what is happening. Hurr hurr, how are we going to troll pano next? I know! Lets add a... (it actually took me a while to find a troll choice! It was like... nope would be useful, nope needs a resculpt, nope we just got that (bolt paramedic)) Nisse paramedic? Bingo! And also, a huge bloody sword on a unit that should run away from combat as devil from holy water? TO hi with BS15 that costs like hell! Really? Looking forward to a cutter with a sword now...
  8. So no releases info from mayacast... disappointing
  9. So instead of adding a tinbot and increasing the price for a small amount they decided to reduce the value of the box by 25% and keep the price? Good for them... I guess? I personally HATE the concept of tinbot models, from a gameplay perspective. Having a marker be represented by a model is bringing a TON of confusion if Im not familiar with the faction Im playing against. Models require a higher level of attention and are a different threat than a marker. Its hard to differentiate between a helper bot, a crazy coala or a symbiomate and a tinbot. Not to mention lof considerations and positioning. hate 'em
  10. Well, I and many other people who would be interested in the MO starter aren't buying that abomination.
  11. yay... more love for ISS cool.
  12. So, we are getting Overwatch in infinity universe? Cool!
  13. Hexa AHD/KHD can't buff remotes.
  14. This topic has been done to death. They have unfortunate combination of rules. Bloat over bloat over bloat. Nice miniatures, crap profiles, take if you want to actively hamstring yourself against newbies. Accept it and move on.
  15. The only problem with this is stomaching 3 boxes of those rems... Not. A. Fan. Of. Spam. Don't get me started on painting 6 of these...