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  1. So, we are getting Overwatch in infinity universe? Cool!
  2. Hexa AHD/KHD can't buff remotes.
  3. This topic has been done to death. They have unfortunate combination of rules. Bloat over bloat over bloat. Nice miniatures, crap profiles, take if you want to actively hamstring yourself against newbies. Accept it and move on.
  4. The only problem with this is stomaching 3 boxes of those rems... Not. A. Fan. Of. Spam. Don't get me started on painting 6 of these...
  5. But.... do you have the best people? Are they amazing? Most importantly, how big are their hands?
  6. While on the topic of electric pulse, auxbots have them too! HFT vs EP against a TAG? Choices choices
  7. Or that profile we don't have a model for... (but have the Nisse hacker ) ... Locust, right?
  8. Its "primitive". You "have" TO camo for that purpose! Funny that most of the "primitive" equipment is rather dispropotionally strong to high-tech equipment.
  9. Prideofrodina has a great article on listbuilding, and I thought its appropriate for this thread. Pano does seem to lack a lot of the "best tools" for the job, especially for special-operations type missions. While PanO is the "best" in shooting/killing, other factions are not gimped as much in the killing department as I feel PanO is in the specialist department.
  10. PanO (Aquila shoulder panzerfaust on the model) was a misatke.
  11. And thats where the crux is. The whole pano stich in the back of the designers mind: "Nah, lets not give them anything resembling power/utility... its Pano for crying out loud! They've got BS15!" "Those uber point efficient linked fusiliers with B2 missile launchers and the swiss guards!" ... yeah. The whole faction is littered with this feel... Sooooo close to be useful, sooooo close. IE, I would argue people would take albedo friar sniper much more for 35pts vs the 30pt non-albedo.
  12. Why not give them rifle+lsg instead of combi+lsg then?
  13. Awesome... Knauf isnt available in ISS as far as I can see.
  14. Yay! Not just ISS! Good job CB, cudos!
  15. Above post x1000! Exactly, well said.