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  1. Yeah, really. I'll wait to hear more details, but I really don't want the game to be driven even more toward link teams. I know they have their strengths/weaknessess, blah, blah, but it was just an idea I was never crazy about including in my own forces. If I wanted to paint up and move around packs of guys that all look and play the same, I'd have stuck with other tabletop options.
  2. Good stuff. With N3 and all the cool changes that look to be happening to Yu Jing's units, I picked a really great time to check back in on Infinity. Especially excited to hear Domaru might now better realize their concept on the table.
  3. Thanks, det. Good to be back! Got several new additions to my force I'm dying to paint.
  4. Well, time to resurrect my old plog. A happy homecoming! Finally have had the time to painting a couple new additions to my Yu-Jing force, including my Spec Ops model. Personally, I thought the Gui Feng was the least inspiring of the human Spec Ops models, so I decided to jazz him up a bit with some sculpting. I added some new hair for flair, a half-mask to give him some of Vortex's sinister look, and a high gorget to make him look a bit more armored. I'm pretty happy with the results of the conversion, though I'll admit my painting is still rusty after a long hiatus. I need to get back in my groove as far as smooth blending goes, but, eh, I'm just happy to finally have painted something to share again.
  5. If I'm able to attend this year, it'll likely be for Saturday only. Not being a sure thing, I'm gonna sit out registration and let others have priority on the Saturday tournament slots. I'm going to try my best to make it though, so I'll bring my models/list and check in with Magno as a standby alternate just in case there would be no-shows for that event. If nothing else, I'm sure some folks would be up for some casual games. I just don't feel right about grabbing a slot this year given how tenuous my schedule is. That being said, I'll be finishing painting my Spec Ops model this morning, just in case, haha.
  6. Ah, ok, gotcha! I applaud your efforts and hope it proves to be a fun time. One day I'm hoping to either cobble together something or find a suitable Sci-Fi RPG system to let me use my Infinity minis in a roleplaying setting.
  7. Guges, I'm out of the loop. There's going to be an Infinity RPG? Anyway, I just wanted to express my sympathies for your frustrations. Many things about Paradiso I enjoy, but some of the missions are way too convoluted for my tastes. I enjoy Infinity because I got tired of wargames where I felt a constant pressure to stay abreast of the latest combos, tactics, and killer lists. Unfortunately, I'm equally turned off by the idea of having to pore over a mission and hash out the vague wording before getting the match started. It's supposed to be a hobby for fun, and I feel some of the Paradiso missions stretch that quality for me, though I love the idea of campaigns in general. Aside from any quibbles over Paradiso content, I find myself in a similar situation where real-life is just making wargaming hard for me right now. Living in new city with a pregnant wife and a new military career is all exciting, but leaves very little free time. As hobbies go, wargaming can be very demanding, both in terms of time invested and geographical logistics. I'm just grateful to be near a cool game shop these days where I can get in a game every month or so. I actually found time to paint two minis for the first in several months. Tournaments are hard to attend on my schedule, and campaigns almost impossible. You spend more time reading or just daydreaming about the hobby than you actually do engaging, and that can be a real downer after awhile, especially if you invested in community building only to have it slip through your fingers. This seems a common plight. I think the many wargamers are in a demographic where they are going through big life changes that curtail hobby time, yet wagaming is very much a "get what you put in" kind of thing. It's also frustrating when you read about other folks who apparently find time to play and paint constantly, when your own circumstances simply won't allow it no matter how hard you might try to make time. I think the trick is just to keep it all in perspective and enjoy the hobby in the manner and extent you are able. You don't have to "keep up with the Joneses" or fight to keep Infinity growing all the time. Share the effort, pass the torch, take a break, or focus on painting for awhile. It's great that some have the motivation and time to champion the hobby, but don't turn a game into a second job to the point it causes you stress and angst. The happy thing about growing responsibilities is that while it often leaves you with less time, it also reminds you how truly unimportant all this shit is. And, as others have suggested, given time you'll probably find yourself in a situation where wargaming is more manageable and you can find or encourage the kind of community you want to play in. Just my two cents to any of you who find yourself similarly struggling to stay involved and satisfied in this hobby.
  8. Yeah, I too feel that the Chaksa and Haqq support are all very nice models. Good work, CB!
  9. Sorry if I missed this info elsewhere? But are the general timetable details of the planned Infinity events available yet? Like what days of Gencon will have Infinity events and how many events? I'm hoping to attend for at least part of Gencon this year, though school and duty often combine to make these things tricky. Appreciate any info if it has been released yet, though I realize registration doesn't begin for a few weeks yet.
  10. Glad to hear a good time was had. So bummed out I missed this. I actually showed up at Adepticon, but only only stayed a few hours as I started feeling like crap and knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy a tournament (and didn't want to spread whatever I had). Sigh....maybe better luck at Gencon.
  11. Yeah, definitely solid advice all around. When using any attention-magnet model, it's always nice if you have at least one other serious threat that they will either ignore or struggle to deal with simultaneously.
  12. Wow, sounds like a fun game on what is a very nice battlefield. Thanks for the post!
  13. Ah, thanks for the tip! I might just do that.
  14. While I missed signing up for the tournament, I'm hoping to swing by Adepticon on Saturday as I'm less than an hour away from Lombard now. I'll come over to the tournament to hang out, maybe get some pick-up games, and possibly even stand by as an alternate. Also, I look forward to visiting Games Plus and getting to know the Chicago-area community in the near future. I'll check out your google group!