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  1. I can't remember if it was a group or event, but it was called "isolated state", hilarious. Hey thanks guys. I'll try the fb group. Also "isolate state" That's brilliant!
  2. Hi all, I'm off to Hobart on a work trip at the end of September, specifically going to a conference at the Tasmanian Parliament. I'm taking a few extra days to have a look around the city; seems like there's heaps to do with the MONA, whiskey sampling and dining etc. but I'm also wondering what the local Infinity scene is like there. I was thinking of bringing some minis over. Dates I'm in Hobart: 27 September - 3 October. So if anyone is keen to meet up and game, please get in touch. Cheers Dave National disclaimer: I'm a Kiwi!!!!
  3. Hi there, is there much of a scene in Wellington at the moment? I'm keen to play some games. I'm based in the southern suburbs (Berehampore) Cheers, Dave