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  1. That was my idea... afterwards (more specifically blister foam) Haven't had the opportunity to playtest the Sukeul yet, but the ML loadout seems quite effective and costworthy !
  2. Some more stuff ! I desperately tried to use the chipping technique to add some weathering on the freehands on the shoulder pads : epic fail... This is way too small to use this technique, and it ends up as beeing messy
  3. In case @Cothel hasn't noticed...
  4. Wait... You separate the heart from the rest of the body ?? I prefer using this : That's less loose parts !!
  5. Now you are on the list...
  6. I must second that !
  7. Are you sure about Louis XII ? Only thing i find is the hedgehog as personnal emblem, and 3 differents coat of arms (as duke of orleans, duke of milano and king of france), none with a beehive :/ http://www.heraldique-europeenne.org/Celebres/Personnages/Louis_XII_France.htm
  8. That's exactly what i'm doing, and it works perfectly ! IMHO the best way to cut tabs without damaging ankles !!
  9. Sir, you just made my day !
  10. A Triumvirate TAG : something like a giant symbiobeast. Some kind of symbio-riders That would be good !
  11. The SymbioMate is a single use piece of Equipment that allows its owner, in whose Trooper Profile the SymbioMate is listed, to assign it to a trooper in the same Army List, called the user, in order to provide additional combat advantages. SymbioMates: General Game Conditions The SymbioMate must be placed and remain in base contact with its user, its assigned trooper, moving along with him. A SymbioMate is considered a Game State Marker rather than a model. SYMBIOMATE AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT Deployable, Non-Lootable, Optional, Prior Deployment REQUIREMENTS SymbioMates can only be assigned during the Deployment Phase. A SymbioMate can only be assigned by its owner to those troopers possessing Symbiont Armor and who are present on the game table (thus excluding troopers with Airborne Deployment, Hidden Deployment, etc.) A trooper with Symbiont Armor cannot receive more than one SymbioMate. SymbioMates can only be used while in the Active Symbiont Armor state. If this state is lost, the SymbioMate must be removed from the game table. EFFECTS During the Deployment Phase, a SymbioMate is assigned to a trooper possessing Symbiont Armor and is placed in base to base contact with that trooper on the game table. If its user, the trooper who the SymbioMate has been assigned to, is in the Active Symbiont Armor state and receives a successful Attack and declares the use of his SymbioMate, he will not perform an ARM/BTS or the correspondent roll, and the Damage and effects of the Special Ammunition or Attack will be ignored. However, the SymbioMate will be removed from the game table at the end of that Order. Any other successful Attacks, including their Damage and effects, received by the user during the same Order will also be ignored. However, when using the SymbioMate, all Critical Attacks received will be applied as usual. Using a SymbioMate also avoids having to perform a Guts Roll in that same Order. The player must declare the use of the SymbioMate before performing any ARM/BTS Roll. As i understand this, altough SMates / Sbombs are considered as games state markers rather than a model, they are still officially Deployable Equipements. Being considered as markers just underlines their "non tagetable/non lootable" nature. But their game mechanic is practically the same as equipement, thus making them non replicable with Holoecho. tl:dr : toads are cometic, replaceable by simple markers (like tinbots are), but, hey, CB's rule of cool, ya'know !
  12. from the wiki : Additionally, a trooper affected by Fire Special Ammunition who has Fire-Sensitive Special Skills or Equipment will enter the Burnt state, regardless of the result of the ARM Roll. So i guess entering burn state require a Burnt marker.
  13. Nice work , fellow Tohha painter ! I love your color scheme, and your OSL effects are outstanding
  14. Chaksa MI FTW ! ... with a pet !