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  1. Not much of a progress in the past month, but tonight I started working on a commission for a colleague:
  2. Hi everyone, it's been a year since my last update, but the madness still continues, with the Mobile Brigada almost done. I only need to finish the paint on hands and retouch some details. I'm also adding a sneak-peak of Maggie progress, let me know what you think ;)
  3. @Maru yes, that's the plan. isn't it ironic, the shadow broker being a desk lamp? after emptying the mailbox today, my arsenal is ready: together with fiber optics. it might seem like a bit of an overkill, but I also have Revell/Monogram's Voyager on the table: And of course I could not resist and drilled into the crown piece of this LED project. and of course an obligatory light test:
  4. It will have to be a coin cell, but in a higher or a double base (I'm thinking about gluing two bases bottom to bottom), that should give enough space for a coin cell and a switch well, since you're asking so nicely. not an Infinity mini so I'm not sure I can post it here but let's give it a try. I'm very excited I was able to get these minis: If you're wondering who's this lovely lady I've been drilling all day, this might clear it up:
  5. Thanks, everyone. Something much bigger is coming so stay tuned @TheGregDo you mean using the conductive pen under the layer of paint so I don't have to drill the legs to hide the cables? That's an intriguing concept, its success depends on how conductive the white metal is. I should run some experiments...
  6. Hi guys. It's been few years since I painted any miniature but now I decided to get back to it and, most importantly, to start working on an idea I had ever since I discovered Infinity. Beeig a long-time sci-fi modeller obsessed with putting LEDs inside everything and a package arriving today containing dozens of SMD LEDs, here are my first attempts today. First some blending exercise to get back to it: Now for those who wonder what SMDs are: And the first lightning test (drilled holes are huge and nasty, hopefully that gets better with practice, I broke like a dozen of drills today):
  7. Well, so far they are Ghost: Jumper L1, maybe there is L2 and perhaps also L3 coming... Let's go fantasizing a bit: what if L2 allows you to jump between Proxies without AI beacon deployed and L3 to operate all of them at the same time without jumping from one to another (kinda like coordinated order but spending only one order)? Too strong?
  8. If you don't like the thickness of acrylics, you can print them out using laser printer to a clear sheet of laminating foil, that way you can even bend the billboards 'round the corners