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  1. I saw that on FB just a few minutes ago. looks good.
  2. For a Wallace+Wulvers link, what would be the best options? One shotgun, one Mk.12, two T2 rifles?
  3. The Wulver girl with the sword. . . . don't judge me, I'm not a furry. She's probably really aggressive in the sack since Wulvers are stated to be sterile. Hakuna matata, baby.
  4. So you want worse-Galwegians? That makes no sense to me and doesn't fit at all into the USARF's "generally slow but heavily armed and armored" aesthetic. In other news, I'm all for the TAG (even if it's permanent Anaconda access) and autocannon-Blackjack ideas.
  5. I had brought that up earlier in the thread, but the problem is that none of that is confirmed information. It's implied and suggested that the antipodes are a Tohaa experiment - and by extension, the dog faces and wulvers are an attempt to bio-engineer better human soldiers -- but is just speculation and potentialities.
  6. Do they make that joke with the female wulvers?
  7. Caledonians complete!
  8. That's just....dumb. No one takes them for the chain rifles anyway, we just want the smoke grenades and AP CCWs.
  9. Nevermind, I had a comprehension issue due to a grammatical curiosity.
  10. Now that is something you don't see every day.
  11. In which case, the paramedic is the next tool.
  12. My thought was to include one paramedic with two cheapo chain rifles just in case something happens to Isobel. He can either attempt to revive her or else go on to push buttons on his own.
  13. While I agree in principle about the Vols+Izzy+Grey link, I'm curious about its exact composition. Izzy with a T2 and the Grey with AP HMG seem the obvious best choices to me, but what about the three Volunteers? Any paramedics? Chain rifles? LGL? LT?
  14. Don't be hyperbolic. It's not all in one mountain range. But consider which sectorial has the greatest percentage of T2 weaponry.