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  1. =P
  2. I actually did that once i just went nuts on the dice roll for an NPC and.... failed anti-climatically HAHA. i guess it did burn some heat
  3. shit where is snake from? conversion?
  4. hi guys, i have since had my first RPG experience. it was a blast! the PCs were quite creative and made many decisions that really tested my creativity! i tried my best to let them do what they want and there was only one instance where i kind of railroaded a PC (more discussion on this later). I must say that the "complications" mechanic was really hilarious. there were several "social faux pas" and other "clumsy accidents" resulting from complications that really made the game fun and entertaining for all involved. here are a couple of targeted thoughts from my experience thus far 1) im still having trouble with heat haha. i have accumulated quite alot of heat but havent found a way to spend them in a principled manner. this will probably require more experience and training my mind to think of it as a "payback" mechanic. 2) on the incident of railroading. so one of the PCs is looking for dirt on any important official. he slips into the private quarters of a politician and looks around. i have him do a stealth check, and then a observe check. he passes and examines an area of the room, finding nothing (i had planned in my head where the important item would be). He wants to continue searching, and i make him do another stealth check with slightly increased difficulty to signal that he doesnt have all the time in the world. He rolls a complicaiton, and i narrate that he has tripped on something and knocked over a lamp which crashes. so i panicked at this point because i didnt know how i wanted the diplomat to react to his intrusion it was a really weird situation because the PC is supposed to be security and he is ransacking a diplomats room. so i just railroaded him and said that he quickly escapes. looking back, i think this was a missed opportunity to put the PC on the spot and let him develop his character. So maybe a fun hypothetical for you guys, how would you have handled this?
  5. Well actually, I was looking at it with a different approach (without really hashing it out as well as I should have). My anecdotal situation was really to suggest that, maybe you just haven't exhausted all the potential playstyles? Becuase that's why I went through, and by seeing how my friends play their PanO/YJ sectorials, Tohaa, or Bakunnin I saw what was working for them and attempted to emulate using haqq and it opened up some playstyles. To me it's just a simple: Don't give up just yet! Also in your OP you haven't really outlined to me what play style you are looking for, I do see now what you're describing in later posts as to what your style is. Vanilla has a lot of options that are pretty fun. A little limited in the TAG department but otherwise there are some pretty good HI (our HI are more defensive/support in nature rather than offensive). And honestly if you're making a post about investigating other factions, maybe those forums would offer a little more insight. I adopt a similar approach and have been having alot of fun just trying to figure out new ways to play. Usually it is centred around a new model i had painted or acquired, but as my collection grows i am always amazed at how many different things i can do using haqq. bikes, skirmishers, heavies, impersonators... i highly doubt that there is a particular playstyle that haqq must necessarily gravitate towards. So i agree with the sentiment that if you are bored with what you have, try something different. take away the impersonators. dont use lasiqs, or al'hawwas. use bikes, or drop in 4 AD troops, or use scarface, put in more irregular orders, spam mines. use more remotes. then tweak those lists and have as much fun as you can. from your later posts you seem to be looking for a specific type of model, a brawler. I tend to agree that haqq doesnt have that kind of model... though i would say that a janissary is the closest to it. (didnt they use to have AP CCWs?)... maybe you can try experimenting around that? using ghazi as backup (and also minor pseudo-hacking ARO capabilities as you seem to like with their jammers) and maybe other impetuous troops like bikes (which are quite decent in CC even) will let u really bring it to the enemy. also, there is something to be said for playing different kinds of missions. something that quite out of the ordinary may help to spice it up.
  6. while u probably cant field all of them at the same time u can definitely collect and paint all that u like and swap them in and out of your lists from time to time! this gives u the flexibility to spring surprises on your opponents now and then, which is what HB is all about right? al hawwa sniper - this piece is usually used offensively so the hacker variant is probably more useful. asawira spitfire - never used before. sounds good fiday boarding shotgun - naise. i tend to proxy this as my al hawwa from time to time (havent got my al hawwa yet) and use the male with knife from starter as the fiday. or u could have both hehe lasiqs with sniper - ive found that this one doesnt usually have a huge payoff for its pts and SWC but its neat to have. ragiks spitfire - the spitfire is nice. i think u can proxy it easily as the other variants as the spitfire is quite subtle HMG option has been phased out and is no longer legal for play. al-djabel - never had him azra'il - ppl seem to think hes good. he certainly looks yummy. the SWC seems well spent janissaries - depends which profile u use. doctor needs no SWC ;p the heavy weapons... well i think u can do without them. but by all means get them so u can change them up from time to time scarface - its awesome. fun to paint. reasonable unit to use tarik - same as scarface.
  7. you mean the human sphere right? =p unless you are talking about war with Battlemechs in the year 3025 =D
  8. Thanks Nathan and to everyone who has posted their insightful comments in this thread. I am hoping to put all this to use really soon =)
  9. Thanks for your replies guys! I will keep that in mind while running my first ever session (which should hopefully happen soon) Any suggestions on GM essential accessories? Like pen, paper, or anything like that?
  10. Thanks for the additional feedback! I would like to discuss a little bit more about the MOMENTUM and HEAT economy specifically and i would appreciate if people who understand that system (or have played with similar systems in other games) could provide some perspectives. I am having trouble conceptualizing when momentum should be used, or heat. For example, for a player to roll 1 extra D20 on a skill test, he may pay 1 heat. Its not exactly the same as the momentum examples, because that allows you to pay a momentum for ANOTHER player to roll 1 extra D20. Im not sure if the distinction is significant, but i wonder whether or not it SHOULD be signficant. I THINK that the list of things you can do with momentum is not limited and the GM has certain flexibility to think of ways to use them, but i have difficulty conceptualizing how it should be used. The HEAT economy is also something i find a little puzzling. As a GM, i have the flexibility to make things as hard (or as easy) as i want for the players. So when planning, i often have a difficulty level in mind for certain actions. So outside of combat scenarios, i have some difficulty thinking about when to use heat or not. For example, PCs have previously bought extra D20s using heat, and i have a certain pool. Should this affect how difficult a task might be later on? But in a later scene I might have already planned for example, that in their escape things will be tumbling down and they will have certain skills to take based on certain difficulty levels, im not sure why or how i should take heat into account to make things more difficult than already planned. Even if i had a spur of the moment thought, that PCs should have life a little harder, i could just create environmental hazards without using the HEAT economy. So how would you manage HEAT? (and momentum) How would it factor into your role as a GM?
  11. thanks for your reply! i will keep that in mind for future adventures. i was a little worried because after reading the extended quickstart, there is alot of very interesting (and i must say well written and compelling) murder mystery type adventure before the bang-bang actions and as a first time GM running an adventure for first time players i was wondering if i should try to work in some combat... i guess i will find out about what kind of gaming they wanna have real soon hahaha
  12. Another question, In your experience, how important is it to have combat scenes? Do you find that groups usually prefer to have combat? Do you have sessions where there is no combat?
  13. Thanks for the feedback so far! Here's a more specific question to the Infinity RPG Would you use momentum to grant players extra d20 rolls or rerolls? There is a mechanic which allows them to pay heat for those extra rolls but im wondering whether it would be bad to let them use momemntum instead. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks for replies. I am thinking along the lines of hard coding it so that they cannot kill each other by raising diplomatic relations and stuff like that but i sometimes wonder if thats being too heavy handed. Eg PC1 has a secret mission to steal information PC 2 has a secret mission to prevent information from being stolen PC2 discovers PC1 is trying to steal information. PC2 tells the DM that he believes that it is in his best interest (in character) that PC1 be killed. Then DM will perhaps tell PC2 that his training and orders and discipline make killing not an option. Instead, PC2 may attempt to apprehend PC1 and have stern words, which may have consequences later on like making it more difficult for PC1 to do further stealth actions in PC2's presence because he is "being watched". How do you guys feel about such an approach? Hi thanks for your response. What i meant was for example, in game, someone dies. Does he sit out to the next adventure? Or would you hot-fix introduce a character in the next scene or act for him to play? Ive never played an RPG but i imagine that would kind of kill a persons immersion?
  15. Thanks for your helpful comments! The quick start adventure seems to be more "on rails" but that is probably because they are designed for the absolute noob RPG players and GMs to use as a starting point. Im having fun thinking of scenes and scenarios designed to get the PCs more active and encourage them to role play.. but maybe more on that later Here are a couple more questions: 1) In the Infinity RPG system, the wilderness of mirrors system encourages side plots which may sometimes conflict with one another. now i read somewhere that it is not wise to pit PCs against each other as that may bog the game down and not advance the story. What would you (and everyone think) then of such conflicting plot lines and tension? As an example, in the quick start, there are factions that want to steal something, and factions that must present stuff from getting stolen. After a build up to an encounter between these two PCs, how would you handle it? A PC might decide, after figuring the other person out, that it would probably be better to kill the other PC, then what? PvP seems like an odd but unfortunate place where such an interaction might end up. 2) following on from that, what would u do if a PC dies? (by any means not necessarily due to the above)