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  1. I'm playing vanilla CA and I tried a combi rifle daturazi for a couple of times an it worked out pretty well, but it's so hard to not just take the chain rifle guy. I also quite like to ran the plasma sniper loadout for an overdron, even though the HRL is cheaper, it is so easy to counter deploy fireteams agains a circular template, but it is not so much against a teardrop impact template, and baiting opponents to counterdeploy fireteams against an overdron only to flank those with the anathematics and catch 3 or even 4 members of a team is just great, though that might be just because there's too much MO players running magister+hospitalier links in my meta and getting rid of those without a massive amount of plasma shots is just painful.
  2. memes

    Well I had to get this off my mind
  3. I would say that Unidrons if not 'scary', then at least just annoying to deal with because of how spongy they are. Mixed knight links with magister knights might seem scary, but at this point blasting those with lots of plasma rifle shots is a routine for me in my meta, myrmidon links are kind of difficult to remove too, espescially Phoenix as an ARO part of a link.
  4. Thank you for your reply, that's a nice list, almost exactly what I would take! I guess my problem is that I tend to play more reactively, taking deployment or even second turn just because it's advantageous for scoring points in a mission, and I also tend to fail spectacularly with speculo rolls for CC and shooting, so I have a biased opinion about her.
  5. After a break from playing Sphinx I want to bring it out again, but I'm not really sure about the composition of combat groups and some choices of units. At this point I'm used to play 13-15 order lists with either Charontid HMG or Anathematic hacker, and even trying to bring 2-3 models in a second combat group in Avatar lists. Even though there is a bonus for 1 group lists in ITS9 if you take first turn, I still don't think that it is a good enough reason to bring a 10 model list, at least if not all of those models are hard to remove due to camo and/or 2+W with good ARM. I am interrested in how people build lists with sphinx in vanilla CA nowdays. Do you try to squeeze all you need in one combat group, or use more cheap models like Daturazi and Krakots to get more orders? also Lt choice with Sphinx is quite hard for me, because if I take a Skiavoro, then that's already more than 50% of my list, and I need to have an engineer and a couple more specialists for missions, and also take some backup attack units. Nexus Hacker seems like a good choice, my meta isn't even too spammy on killer hackers, but that one time when a ninja sneaks up on one of your repeaters and burns the brains of Nexus is no fun time. I see an inclusion of more morats as a potential solution for that, again Datz and Krakots. I also prefer Kurgat to Dr. worm becuase of either cheaper profile with shotgun or better rangebands with MK12, and most of my models have STR or Dogged/NVI anyway. Another sort of a viable option is an Aswang, but with its SWC cost, the Sphinx and an obvious Noctifer ML there's just 1,5 SWC left to take something that can relyably shoot in active turn, probably Q-drone with an HMG, maybe Maakrep HMG. It is also tempting to take more shasvastii for missions like supremacy and basically anything where you need to control an area, but those are generally too pricey to squeeze in with Sphinx. How would you run a Sphinx in vanilla CA, and what advices can you give on a listbuilding with it?
  6. I've had quite a discussion about interaction of Shock ammo and NVI on a 2W models in my local gaming group, and one of my arguements was this: in a referencce chart for shock ammo the only effect is 1W models going straight to dead. Logically, 2W and STR models are treating Shock ammo as normal in all ways, but this FAQ is just tells us that 2W models go unconsicious against shock without ficing the actual rule itself. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if CB makes another FAQ making shock ammo work with 2W NVI models the other way or giving the same effect to Viral. Probably we'll need to wait for another couple of years before they fix it though.
  7. I'm not sure if it was aroud later in N2 times, but I think that getting mines and LGLs for total reaktion remotes back would be kind of nice. And that thing with seed-embryo and camo ruling is just bad, I don't know what stops CB from FAQing that in some simple way.
  8. I don't get all the hate for Cube Jager profile, my local community seem to think that it's overbloated with useless skills, but I play Vanilla CA, and would run it A LOT, it's Irregular, but you would spend orders on it anyway, so that's not a drawback. And when it's just 18 points for a specialist that can get to objectives sorta easier and actually capable of killing something with SMG or doing some nasty E/mitter shot at someone's back it's just great, again, for 18 points, and CA don't have a lot of useful things at that range specialist-wise. also it's cheaper than Cadmus and don't need another order just to start doing anything, is a specialist, and AD:combat jump isn't used all that much anyway, so for CA I think it's a great addition.
  9. in LoF rules it is stated that: The troop must be able to see, at least, a part of the volume of its target with the size of the target's head, or a minimum size of approximately 3x3mm (the size of the black squares on the Silhouette Templates). so if a model can see 1x9 mm of another model's silhouette, is that enogh to draw LoF, or it should be a part of a silhouette about 3x3 or bigger?
  10. Just Finished a quickpaint of a couple of old pretas, like those a lot more than new ones.
  11. Your lists are good ind you would be better off playing them and finding out what kind of Avatar list you wuld like more, since the needed suppurt for your Avatar is very meta dependant. Noctifer with ML is always a good pick if you expect link teams, while the maakrep HMG could handle some camo/TO/ODD problems, but for those I'd actually recomend to use Daturazi or pretas with intuitive attacks, but MSV2 HMG is almost always useable. If you want to play more morats, I would suggest changing the Med-tech to a Kurgat, both MK12 and shotgun are good, MK12 can be used as a last resort counter attack specialist to take back an objective, or just be put in suppressive fire via coordinated order with Avatar, and BSG is just reeealy cheap for what it can do, and basically a great close range toolbox, and it can also be used to fix up your Avatar and Q-drone,sure, it's nice to have a doctor around, but I find that 6 points are better to be put to something other than healing models with W attributes, since most of those in CA are either NVI/Dogged, would be too far to run up to them with slave drones, so if you don't include something like Rodok HMG what would shoot from your deployment and isn't likely to go far from your doctor, I'd strongly advice to use Kurgat. the old model might be a problem, but you can proxy it with another morat model and your opponent would probably be okay with it if your meta isn't all that hardcore about wysiwyg. Speculo is good for removing MSV units what could threat Avatar, but I find that AD and flamethrovers are more problematic for Avatar than MSV HMG's, and I just have a bad luck streak with my speculos rolling low numbers in CC, so I'm a bit too subjective about her. datz are good close range protection for your Avatar, but couple of pretas in separate group would be nice and cheap way to get more templates to protect ways to close distance with Avatar. I would also say that some things are overrated when considered as a support for Avatar: 1)Legate Hacker - sure, he's a beast close up and is about as toolboxy as it can be, but I wouldn't take such a pricey model in Avatar list without a clear plan for it. The main reason Legate is considered a good support for Avatar is White noise, but unless you don't face something like a full link team of MSV models it's better to just shoot hose with your Avatar than spending orders attempting to put down white noise. 2)Hacking protection in general - Avatar almost don't care about hackers, espescially if you can place your Datz and other close range units in a way what would prevent easy access to Avatar's ZoC, but you can even tank Oblivion ARO's with Avatar without Reset, and with reset the chance to Isolate Avatar is extremely low. 3) sepsitor - it's a nice thing, but generally you would only use it if your opponent has placed too many models with cubes close to each other, or just walked up close to Avatar trying to be in MHMG's -3 range, so ramboing with sepsitor is a bad Idea most of the time, because Avatar is just so much worse when some dode with a decent CC ability gets close, even worse if that is something with fire DTW. to sum up all of the above - Datz and Kurgat are good for protecting Avatar, you should always keep engineer near Avatar, but in a way that it won't be caught in at least circular blst put on your Avatar, you also should not overextend with the Avatar and it's better to move your Avatar a bit slower but with support and specialists, so that your Avatar won't get its ODD burned or its leg hugged by a pesky ninja. I would also Advice to read a thread in Pano section about playing TAGs, it would be helpful. Also Zerat AHD is better than you may think of it, she can achieve most of classifieds, but is vulnerbale to killer hackers, and Vanguards FOs are good cheap specialist what can generate you some orders in case you got Oblivion'ed or hit with E/M with your Avatar.
  12. I've been playing Charontid for quite some time, running HMG lt option exclusively, and somewhat disappointed with it. The important thing to note is that there is a complete lack of ariadna players in my meta, as well as spam of camo/ODD units aside from one steel phalanx and one shasvastii player, and his playstyle is all about being so damn hard to dig out that you just can't get to his camo units within a good HMG range. as for the other players - there's on average 3-4 camo/TO models, some bulleteers and Q-drones are no strangers to our tables either. I really like to use plasma ammo in general, to the point of ignoring the existance of HRL Overdrone, but that's another topic. I ran plasma Q-drone couple of times and that was a blast (pun intended), but my favourite platform for plasma is the Anathematics lt hacker, it is well protected and thanks to its TO can get to a good angle to lay down plasma templates on enemy fireteams, or just melt down almost anything in a couple of orders, espescially when the opponent established some presence in the middle of a board and it is easier to get to them with Annie. I really want to try out the MSV3 plasma rifle Charontid, and maybe even use Sepsitor one for funsies, Hacker seems interresting, but even though Charontid is cheaper and better at hacking I would probably still take the Annie instead. I would like to see your toughts on non HMG profiles for Charontid as well as commonly used tactics and lists for those.
  13. Just finished switching colours on my Charontid frome bone, blue and goblin green-ish to green, black and fluo orange, apparently this much of fluo paint is too much for my phone camera, so this time I used black background. IRL this FLUO orange isnt as much of a punch to the eyes,but for some reason on Charontid it ended up being a lot more vivid than on other models.
  14. After a lot of different colour schemes for my CA models I came up with something I like and painted some models in those colours, quite like the results. First take - Unidrons Then Ikadron and a Maakrep: And the most recent model - Overdron There's something with uploading images on the forum, for some reason it rejects some of pics, I'm going to try to add more angles if anyone would be interrested. As for colours - I do a long and somewhat boring process of preshading the model highliting it from dark grey to white, and then do something like glazing/wash to add colours. green colour is a mixture of Vallejo blue and yellow ink, and with Overdron I added a bit more blue to the mix so it's darker than Unidrones, Muscle fibres are a mixture of blue ink and black colour. and that orange is vallejo fluo orange, it is also used to drybrush the base. and as for texture it is a black greenfield bagged tea, I really like effect of an alien ground/moss it creates. I also paint some stuff for my Pano friend from time to time.
  15. and for some reason the forum don't want to upload pics with 3D models