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  1. So. As the title says...how do you deal with a Yu Jing player who runs the JSA and brings Ninjas and Oniwaban. Both have TO camo and infiltration. I currently only have Uxia whom I can put the MSV1. Plus the Antipode Assault pack which they have Sensor. Some advice would be greatful Doug
  2. Yeah...found the answer later on after asking. Didn't have the rules nearby at the time. SS is awesome. Pretty much take a Vet Kazak in every list 😀
  3. Yes. That is a good way to do that too. I've done that too. One thing I do is place a d20 beside those that can ARO. Then go from there. Works great. Can't remember, but doesn't Cautious Move help out in NOT provoking an ARO?
  4. This was something that I had a problem with as well not too long ago. Once I asked a couple of questions, I was able to figure out Jammer. One thing to remember with ARO vs camouflaged troops...first line is always important to know. AROs against CH Markers The only AROs available against a CH: Camouflage Marker (CAMO) or a CH: TO Camouflage Marker (TO CAMO) are Discover, Change Facing, and Dodge. Bear in mind that when reacting to a CH: Camouflage or CH: TO Camouflage Marker, you may delay your ARO declaration until after the Marker declares its second Short Skill. However, if you choose to delay your ARO, you may only declare it if the Camouflage Marker revealed itself with its second Short Skill. If the Marker does not reveal itself, the reactive trooper loses his right to ARO. Jammer does not work against a Camo or TO Camo troop as an ARO, but does work as an ARO vs normal troops. But, Jammer can be used as an Intuitive Attack on the Active turn, which requires a Full Order. Also, Camo troops gain Stealth, which gives the chance of Cautious Movement. http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Stealth http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Cautious_Movement Even troops with Sixth Sense have a better chance vs Jammer as well...works great. http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Sixth_Sense Hope this helps out a bit...helped me out.
  5. Nice work. Looks good
  6. Hmm. Never thought about those two. Thanks.
  7. No need for the AC tankhunter...there's a reason why there is only ML and HRL on the list. But yes, I missed the ML TH...didn't know they had one.
  8. I'm looking to add a little extra something to my ever growing Ariadna force...no sectoral...just straight up vanilla. Currently, from what I see, is we have Line Kazak (Missile), Marauder (Heavy Rocket) and Scots Guard (Missile), Briscard ( LK w/ ML- 17pts...BS 11 Marauder (MSV1) HRL- 26pts...BS 12 Minuteman w/ ML- 29pts...BS 13 Scots Guard (1st Btn) w/ ML- 27pts...BS 12 Scots Guard (2nd Btn- Camo) w/ ML- 31pts...BS 12 Briscard (MSV1) w/ HRL- 23pts...BS 12 Tankhunter (Camo) w/ ML- 29pts...BS 12 All have SWC 1.5 From what I can see, the Tankhunter, Marauder, Minuteman, Scots Guards and Briscard seem to be the better ones to take. Marauder and Briscard I think would be at the top due too their MSV1 which would help out...but again, that can be dealt with by NFB. Minuteman with BS 13 would probably hit easier than the others, but when it comes to Circular templates, no need to Roll to hit. Anyone use any of the above? As I said at the start...looking to add something extra to my force. Edited Doug
  9. Yes. That part I knew. Thanks for answers 😁
  10. Well, that's gonna hurt now vs Ninja's or anything with TO Camo...lol... In order to enter base contact with another camo marker, it needs to be discovered first?
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've tried searching for the answer and never did find one. Camouflage, TO Camouflage vs shooting etc... http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Camouflage_and_Hiding_(CH) Third bullet on CH: Camouflage...4th bullet for TO Camouflage... " Additionally, any BS Attacks against the user of CH: Camouflage suffer a -3 MOD to the relevant Attribute " If the model with Camouflage is in normal physical state (not camo state), is there still the -3 MOD to the relevant attribute? Or does the -3 Mod only work vs camo state? Can a camouflaged marker enter into CC with another camouflaged marker? Doug
  12. They sure look good 😁
  13. Hey all, I've been wracking my brain for the past couple of days, trying to come up with a list that doesn't rely on having an actual SP character...such as Achillies, Hector, Ajax and so on, but the use of the Myrmidon Officer and Myrmidons is okay. Just wanna stay away from characters...even though they look awesome...just want to try something different. Sorry...no list... And no Post Humans as of yet... Any suggestions? Doug