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  1. Yeah...I know...this topic again? Jammer doesn't need LoF for it and can be used as an Intuitive Attack. Just the same though...mines and other units that can't be bothered by it work just fine.
  2. Could always add to US Grunts with Light Grenade launchers. Makes 28pts for the 2 taking you too 299pts.
  3. Yep. Had to look up Camouflage and LOF to see what you were getting at. Which is very interesting for sure. One of the little things that I like about this game. Always learning something new.
  4. Oh? Hmm. Thought that even though a mini was camouflaged it would still provoke an aro for the jammer? Thought that's what is stated in both the rules and wiki?
  5. Yes...thank you for the batreps. They are a blast to watch. And it's totally understandable that when things happen in the game, it can get exciting...I know, it happened to me when my Line Kazak needed a PH 11 roll and got that 11 twice in a But yeah, Ash/Achilles...keep them coming
  6. I plan on getting this one day. But one thing I did notice that's different in this kit. The older version had an SAS while the newer one has the Mormaer. Plus in the older version, the 3rd Grey has an HMG, not the T2 rifle. Would be interesting to see a newer version of the SAS
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Took all this into consideration and came up with a list to help deal with the Gazi Jammer threat. While my list was better than before, I still didn't win, but what a blood bath of a was great One of Gazi's even ran into 2 mines and was pretty much done and a second ran into another mine as well. Man I love them Chasseur minelayers
  8. Steve's face at the start when he realized that it was a world wide But for only having 2 games before this, I though he did alright. My only beef...if you forgot about your one dog warrior after it was taken off board due too being way would I allow that to come back....but that's just me. Good report though. I agree...slow down a bit...even I was lost and going
  9. Cool. Thanks
  10. I understand what you meant by that. You were talking about the 45th Highlanders. Vet Kazaks, being Vet lvl 2, reap the benefits of lvl 1, which makes them ignore Isolated effects caused by weapons that do that. Did I read that right?
  11. Not sure what you mean by that. Jamming I take it as a form of Hacking?
  12. Past few games, my opponent has ran Haqqislam. In which he will usually run 4 Muttawiah w/ Chain rifles at 5pts each. Problem is they each have Jammer, which if he happens to make his roll and passes, my trooper is now Isolated and becomes Irregular. Effective but Jammer doesn't need LoF, but just has be within its ZoC and make BS using WiP. So, other than shooting the Jammer model, anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this? Doug
  13. Good to know.
  14. Thanks for the info guys. Appreciated 😀
  15. That's nice. Is it worth it to take 2 Yudbots? I guess it depends on what I take in my list.