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  1. If we are throwing changes around: SMGs should be Damage 12. Assault pistols should be Damage 11.
  2. Ignore the junk for a second, dollars to doughnuts it's a Kawarij boot.
  3. Haven't gotten a good result out of Bao since my first gaming group learned how to play. The linked sniper has a good chance of creaming anyone who leaves their heads out, so no one leaves their heads out. Then the 5 man link is too soft and unwieldy to take ground, and too expensive for there to be anything else really that can really take the ground then hold it. I can't bring myself to pay heavy infantry prices for line infantry statlines these days. The 3 SWC buy in on the Haris plus MSR doesn't leave you with much to build a core out of.
  4. Haha this happened to me too talking about that double peacemaker list. I actually went and did a fresh take of the trades and sales page... I promised myself Morats next though.
  5. So the SOP when entering a repeater area with a Camo or TO hacker will be to activate mimetism and drop stealth, with the only downside being if you had TO camo, you risk getting shot at only -3 instead of -6 if you don't activate again and turn on your TO (which is not the same as going into the TO state)?
  6. So what we are saying is that in the fateful example below, the bandit could have avoided normal rolls from the Naga AND get surprise shot mods on both by activating mimetism at the start of the order? It's a pretty massive swing in prognosis for the Bandit and will change the way hackers enter repeater coverage forever.
  7. The ninja was not technically in the starter so that's easy. All eyes on Hsien. He's been a staple before imperial service was even a thing. Thematically it's a stretch, mechanically it doesn't change much. I wouldn't call the starter representative of the sectorial though.
  8. The real question is: Will the current Yu Jing Starter be 100% playable in an upcoming sectorial army list in the same way as the Haqq starter and proposed Ariadna starter?
  9. Every game between when I painted my second Domaru and my third Haramaki. Never once regretted it.
  10. CB please take note!
  11. Then there's spitfire Myrmidon to spitfire bulleteer...
  12. PanO has more BS 15 troops than all other factions combined.
  13. I don't really see the synergy there though. Only mixed core Yanhuo links will salve my riot grrrl butthurt.
  14. Until you end up against a Riot Grrrl link that is simply better in every way. Kind of kills the whole economic heavy infantry thing when superior HI get frenzy discounts that don't matter.
  15. Maybe you could explain to me what a belt hugger is. I assumed you meant something that fights in a manner comparable to grappling, restricting freedom of movement and doing damage up close. Like when you get multiple activations on a single order, like with a G-sycnh. or when you don't fall below 10 orders when your belt hugger gets traded How does an who starts in the midfield Auxbot in the midfield not do this relative to any warband you care to name? A unit worth 4 points, with a 6 inch lunge before its heavy flamer attack, is the pinnacle of good trading. So yes. Yes they are.