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  1. And smoke. Ghazi are fucked.
  2. Imagine my surprise when I learned minesweeper was a skill and not slang for Kuang shi
  3. Isn't Reaper from Overwatch just the Grim Reaper?
  4. Combined Army players hate him! One simple step to make everyone you meet play ALEPH
  5. I wonder if some of the padlock tiles might contain stage fatalities.
  6. I keep hearing MB are garbage tier though.
  7. He's posed in a sea of Ghazi Muttawi'ah. They know their target audience.
  8. Grunt link is probably the best value defensive order farm in the game after the fusilier missile tower. Cheap sniper rifles, armour out the ass, shock immunity, better PH for paramedic revives, LT hiding spot, flamethrower deterrents.
  9. Scale in INFINITY is abysmal, just look at the rifles and T2 rifles WITHIN the CHA starter. It's too late to fix now, just make peace with it or move on.
  10. Pretty sure it was a 40mm and a 25mm, which pretty much guarantees a new Taskmaster.
  11. Infinity models do not lend themselves well to weapons swaps. Many bullpup weapons and weird poses, so I would not get much use out of a weapons pack. I'd prefer more arms per box, even at a greater cost. Kuang shi could do it in the age of hand sculpting, so it is possible. As it stands, the fact that there probably won't be a Wu Ming MULTI Rifle + LGL in the current style breaks my heart.
  12. While you are a on a roll, can you help me work out the value of the original Kaauri blister other than proxy snipers? Bloody nimbus sphere, I was just thinking how Tohaa didn't have enough nimbus, maybe on one of the most solid delivery systems in the game.
  13. Does it help to compare the wording of saturation zone to the wording of twin weapons?
  14. Wild Bill is mentioned in the fluff, just can't remember where.