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  1. First: I got that idea because models block line of sight. There is no rule as far as I know that they become see-through (so that you can draw LOF to the center) unless they executed a move in the same order. Second: It is possible for an active model to expose itself to an ARO from a model who has a circular impact template, without exposing the center of it's base to that model. Think through where the impact template goes and how is range measured.
  2. Just quietly, isn't it impossible to draw line of fire to the center of a model's base? If so this would indicate that the angle and range of the shot and the placement of the blast focus for circular impact templates are somewhat independent?
  3. Yeah I am astonishingly hype for this. Has there been an indication if we can get the Manga through the same channels we get our miniatures?
  4. I have historically taken her more frequently in lower point games where you otherwise have to be ALEPH or rolling very well to get ODD that cheap. Also the sword isn't for kendo duels with Samurai, knights and Ninjas. Probably it's for giving her a serious attack against things she would have trouble hitting (but also have trouble hitting her) like Swiss hackers and other in your face camo units (but definitely not chasseurs). In 300 points I find that there is just not that much need for models in the 18/19 point range to do any heavy lifting.
  5. I'm placing my bet on detachable S1 drones for Remote Presence TAGS, that perform whatever new function TAG pilots are getting. Just not sure where the tech bee fits into this. Maybe she will be a functionally independent engineer but included in the profile of certain TAGs so that she does not become the default PanO engineer.
  6. No, you are not. You have been told numerous times that the outcome of a roll, including the nature of a success, is open information (because it is nowhere stated to be private information). If some open information can allow you to deduce some private information (like the minelayer example) you just have to cop it, or continue to evade the obvious like a fucking baby.
  7. There isn't a conflict, as has been pointed out in the very first reply. You then expressed your complete ignorance of the reasoning Locksmith gave you. The success and the nature of the success are open information because they were never said to be private. Private is not the default state of information. The willpower of the LT is expressly stated to be private, and this does not possess some noxious private aura that spreads to other information that could allow your opponent to deduce the identity of your LT. As an example, a camo marker being a mine is private information, but it doesn't make Yuriko's minelayer skill and 2 remaining mines private just because it might reveal A LOT about your list. So yes, it is within your opponent's right to know if your success was critical and if you are going to try and gloss over your critical success and hope he/she/it doesn't ask, you might not be cheating but you are definitely being scum. See above.
  8. The only hard counter to Ghazi is online complaints until they nerf the bastards. Jammer is so out of line already, what the hell was CB thinking giving them smoke?
  9. Lol, the ethical dilemmas of people who use cowardly girly-man LTs. In all honesty if you are fumbly about admitting a critical success on a LT roll it's probably time for some introspection.
  10. Your question: The two groups function the same as each other, but with their own order pools derived from the units in those groups. I'm assuming by "moves" you mean regular orders. Critique for List: The keisotsu missile is too good not to take in a link. Downgrade the Kampetai to a shotgun (He's unlikely to fight anyway) and use the extra points and SWC you have to upgrade a random Keisotsu to have a missile. I think the Domaru is a better LT than Shinobu, who loses her versatility to perform anything but alpha strikes when she is an LT.
  11. There was a Myrmidon named Phoenix, who made new players need Kleenex®. Then they increased his cost, and his value was lost to players who just want to minmax.
  12. I'm confiscating this list...
  13. Chin up, now you can run a Hsien Core.