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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if we see New Neema at Gencon.
  2. The thing is, you don't have to dump orders into shellacking with Monty, he can do loads of other things too. He is good enough to justify coming along when there is not a list worth bombing. And then occasionally you end up facing off against a Tohaa spam list that is trying to press 4 triads behind 2 shipping containers on the 12 inch line.
  3. In casual games at my place the choice of deployment is often decided by the couch.
  4. Anyone want to share some 12XP Grunt spec ops recipes?
  5. Both lists look like they will give your opponents a headache at the points cost. I don't want to spoil the fun, but anyone who knows the profiles will know none of the revealed troops can be an LT because there is no Zuyong LT who is also a forward observer. I wouldn't bother being coy about the LT anyway, with only one medium ranged weapon (the spitfire) and no long range weapons, the game will hinge on the Daofei no matter what. Always recamo, and if there are Ghazi Muttahwia on the board, kill them or get away from them.
  6. I think there is a disconnect between designer passion and player passion. For example, watch how Carlos talks about the pose and design of the new Swiss in the video, he's in love with it. Here on the forums, people are complaining that CC15 models should not be sculpted with CCWs.
  7. On the subject of being upset about Neoterra, would anyone complain if they axed the current hybrid NCA starter and just re-released the bolts blister?
  8. Seriously, anyone who doubts the Full Monty LGL alpha is welcome never to use it vs me.
  9. Both CC values are in the mediocre range with no martial arts. Neither model is better off swinging than shooting when it has a say in the matter. Both models would look exactly the same if modeled playing to their strengths - Ambushing some distant target from cover and hiding with a huge machine gun. Neither model is posed like this, but it only seems to be a problem for one. They both have HMGs and thereby want to engage enemies in the exact same range bands. That's got little to do with the actual profile. I think you are underestimating how much of the Daofei's pose is about the sword. Overall: Two very similar models, with very similar stats, weapons and purposes are released at one time and one seems to be generating a lot more upset than the other.
  10. Have a banner post. Maybe they're fake.
  11. Jesus, are you still a customer at this point?
  12. Reckon Aristeia! will have a super-deformed preorder miniature as well?
  13. I think they saved a lot of time by using the exact same pose as Aristeia Major Lunah there.
  14. Wonder no more.
  15. Now that the happiness has settled, what's with the bolt paramedic? There are now 9 up-to-date Bolt models. That's 9 more Bolts than anyone takes. All that I can think of is that they pulled a profile out of a hat. Orange in Yu Jing doesn't confirm much dude.