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  1. If someone told me their plan to use those parts I would have expected worse, nice one.
  2. Private information is not "protected" information. It's a narrow list of things you don't have to tell when asked. I've not seen any good refutation of @Barakiel or @Teslarod other than it feels like an exploit. What's next anyway? Looking up range bands during a match is trying to circumvent the no pre-measuring and calculate-mods-after-declaring-the-order rules? Technically legal but WAAC behaviour? The thread is dead because @Hecaton killed it with his mirror match example. Do people honestly believe that things that are printed on an army list can make you a cheater to know? Or is it how you look at it, and your thoughts that make you a cheater. Thought crimes in the rules? Is it a violation to remember X always uses TO snipers because it erodes the imagined protection of private information? The answer is no. There is no leg to stand on.
  3. If the models are as bad as the thread implies, I guess it's kind of lucky they are the dud profiles. Maybe this thread will be seen and they'll corner drag the models for the hacker profiles
  4. Learn the map? You want to go full force against people who are learning? While we are at it, lets just make sure you can't check the controls during a match. Maybe you should grow up. Like nobody in the top 10 of Cancon would play any different based on you being super tight lipped with private info because they have robust strategies and are familiar enough with the armies to know what surprises are in store. Being cagey with accessible information or wanting help to deduce it has nothing to do with good players and everything to do with poor ones.
  5. Bang. Too many players think keeping scrubs in the dark is some kind of Machiavellian mind game.
  6. I'd hope there are not many people who would mind this.
  7. I think people are being too precious with their private information. You should have a clear idea of what is deducible, by means of order counts, points on the table and the choices available to the faction, and what can't be deduced. For example someone playing Phalanx, should be prepared for their enemy to be able to recognise that there is or is not a points gap for Ekdromoi/Diomedes unless they have Patroclus to obscure it, in which case no amount of adding points values to courtesy lists or rebuilding a list in the ap can save them. Let me be perfectly clear: I've never added up someone's list on paper or on an ap during a game because i have never needed to. My maths and memory are sufficient. If someone else needs floaties to swim, you don't need to kick them out of the pool unless they are getting in the way.
  8. I'm currently twelve games deep in a LT roll-losing streak. in ten of these games, the outcome was me deploying first and going first. Some games were wins, more were losses and some have been outright beatings. I've realized a few things from this: 1) It takes me too long to deploy without enemies on the table 2) I t seem to lose more when deploying first. So, how do you guys deploy first, quickly, without getting flattened?
  9. Do remember that points costs and SWC costs are private information, so if he asks that he can get stuffed. This is relevant for units like Alguaciles and O-yoroi that pay more SWC for the LT profile. You are only obliged to answer questions about the loadouts, and a courtesy list helps there.
  10. Yes, it's the same as not wanting to win just because you went second and crit every F2F that came up. Unless it's a tournament, in which case win first contemplate later. I feel the same way. This is weak against HP1. Try using a tablet to count the Yuan Yuans against Kapu Qalki and you are sure to wind up befuddled. Likewise whipping out the tablet won't tell you if two midfield camo markers are 2 guilangs with a tiger in AD/ninja in HD, or a guilang and a daofei. If someone needs a tablet to spot a ~70 point 2 SWC gap against NCA, PO or YJ, you probably don't need help beating them and even if they did know the missile is there, what are they going to do about it other than pussyfoot around in their DZ with their Links and TAGs? It's unsightly, and I would certainly think it was poor form, especially for an adult, but it's not that big a deal. If there is only one possible LT on the table I'll probably spill it at some point for lols.
  11. Look closer, the SMG is sandwhiched between the two X panels. It has it's usual banana mag.
  12. I can't figure out what the bulk around the SMG is meant to be.
  13. That would be nice, both Veronin and Andromeda both could benefit from durability
  14. I just bought standard backbreak Lunah when I heard no metals for Aristeia. I feel like a part of the ritual that summoned the metal edition.