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  1. Just quietly, how sure are we that smoke can't be thrown at walls or can be thrown at horizontal rooftops? Compare the wording to where spec shots can go and where HVTs can go. It seems more permissive than either. The wording used to describe the flat surface that exists before terrain goes down is present in the deployment rules for HVTs right, and the wording for any surface parallel to that is present in the rules for spec shots. Can't remember if either is referred to as "the table".
  2. Thanks for the plug! This reminds me, I still need to do up a vanilla Karakuri based off number 6.
  3. I've concluded that there is very little gameplay reason to run a Domaru link over a mixed Haramaki link with Domaru.
  4. I think it's a pretty safe bet that Adepticon attendees will have theirs in March. Here's a big question though, does everybody reckon Knauf will get a profile? The model looked as if it had a TO weave in his cloak. I wonder which lists he would be legal in.
  5. Beastly. Did you have to write off a whole Hac Tao hacker to make it though?
  6. Updating my tips: Gecko Pilot (Resin master in snipershot) Gorgos Pilot (Resin master in snipershot) Minuteman Box (said to be released in April, long overdue) Infinity Outrage Manga + Knauf (with early sale at Adepticon) General release Joan (It's been long enough, the Ashcroft release makes it seem like they are aware of this and there were specialist sergeants out of nowhere). For Adepticon I'm expecting, aside from a lot about Outrage, AG book 2, Luxumbra and the RPG, the CHA starter will be the main event.
  7. Also, what's with how the Gao-rael sniper holds his gun?
  8. The issue is, any of those powerful things get much better if they get an extra 4 orders for 20 points.
  9. Title says it all; If you show up to a tournament with an IS list that has no CG with KSCD and Kuang shi, are you actually really trying your best to win?
  10. I'd certainly avoid gaming with people who did not share this philosophy.
  11. I really like these uniforms.
  12. This reminds me, why does rocket artillery have rifle range bands?
  13. They don't look natural...
  14. I've been finding it harder and harder to look forward to Zuyong links since the Riot Grrl buffs. I guess that is for the best seeing as it's going to be a long wait.
  15. Didn't read the thread, can Ariadna produce microprocessors?