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  1. Kornak comes from the Orlorat, a Morat ethnic minority descended from an old and powerful military empire that was swept away in one of the usual waves of violence so characteristic of Morat history. The Orlorat, exposed to genocide, were almost exterminated, being reduced to a few small, subjugated populations. With their glory wiped and prestige ruined, the Orlorat became the pariahs of Morat society. Despised by everyone, they are considered unworthy of being part of the Morat combat regiments, the worst possible humiliation for a Morat. I think it was during a BoW video specifically that Carlos mentioned Kornak being a white Morat, a persecuted minority race which I guess are the Orlorat.
  2. Still can't figure out why they would be drawing artwork for the Kaurii Sentinel. We already have a model for all profiles. It would be strange to run any as the line infantry in a starter, and even being in a starter doesn't guarantee artwork, usually you have to either be either the focus of a box or one of the units in an army pack like red veil or USARIADNA.
  3. It's weird. The model they showed looks like a hacker. She has a visor the other doesn't, although no other hackerish features like a Yu Jing hack back pack or a hack armband. We heard a bunch of times though that it would come with madtraps, so I guess it will be a one size fits all combi kanren. Some characteristics look odd though, hand to gun sculpting is unfinished and the gun is a combi but seems more detailed than others we have seen. I LOVE the two holstered pistols (Chain colt is thicc) and the knife. Just needs her Mono in the scabbard.
  4. Kanren next please!
  5. Brilliant work. I would be happy if I could make my morats look half as good. At the risk of sounding autistic, Kornak has white skin in the fluff.
  6. Limbs are too thin for the modern aesthetic. Even if there arm was solid armour it wouldn't be as thick as any other recent ARM 3 sculpt's PPE. Compare to Tiger soldier and raiden.
  7. Such a nice model though.
  8. More resculpts and less new profiles for JSA please. I really like how JSA plays and works as a force at present. We are already grabbing at straws for new unit ideas in that the latest addition was essentially one corporation's private ninjas. It's such an obscure thing that it should not be an option for every Yu Jing force. I certainly agree a more mundane smoke chucker (or put them on Neko, heh heh) would be a nice addition, but I don't think JSA needs it. If you really want to clear a path you can nuke things with the laughably cheap haramaki missile in a 5 man link or wade through it with Karakuri Haris, completing objectives on the way. Easy smoke would just about delete my need to think in both list building and playing. On the subject of shooting, Raiden spitfires need to go down by .5 SWC. They are such a laughably bad deal vs other Raidens and Aragoto spitfire.
  9. I will be into Triumvirate so hard if they get druze, krakots, sukiel, igao, kosuil and no Kaeltar.
  10. That makes a lot of sense.
  11. The weird thing is that things that are not remotely controlled tend to be REM class, where as things that are tend to be another type like TAG or HI but with remote presence. Su Jian are remotely piloted and their bio mentions them being built using Karakuri tech. Karakuri do not have a remote operator, they are like a fancy Dakini or Yaokong. A bit of consistency please, I don't this game to get to a state where we see high rate of fire being represented as assault 4 (rending) on an assault cannon and heavy 20 on a punisher cannon.
  12. I don't think it's like that at all though.
  13. I got collectors edition of the core game for less than what people pay for a single GW Primaris Repulsor in this country. I don't see this kind of price point as an issue. IF CB make an LE it sells.
  14. Remotes can be in fireteams, cf. Unidrons in Onyx. Karakuri are autonomous right, they should be remotes to set them apart from the superior Su Jian.
  15. I hope it's a karakuri resculpt and restat as remotes.