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  1. I think an odalisque hacker would go a long way. It's an easy fix too.
  2. Manga and Fat yuan yuan. Less releases than normal.
  3. Can you hook us up with comparison pics please?
  4. 360 visor, total reaction for those sick arena noscopes.
  5. Anyone know what time the AdeptiCon seminar is?
  6. This is how nearly every heavy infantry link feels after that unsightly fanboy-wishlist Riot Grrrl update.
  7. If you could, would you trade that for mimetism, better BS, Better ARM, Better WIP and 2 levels of better AD? Like I get that it's in the context of the whole faction and so on, but that is a very high buy in and the Tiger is clearly a better use of 32 points. Have you used the profile?
  8. I just love that Airborne Ranger with the Molotok but damn is she a lot of points! Is there any part of her profile I am missing that puts her on the level of the equally priced Tiger Spitfire?
  9. That will be interesting seeing as he is in 3 bits, being legs, torso + left arm + head, and right arm.
  10. The thing is, unless she is possessing skills and equipment outrageously different like SSL2 and/or Total Reaction, she's going to be a lot like Knauf, who is already like Armand. Good at shooting and or hard to hit, roll 2 dice not to die. Someone will publicly crunch the numbers and only one will ever get used.
  11. The latter. He did not specifically exclude anyone, although he did specifically mention that Knauf was going to all generic human armies and Merovingians in the same interview without doing the same for Lunah. He wasn't talking like an official and English is not his first language, so I reckon the only thing we can know for sure from it is that IS is getting her.
  12. Knauf's not even out yet, I really hope we get something off the CH + MSV merc sniper treadmill. It does look like she has a visor though.