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  1. I googled that image and shed a tear as what sounded like a bald eagle cried out in the distance. In this moment I wish I was American.
  2. I really liked the old BSG but I don't think it was ever rendered in CAD so they must have decided to play with it. To the casual observer I guess nothing really made it look like a shotgun. This new one is pretty intense. Such a long barrel doesn't scream CQB and ironically the drum magazine makes it look more like a spitfire, but I certainly would not want to be on the wrong side of a killbot with that truck of a gun. Is it meant to be pump action or is that just a chunky grip? Unless it's mid pump, it's in the wrong position for a pump, also it wouldn't be a very clever design to have a picatinny rail along the pump slide.
  3. They seem to have similar helmets to the existing models. You can see lips pretty clearly.
  4. ALEPH FBs are over the shoulder, not chainsaw grip. The lady has it, same as Teucer.
  5. The boarding shotgun is really good, it's just nowhere near better than two chain rifle kuang shi, even though it costs more than two. The extra order alone makes it a phenomenally tough sell. Wonder how many shotguns will be in the new box.
  6. What is the best way to convert 2 combis to an FO? Kotail arms seem uniquely armoured...
  7. So smoke and mirrors will be a remote controlled mech with a child pilot (little girl) Chinese sorcerer (old man), Dog warrior (?) and PanO knight with a flamethrower (?). The preceding releases have had equal men and women (counting Parvarti as a woman), so it follows that one of the latter may well be a woman. A female dog and a female knight have both been subject to a fair bit of fan request.
  8. Hac taos are AVA 1, come in a blister of 2. Sense probably doesn't enter into it.
  9. They could make a 6 person box like the starters, 5 kuang shi would be barely enough anyway.
  10. Very nice releases! It's very surprising to see that they took the pitcher off the Druze hacker's model, there in the render, gone today. The lady with the shock marksman rifle's caption just says marksman rifle. It said marksman rifle on the dossier, it was a shock marksman rifle in the outrage mission and it's a shock marksman rifle on the model. What is going on? Love the Kanren too, pose and design is amazing, but the sculptor needs to think critically about how she is holding her gun. Seriously CB, I'll be your confidential firearms autisic quality control for free if you ask. Lack of gun rights in Spain is really showing through some times.
  11. Kornak comes from the Orlorat, a Morat ethnic minority descended from an old and powerful military empire that was swept away in one of the usual waves of violence so characteristic of Morat history. The Orlorat, exposed to genocide, were almost exterminated, being reduced to a few small, subjugated populations. With their glory wiped and prestige ruined, the Orlorat became the pariahs of Morat society. Despised by everyone, they are considered unworthy of being part of the Morat combat regiments, the worst possible humiliation for a Morat. I think it was during a BoW video specifically that Carlos mentioned Kornak being a white Morat, a persecuted minority race which I guess are the Orlorat.
  12. Still can't figure out why they would be drawing artwork for the Kaurii Sentinel. We already have a model for all profiles. It would be strange to run any as the line infantry in a starter, and even being in a starter doesn't guarantee artwork, usually you have to either be either the focus of a box or one of the units in an army pack like red veil or USARIADNA.
  13. It's weird. The model they showed looks like a hacker. She has a visor the other doesn't, although no other hackerish features like a Yu Jing hack back pack or a hack armband. We heard a bunch of times though that it would come with madtraps, so I guess it will be a one size fits all combi kanren. Some characteristics look odd though, hand to gun sculpting is unfinished and the gun is a combi but seems more detailed than others we have seen. I LOVE the two holstered pistols (Chain colt is thicc) and the knife. Just needs her Mono in the scabbard.
  14. Kanren next please!