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  1. Don't forget the Tiger Paramedic. She's a monster on Firefight Extreme!
  2. Worth pointing out the fatherknight is closer to 9-10 points more than the Mobile Brigada. The default Brigada comes with a multirifle and light flamethrower while the FK gets a combi. That's a significant difference in stopping power and utility, but it does drive up cost. For reference, the combi Brigada clocks in at 34 points compared to the 44 of the combi of the FK. That said, Nomads really live and breath in the 30s and under territory. They have power pieces that cost more, but that 30 and under is where you get work done. Zeroes, Moran, Tomcats, Bandits, Interventors, Lupe and even Riot GRRLS bring versatile specialists for cheap. Nomad have a well developed warband contingent with the cheap but surprising Morlocks, regular reliable Jaguars, and the guided missile that are the Uberfall.
  3. Careful, you never know when a Hac Tao, Swiss, or Noctifer will come out of hidden deployment.
  4. VS Umbra Legate With Surprise Shot Redrum 57.56% win, 36.32% kill, 19% Lose Trinity 52.33% win, 24% Lose W/O Suprise Shot Redrum 49.05% win, 30.82 kill, 30.73% lose Trinity 43.73 kill, 37.08 lose If I've got surprise shot, I am using Trinity against this target. The Legate hacker is not a target I can afford to mess around and I'll take that ~5% increased chance to Lose for that 15% increase in lethality. I may not have the orders to spare to get a second shot. I may even risk it outside of Suprise Shot if I need the orders. But otherwise Redrum in general.
  5. Both look solid. I wouldn't mind running either list. For the Hac Tao list, it's worth spending the extra points to trade up from the Zhanshi hacker to the CG hacker.
  6. The list lacks active turn burst. You might want some more active turn firepower. The Rev Healer also really wants a zondbot. If you are willing to proxy here are some quick changes: * Swap Morlock into Chain rifle assault pistol, saves points and sets up opponent for bad choices. Could go cheaper, but the assault pistol is pretty nice. * Give either the Brigada or Moira HMG, former is more durable while the latter is a better gunfighter. Gets you the active turn burst. * Make a Spektr an FO, letting you steal objectives early at the cost of alpha strike potential. * change one of the line troops to base loadout, get a Zond for your Healer (fast panda is a cool proxy). That gets you a bit more active turn teeth while giving your specialists a bit more flexibility.
  7. I agree. Are there female knights besides Joan in the fiction?
  8. I agree #2 looks to be a modded Zhanying. The scarf cords, and styling coat. That said, I never noticed how much the Zhanying head looks like a tailless crane. The default scheme kind of covers it up. Xi is awesome. It's hard not to have him in a CG core.
  9. Yeah, Yu Jing has a ton of variety, which can be dizzying. I highly recommend picking up the Yaokong remotes. Super versatile and most importantly cheap points wise for what they bring. Yu Jing tends to pay a bit for anything that isn't a warband or line troop, and remotes really let you stretch your budget points wise. This is especially important since Red Veil and Wotan pack all have pricey stuff. A warband style unit, such as the Kuang Shi and Shaolin, is also recommended. These versatile units let us get more bang for our buck. The former grants orders while latter gets us smoke. And both provide models that easily trade up, helping to protect your other pieces. Think of them as ablative armor for the rest of your list. It really helps when your opponent makes a ton of infiltration rolls. The Guilang is recommended because he's a rock solid skirmisher that steals objectives well, contests the midline, and isn't too bad on the attack. Other recommends are a support box for doctors/engineers and Yaoxie remote box for seriously cheap MSV. As for actually building a list, you can play with your cool toys, just not all at once. I've found I can fit 2-3 of our elites without seriously affecting my ability to do the mission. My goto template for 300 for non limited insertion: 2x 40+ point models-The elites, all asskickers but some specialists, usually hackers. Generous LT options. 2-4x 26-40 point range - Alternative deployment and/or fighting specialists or secondary attack pieces. 2-4x 13-25 points - mostly utility pieces, but a few attackers. Our doctors and engineers fall in here (seriously consider a yaozao if you are doing any patcking up) as do our baseline hackers. Usually not the first into the fray, but can get the job done. Both Dire Foes fit in jere and break great utility. The Yaoxie, Husong, and Aragoto sneak into this bracket and are devastating for the points. 1-4x 6-12 points - cheerleaders, make sure you have enough orders. Possible LT choice with Zhanshi. Can make do as backup specialists. Usually the last thing I add to my list. 1-4x warbands - as mentioned above, I like to mix at least a Shaolin in for the smoke. Questions to ask when building: *At least 10 orders? *Enough and right kind of specialists? *How is long range dealt with? -Either being big guns or ways to bypass range eg infiltration/AD/smoke are valid answers. *How to deal with enemy shooting mods? - MSV, sensor, or templates work. Sorry this is long winded, but I hope it helps.
  10. Huh and so it is. I wonder why there was a discrepancy.
  11. Perfectly understandable. The other Clint Eastwood reference is packing the trademark revolver and poncho. Why wouldn't the Dirty Harry expy be carrying 'the most powerful handgun ever?' I'm kind of stoked. Decent BS and access to the SWC thrifty spitfire and sniper rifle and some booty2? Heck yeah!
  12. When laying down the law, HMC. That said it's little brother the multirifles is so useful. The Crane' s xvisor+sensor really make the multirifle sing. More multirifles should come with xvisors. Honorable mention goes to the humble light shotgun. It makes the Bandit affordable, the Chaksa Peripheral mean, and is the perfect backup to a HRL or ML.
  13. The face and name is definitely a reference to Toshiro Mifune in Yojimbo. The large sword seems to reference Mifune's Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai. That said Jetstream Sam seems to to have been inspired by Mifune at least in part. The cybernetic arm that both Sam and Yojimbo have brings the similarities closer. The Iguana seems to take some design cues from Justice of Guilty Gear and Orbital Frames of Zone of the Enders. The crotch in particular looks like the infamous cockpits of OF. The manned humanoid TAGs are based on the Landmates from Masamune Shirow's Appleseed. This is really apparent with the old Guijia. The Aragoto bikes seem to take cues from Kaneda's bikes in Akira. The Margot artwork seems to be an homage to Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles. The slimness of the female power armor is really reminiscent of the Knight Saber armor, down to the fused heels. I'd be willing to chalk it up to convergent evolution due to the desire to portray a feminine figure in armor. That said the hacker Brigada wouldn't look too out of place in Nene's colors.
  14. AVA is basically field allowance. To bring a remote you must have either a hacker or TAG. In general, they are completely independent models that contribute their own order to the pool. The Rui Shi, for example, is not controlled by another model. Hackers can buff remotes, but they don't run them. The exceptions to these are G Synch or G Servants. The Yaozao and Yudbot are G Servants. They provide no additional orders and are controlled by a doctor and/or engineer that they are assigned to.
  15. One quirk of GS die is the need to redo the numbers on a fairly regular basis. That said, the ritual of taking a crayon to them before an event is oddly soothing.