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  1. Just to point out at least 2 of the most devastating CC models in the game, Shinobu and the Chimera are little girls. Well played. A Gorgos with Symbiomate is one of the hardest targets to crack without critting on a monofilament or fire weapon. Then again critting on 15s burst 5 dam 18 DA is pretty beefy. Not Neko and friends beefy, but very little is. I think it's no small coincidence that many cc troops pack templates as well. The Domaru are pretty emblematic in this regard as they dominate their ZOC.
  2. Because I started as a Nomad and thus am committed to bring as big of a PITA as possible
  3. The LS Haramaki is a good way to lay down an opposed role for way less than the BS domaru.
  4. No, not even. Change Facing is not one of the allowed skills in CC. Be very careful about leaving something essential in CC on your reactive.
  5. Unlikely its cost cutting measures. It fluctuates. Sometimes you get slimmer sculpts, sometimes you get gigantic models like Samaritan, Achilles 2, Spitfire Crane, Boarding Shotgun Pheasant, Domaru box. It's been pointed out that the Zhanshi SWC box isn't consistent with itself. There is a clear split in scale between the male and female models. Generally the males see the most variance while the females tend to be more consistent, though the latter tend to be at a smaller scale.
  6. IIRC, it was a Japanese firm that developed the munchkins. Hence the O-Yoroi and Yojimbo. Equal parts kawaii and kowaii. All malevolence. I'd kill for mines on Ninja... But a Zuyong thrown out if a plane would be interesting. As would the equivalent of a Gecko paking dual Breakers and x visor.
  7. As someone who came from Nomads, I highly disagree with the must have MA3. Jaguars, Morlocks, and Bandits do perfectly fine in CC. MA3 is awesome, but don't get hung up on it as a must have. MA1 is perfectly workable, though the CC19 MA1 on the Hsien is arguably more "not get punked" territory. In that case it's another vector in the toolbox along with the nanopulser. The Crane's combo of high cc values and nanopulsers cement you don't want to get close to them. But I'll echo the sentiment it's not your primary plan, but a valid alternative if you can set it up.
  8. I'm not so sure about that. REMs already seem to get a decent point discount and are some of the most points efficient things in the game. There's no way you'd get 6-4 BS12 spitfire with ODD or MSV2 for under 25 points otherwise.
  9. I'd pretty much HD the sniper by default unless I am order starved. The ability to wait until my opponent is too deep in their orders before revealing let's me catch them exposed and without a way to counter. Plus faking out my opponent as to where the sniper really is is always fun. The hacker I'd play by ear though I am more inclined to tap a zero for that slot. Loss of mines stings.
  10. Have to agree with the bikes. They are excellent push through and sweep models for cheap. A lot of people aren't ready for that. In regards to the Domaru review, pretty solid overall though BS12 is low end for HI. BS13 is baseline with only the Domaru, Shikami, Magister, and Iguana operator coming to mind as lower. Also the Domaru got replaced in the Red Veil era Yu Jing starter with the Zuyong. They are pretty boss door kickers and close area denial specialists.
  11. Yeah it looks like it. Either that or another Anaconda based TAG. As for what it's doing, either it's reporting for duty or about to exercise it's plot armor.
  12. Which head is that Killionaire?
  13. @jahatch28 If you find yourself spending too many orders doing something, one fundamental i would consider work shopping is deployment. The game literally starts at that time and certainly can lose you games. There are a crap ton of variables in that phase such as board setup, mission objectives, and what force your opponent is bringing, but it will set the tone of your game. Maybe it's worth setting your pieces out and walking through a mock game along with someone. A sojourn through another faction may help you look at things from a different perspective. Nomads are a fun faction, but can get really swingy when the dice don't go your way. They don't have the cheap numbers to try and swarm while they generally don't have the stats to try and muscle straight up without bringing a TAG. Jumping into JSA helped let me realize stuff I took for granted while forcing me to engage in a different mindset. Something more immune to crits such as Tohaa or Yu Jing might just gel with you more.
  14. Daofei forehead plate does not encircle the eyes, ending around the cheekbones. The forehead plate on the Hac Tao completely encircles around the eyes, contouring around the corners for both the new and old designs. It's just harder to see with the newer ones due to the pose of the HMG and visor on the hacker. The image lines up with the Hac Tao dossier, though the pose and proportions seem a bit off. A 2D interpretation can get away with exaggerations as long as it is thematically appropriate. I for one, love Obari. There seems to be am overall push to either maintain differences in helms (Hac Tao, domaru, and the 2nd Gen Hsien's dragon iconography) or add to them (wu ming).
  15. I think that is a Hac Tao. No long braid. Not that I wouldn't mind an update.