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  1. But my Gao Rael sniper wants to up his K:D ratio!
  2. All the warbands that have PH 13+ are CC 19+ and pack some sort of CCW. Irmadinhos and Yuan Yuan, admittedly kind of push that boundary. Ghazi, Kuang Shi, and Desperadoes are PH12. Is a marathoner more physically trained than a sprinter? I'm saying PH doesn’t cover all physical abilities. The Ninja probably won't win in an arm wrestling match, but does have the physical ability to stealthily infiltrate. And i abhor the insinuation my Shaolin are on drugs. They treat their bodies like a temple. The hopped up dudes are point more.
  3. Melee warbands are all probably high PH because that's what determines non pistol CC damage. Unless you are a ninja nut, I don't think most people will settle for damage less than chain rifle barring special rules on your suicidal melee guys. The PH seems to key off explosive physical ability. But explosive ability is not the only aspect to physically train. I imagine that skirmishers train more for endurance than the ability to punch stuff real good. On that note Willpower is not indicative of technical skills but the ability to keep your head in the game when under extreme duress. The Trauma doc under normal conditions is probably perfectly competent and not a walking time bomb of medical malpractice. It's just things change when there are bullets flying.
  4. Not quite. For rem presence 2 STR 1st wound - conscious 2nd Wound - Unconscious lvl 1 3rd Wound - Unconscious lvl 2 4th Wound - Dead You can take up to 3 wounds and still remain functional with the Su Jian and Karakuri. 4th is dead no matter what you do.
  5. He's referencing if you pass from conscious to unconscious lvl 2 within a single order, you can kick in Dogged/NWI, thus it's like a conditional extra wound. Though the exact circumstances of triggering Dogged from Unconscious level 2 is really rare due to the Total Immunity.
  6. Letting an MSV 2 BS14 HI get easy access to the 4 and 5 member fireteam bonus feels like a bridge too far balance wise. That said it does create a bit of hierarchy dynamic . Hsien don't trust anyone else to watch their back besides full fledged Imperial Agents, yet the Pheasant and Crane are too high up to be anyone else's minions, thus the Zhanying. The same Zhanying who get the crappy job of minding criminals given assault weapons as penance. Pheasants have to wrangle vicious but at least loyal attack dogs and Cranes get to posse with trusted security regiments.
  7. I won't say it kills it, but definitely slows down a lot of the fun. If it only it had the madtraps... But then again, the Kanren does the same thing. Madtraps on only one profile.
  8. Yojimbo is a major delivery platform, causing a ruckus midfield and dropping smoke. Saito and Shinobu can also get you smoke where it's needed. Haramaki serve as basically a shield that forces your opponent to keep their head down. They do have option to go straight up kill everything with choice Domaru additions. The Karakuri have been brought up, but it really is worth emphasizing how durable they are on top of being walking arsenals. Just keep them away from melee and EM, and they can crash through most doors to flip the objective.
  9. Avicenna is a Haq oriented ALEPH recreation. Saying Doctor Plus is not a Haq skill is disingenuous at best.
  10. The elements seem sound, though I wouldn't mind a bandit KHD and swap the Hellcat for a doc or engineer Tom. My biggest issue is that the command group layout is starving some very order hungry troops of orders. 2 Bandits, a big gun Intruder, and AD troop in a group with 6 regular orders total. Maybe swap a bandit and the Intruder into the Alguacil group, and move one regular order back into CG 1. That way you can feed them the orders they all want. Also keep in mind mission 2 you want a TAG and mission 3 is Limited Insertion. The final mission wants a TAG but you also get a free Overdron or Tikbalang.
  11. Looking back on the previous posts, it seems I misunderstood what you were saying. I was focusing on the aspect that not being able to turn around for free allows for close range flanking, not necessarily forcing the change facing being discussed. My apologies. On the topic of stealth, it does do it's job when you are skulking about trying to get to stay out if sight. It just does nothing if you run straight into someone's gun sights. And it is optional.
  12. Not every CQB fighter has stealth. Anybody with at least a direct template or upgraded pistol qualifies. Most combi armed troops can do in a pinch. AD troops with shotguns are nothing if not CQB. The Change Facing roll almost makes it like a discover roll when someone is prowling around your ZoC. When I have to use that ARO it's either because of weakness on my part or superior play on my opponents. Not automatically turning to face the attacker after the first salvo has been unleashed is harsh, meaning you have to rely on failing that guts check as long as you aren't completely out in the open. My submission for the weird rule is the removal of the dismounted pilot when a TAG is dead. It was an odd interaction before, but didn't come up much before because of the cost of dismounting. With TAG LINE changes, there is actually an excuse to dismount.
  13. Dunno about that. Those existing skills look like they are adding up to prices somewhere in between Zhanying HMG and Maakrep prices. The Bao MSR is a relatively lean profile that still clocks in at 29 points.
  14. It's a dangerous sentiment. "I can't even taste the alcohol!" True. Nomads > Yu Jing - Where are my badass cool specialists for 25 pts or under? Yu Jing > Tohaa - Where are my BS 13/14 and waves of disposable chain rifles?
  15. The only way to be completely safe is to drop it's BS to 0 or not engage. It's worth using a unit outside of its ideal range, such as an HMG Swiss or Cutter to ensure your opponent can't shoot back. Totally agree. Or sometimes you stumble into valid tool by accident.