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  1. But the Jotum is more resistant to crits than a Nisse. One crit will bring down a Nisse, but the Jotum needs to take 2 more before it is unconscious. A single crit won't stop the Jotum unless it's a nasty piece of ammo like DA, Exp, T2, or Mono filament. I agree with fatality level 1 being widespread. It shouldn't be much of a problem. Fatality Level 2 and Full Auto are potentially more disruptive. FA1 on the Raicho does sound like a good idea.
  2. Backstory wise yes, but on the table Cygnar has a lot of denial and control elements. An ancient element being smoke...
  3. Or Ectros/Neema The Gorgos/Iggy would have 4 native. Considering how scary the Gorgos and his buddy is...
  4. I take the Gorgos to murderize the crap out of my opponent...
  5. Just pointing out the Domaru-Haramaki team is exclusively a kill/area denial team. They perform that job well, but they aren't flipping any switches. The Wu Ming comparison is a more apt because of the ability to both hammer away at things and grab those objectives.
  6. Thank you kindly. Cool stuff. Anyone else think Gutier? (man on the right) 's mike looks like a cane?
  7. Getting spoiled by the Crane makes me wish all multirifles had x visors.
  8. Basically.
  9. Oh, that's just Andre the new bodybuilding consultant.
  10. The Su Jian is a great piece for Capture and Protect. Remember you've got an 8 inch climbing plus cautious move which can let you steal stuff. Also, if you need to repair the Su Jian, it's often not worth the orders and risk to get it back to completely up to full. Repairing from NWI to 1 STR lets you take 2 sometimes 3 failed rolls before you are out of commission. Also when you have objectives that can swing and whose objectives are about controlling more objectives than your opponents as opposed to total number of objectives, (Tic Tac Toe and Antenna Field in this case) it's better to steal one of your opponent's objectives than securing a new one. In one stroke, that can have you controlling more objectives than your opponent as opposed to merely tying. The first list feels super solid, just remember orders given by Kuang Shi are liable to burn fast. Not just because they are running toward your opponent, but because Kuang Shi play a critical as close in defense. As dogged chain rifles, you can afford to trade hits to stymie enemy advances. A TO or ODD rambo budget rambo is less likely to go ham when they realize there is an auto hitting template around the corner. Save command tokens for when you need to swap someone to a different command group. The specialists on it are kind of squishy, which may make things dicey on Antenna Field since you need specialists to hold it. Make sure you mine up and get suppression going. The Second list feels a bit stretched to be honest. You really want a yudbot on the Sophotect, especially when you have such good attack pieces that will take some heat. I'm not sure I know what I would do to change it since it's pretty different from what I run in ISS. Remember the standard format for ITS is two lists, but you they must either be Vanilla or from the same sectorial.
  11. From what I understand, pretty much the majority of the armor (barring Ariadna and some of Haq) is capable of changing colors to an extent. What color schemes you see are the parade colors. Actual combat mode is less ostentatious. Though I suspect ISS tends to flash their colors more for intimidation factor.
  12. Maybe it's a skill/equipment combination we haven't see before, like mimetism and nanoscreen.
  13. Where was this insinuated? As far as I can tell, an Engineer profile for Bolts is more just wishful thinking than anything actually on the horizon.
  14. Wu Ming, Crane, Hsien, Su Jian, Pheasant say otherwise. We also have Santiago, Montessa on the Pan O side. Aleph got Patroclus, post humans buffed while Phoenix got a price increase. In Nomads specifically, Geckos, Kusanagi, Riot Grrls, and Bran picked up buffs. I'm pretty sure the securitate will get an update when they show up in an N3 publication EI Tunguska debut. Though I suspect the update will be more like the pheasant, not head and shoulders amazing, but at least has a place with some interesting profiles.
  15. Hidden deployment is an option, not a requirement. A TO model can deploy as a marker which will contribute orders to the pool. As far as Had Tao v Daofei: Stats - The Hac Tao does have superior core stats to the Daofei. Price - The Hac Tao is significantly more costly and leaves less room for other stuff. Close in Flexibility- The DA ccw, the higher CC value, and nanopulser wins it for the Hac Tao. It makes it great at forcing bad choices at close range and busting open boxes. Deployment - The Daofei has way more flexible deployment and can put the hurt on their opponents right away. It's easier to get mileage out of the non HMG loadouts because you generally start in good range. A weaker piece in the right place at the right time can do more damage than stronger piece in a slightly less advantageous position. That said the Hac Tao can hidden deploy, keeping your opponent unaware. LT option - Daofei has them, with the Spitfire getting a SWC discount. The Hac Tao can't start as an LT but can become one. Hacking - both Assault devices which the Daofei tends to be in a better range to exploit. The Hac Tao does boast better hacking stats. The KHD on the Hac tao is a nice no SWC option that counters hackers hard. TLDR : If you want it cheaper and up in your opponent's face earlier go Daofei. If you want some of the most oppressive stats and skills outside of Combine or ALEPH go Hac Tao. Or just be a bastard and bring both.