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  1. Kriza have been doing well in my local escalation league. That said, most of their successes seem to be as part of a team than a solo piece. My Kriza was able to exterminate people from long range once the Sin Eater had locked down terrain. Another Nomad player used his wounded Kriza to obliterate a pushing fireteam, but only after it met up with a Zero and a Bandit was carving up the backlines.
  2. Upon reflection, I tend to like troops that are not only versatile, but excellent at forcing hard choices upon my opponent. Su Jian +1 The Robo-kitty is the very definition of a lightning bruiser. Fast, maneuverable, well armed, and insanely durable. 8 inch climbing plus cautious move lets it duck so many firelanes. It's practically all the benefits of a TAG with none of the weaknesses. Granted no Fatality or specialists, but it's cheaper than everything but Scarface, Geckos, and some Xeodron. All in a package that can go prone; suck down a missile hit and still keep on trucking. Crane +1 Bandit +1 Uberfall +1 A bit rowdy to control, but man they are up there with Antipodes, Dogfaces, and Kuang Shi with how much havoc they can cause. Climbing plus is a ridiculously good skill for a swarming melee unit. They have chopped through 220 points in one game before finally getting taken down. Even when not running rampant they provide excellent utility. Gorgos This thing is a murder machine. Yeah a Symbiomate is mandatory, and you really want that Peripheral A, but this bad boy is all about forcing those bad choices. Templates near and far, high burst AP weapon, potential burst 2 damage 17 viral CCW. Oh yeah, you can use your Peripheral to hunt repeaters.
  3. So will this season play out like Tomino in Kill an All mode or Happy Doing using mecha to do laundry mode? Or will it go full Wuxia with training montages?
  4. This was fixed indirectly by giving most impact weapons a non template mode.
  5. Just to point out Briscards do have high burst and close range models because everyone but the sniper packs an assault pistol.
  6. USAriadna is sub 100 points. On the flip side, the inferior infiltration option on bbq this Daylami means they start in good position.
  7. Worth mentioning Lunah is basically a Yu Jing model. Really, the State Empire has had it damn good these past two years.
  8. I guess it would kinda be funny if the original Infinity PCs got offed. That said, resurrection/backup technology does exist besides cubes.
  9. But the Jotum is more resistant to crits than a Nisse. One crit will bring down a Nisse, but the Jotum needs to take 2 more before it is unconscious. A single crit won't stop the Jotum unless it's a nasty piece of ammo like DA, Exp, T2, or Mono filament. I agree with fatality level 1 being widespread. It shouldn't be much of a problem. Fatality Level 2 and Full Auto are potentially more disruptive. FA1 on the Raicho does sound like a good idea.
  10. Backstory wise yes, but on the table Cygnar has a lot of denial and control elements. An ancient element being smoke...
  11. Or Ectros/Neema The Gorgos/Iggy would have 4 native. Considering how scary the Gorgos and his buddy is...
  12. I take the Gorgos to murderize the crap out of my opponent...
  13. Just pointing out the Domaru-Haramaki team is exclusively a kill/area denial team. They perform that job well, but they aren't flipping any switches. The Wu Ming comparison is a more apt because of the ability to both hammer away at things and grab those objectives.
  14. Thank you kindly. Cool stuff. Anyone else think Gutier? (man on the right) 's mike looks like a cane?
  15. Getting spoiled by the Crane makes me wish all multirifles had x visors.