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  1. Thanks bro! I almost dried and withered out without your support - but now I'm renewed!
  2. Nah - they're just green for contrast and rule of cool I love this colour for all CCW's
  3. Yeah brother! I knew that someone will figure this out I had this image in my mind's eye, projected it onto the miniature - then after seeing what I've done - I started to search through google to find the exact same picture you linked Rudy Rhod - also 5th Element, best inspiration there is
  4. I started with Charred Brown from Vallejo, then added GW's Gorthor Brown, some Bone-like colours, Bronzed Flesh, Pale Flesh and Off White from Vallejo Air Range. I then washed all with Strong Tone ink and Varnished with Matt Varnish - both from Army Painter. I can't provide exact mixes and layers, cause this was a fully one time paint job, not meant to be repeated. (I rarely paint dark skin, it was an experiment). Glad you guys like it I also made a HD 360* VIDEO of these guys, if you want to see... just published like five minutes ago or something.
  5. So guys - my job is done. New Morlocks are here, acoompanied by Joe Scarface Turner and Free-Lance Stringer, which will be my new HVT This time I've managed to bring some really strong colours to the fore. Spend more time with the miniatures than usual and tried to buff my everyday painting scheme a bit. Now I hope to wreak havoc with vivid Morlocks in the tournaments to come More pics as usual in the GALLERY
  6. Hey guys - some new stuff going on here First of all, there's COLOUR RECIPE: INFINITY PANOCEANIA for all those curious of which colours I used for both Neoterran forces, painted recently. And now's something special. I work on my own varation of Morlocks. I don't like the all-in mutant theme. At the same time I just LOVE the new Bakunin Starter Morlock - but he is so badass I just can't feel that 6 points behind him. He might be either Senor Massacre or Mc Murder conversion material, but not a puny Morlock Too awesome for one, at least in my opinion. So I decided to make my own crew, and used Jags as the base. The idea is to make some dark skin gangers, more rough than regular Jaguars and with eye catching, colourful hair. Close Combat weapons and black skin will make them stand out among regular Jags so the opponent won't have any difficulties finding them on the table. When playing pure Corregidor I might always use them instead of Jags, but Morlocks is the primary use of these. Oh, and here's a special elite Corregidorian force called Tomcats (dogs) huehue A joke I made - these too were supposed to be Morlocks, but I found the ganger idea more appealing. Might keep these two as Pupniks, or trash them - still don't know.
  7. Thanks mate, glad you like the miniatures. *** And here's another project - also Panoceania, but I promise to stop painting smurfs for some time from now on 'WATCHFUL AQUILA' Special Project painted lvl 5 'Witness Me!" This one is a Special Project, thrown in just before I sent one of the Neoterras to the happy owner. Here's the GALLERY and VIDEO, Also another small addition to the bunch painted lvl 3 'Fast & Furious'. The coat has some really nice features - worked pretty well with lvl 3's washes.
  8. Me like the brigada. Would like to see a better picture tho. Use shadow tent brother. Good choice to go back Nomads GO GO NOMADS!
  9. So much news! Panoceania, Neoterra force lvl 3 'Fast & Furious' with addition of Swissa and Uhlana lvl 4 'Chrome & Shiny', GALLERY, Panoceania, Neoterra force lvl 5 'Witness Me' GALLERY, Quick Tutorial ARTICLE of how to EXPLODE your miniatures - Crazy Koala style!
  10. I'm gonna post some pics so you won't think I am lazy or something Uhlan, lvl 4 'Chrome & Shiny' Pano force lvl 3 'Fast & Furious'
  11. @Hydra thanks for your comment. I would probably go for more white on the Taskmaster. It worked with Mobile Brigada team and it'll surely work for the guy. I just couldn't figure out what I want - thus finished the mini and will proceed with white in later date. As for Bran - I wanted him to look devil-like. Thinking about changing his puny stick into devil's pitchfork The Corregidor Coin is made out of wood - it was gifted to me by a friend. As this symbol is a CB's trademark, friend won't provide such stuff online.
  12. Today I've managed to push both Panoceanias a bit forward, but used up half of the painting time for my own miniatures. After almost two months of constant commission painting I probably deserved some time for my own collection. Not entirely happy with the pictures, they look somehow flat. Will coat entire miniatures with Satin Varnish which will juice-up the miniatures a little. Maybe will add some freehands to the Taskmaster... don't know. Have a lot of Smurfs to paint right now, so it won't be before the upcomming event, where all three of these will be tested
  13. Ok, so I'm ready to hit you with first WIP's. Finding a similar colour to an example from more than a year ago, without the actual colour recipe... damn it gives me head ake. So much have changed since then... My entire colour palette is different, I use different techniques, my style evolved... It is a real pain in the brush Will try to further enchance that new blue with black lining and some smooth blends, but I'm pretty sure not to be able to recreate the previous edition...
  14. Thanks for feedback guys. The miniature has a neck. The head is based on greenstuff and in the picture it is barely visible due to being shadowed so I get why you thought otherwise Two Panoceania armies are both Neoterra (At least that's what I can see by the miniatures). Each has fusiliers, black friar, some ALEPH units, one is more REM heavy with auxillias Uhlans and Neoterra starter, while the other is REM free with Pano starter and three Nagas. One would be lvl 3 and the other lvl 5. Not much to show right now. Miniatures in the undercoat. Will post some WIP's as soon as I have something more than that
  15. Hey guys, I just entered a new month of painting. Right now two Panoceania armies are being preped, but since a Limited Insertion event is comming I also started to work on some of my own miniatures. I've been drifting towards Vanilla for some time now and Limited Insertion is a good reason to play with all the miniatures that usually end up cut out of the roster. SWAST Taskmaster is a nice toy - figured out to use it. I literally hated the miniature, due to being posed really bad, but found a solution that sattisfies me and let's me use this potentially fine piece of a miniature. Ilong with delicate reposing I also switched the old head out - it seemed not very Nomad-like, or at least not how I see Nomads. What do you think of it?