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  1. Exactly that I find those two MK12s on Scarface's back look stupid. Did not put mine in place - left them be with a future conversion in mind - now one of these came in handy.
  2. Hey guys - check this out Unfortunatelly these won;t be painted by me. Was asked to convert two gecko, so that the owner might play using for of these armoured bastards
  3. Won;t share entire message, but here's some of it (secret is hidden, not for a wider audience to see). " Reason 1: Sheer shock factor. Let's be honest, no one out there is expecting ANYONE to announce any sort of alliance with the "marauding alien en-slavers among the Combined Army". But what if, just what if, the Nomads were allowed to see what the Sygmaa see: life in general hasn't changed for them as a part of the Combined Army. What if, this isn't even about a long term Alliance, and more about splitting control of Wotan between the Nomads and the Combined Army, or potentially handing control of the entire installation over to the Nomads with the understanding that the Combined Army is allowed free right of passage. If you are a fan of Star Trek Deep Space 9(which IMO, was the best Star Trek after Season One, which sucked!) this would set the Nomad nation up as the stewards of transport through Wotan. Giving you unprecedented leverage over the other factions while also shocking the hell out of every single one of your greater enemies because "Holy shit, they allied with the Combined Army." Reason 2: You rub our back, we'll rub yours. We're proposing a mutually beneficial relationship: We leave your home alone, and help you say, kick down some Haqqislam doors. And hey, we wouldn't mind taking out ALEPH with you either, I think that goes without saying. What do we need? Obviously we have a beef with Pan-O right now, and another faction putting concentrated effort on Stygir-2 for awhile would help us out immensely. Moreover, once the mothership arrives(and it will arrive) we would like to try to avoid "Operation: Dogpile", which more or less involves every single faction going straight to the mothership "just because it's the Combined Army!". We leave your assets alone, you leave ours be. You help us take "the Hyperpower" down a few pegs, we'll help you with a task that brightens your outcome in the campaign. This isn't so much about winning as it is simply making our presence known. Flamestrike saw what? Like seven Combined Army players in total? Well, let me bring you in on a small secret: ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** We've got numbers this campaign, and we want to leave an impact on it for the future. We would like to do this with the Nomads, who from a fluff perspective are in a perfect spot to work with us. Reason 3: Some Fluff. We're not requesting the Nomad nation join the Combined Army. We're not even offering you the spot right now. We're simply proposing that we work together towards common goals: it makes sense for the Nomads to control Wotan itself, but the Combined Army will need free passage, as mentioned before. Post campaign we either can or cannot continue into a mutual non-aggression pact as desired: we see this as a conundrum for "future us". Right now, this is about establishing dominance in the campaign for our two factions, and right now the graphs show that the Nomads could use a friend. "
  4. The CA contact took place one day after the Riotgrrl situation and was out of character. It was meant for me only. I was asked to consider leading Nomads into an alliance with EI. I refused, because of how Riotgrrl situation impacted Nomad morale. I'm sure some other veteran players got the same proposal, just like some of us got a proposal to join Panoceania (literally). I shared the information with the existing half of the Nomad high command and some veterans I knew through FB, for advice. Was not obliged to present this to my nation by the CA contact. It was meant for me in hope I would swade the Nomads. A lot of communication happens during online events like this. No way for any of us to be in the loop of everything. Sorry if you felt like a grunt. Nomads are a special kind of faction. they follow whoever and whatever they want. There are no grunts in the Nomads. We are a force to be reckoned with as long as we stay focused. Anyone has the same potential and is important. Anyone can lead (or rather suggest a certain approach to strategy), anyone can do important/usefull stuff. Provide a good amount of important stuff getting done - you're 'in the lead', cause people follow.
  5. Just cut the rock to pieces with hobby cutters, then filed the leg and mounted it on something else. The leg is kind of damaged 'behind' but I masked this with a crate. Thanks man Appreciate
  6. GAMING CLUB “SZYBKI SZPIL” WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL INFINITY PLAYERS TO PARTICIPATE IN POLISH INFINITY CHAMPIONSHIP 2017!!! WHEN: 9-10 september 2017 WHERE: hotel “Pod Platanem” Street: Marcina 5, City: Kozłów, (close to Katowice city) TICKETS: -80PLN (in case of prepayment until august 31), -100PLN (after august 31) Ticket include: -participation in the tournament, -accommodation from Saturday to Sunday in the hotel room (players will be grouped by fours in rooms by gaming centres as far as possible), BEDCLOTHES ARE PAID SEPARATELY! - one “Solodolar”, which can be exchanged for snack or drink (grilled sausage, beer, toasts, etc.) - unlimited access to tea, coffee, sugar, water - lots of prizes PLAYERS LIMIT: 50 PREPAYMENTS AT (not refundable): Robert Brzezina IBAN: 08 1020 5040 0000 6802 0111 5419 Swift: BPKOPLPW Title: “Name “Nickname” Surname, MP Infinity” It's possible to book additional accomodation from Friday to Saturday for 35PLN as well as bedclothes for 15PLN. If so, ad "Accomodation" and/or "Bedclothes" to the transfer title. Link to ITS event: REFEREE: Dominik “Narrator” Macura PRIZES (WiP): 1. Winner Cup 2. Medals for top 3 3. ITS pack (new one, if we can get it) 3. Awards from our sponsors FORMAT: - 300pts - 6SWC - 2 army lists – ITS TAGLINE rules - no Spec Ops TOURNAMENT PREPARATION: Every player is obliged to: - submit his army lists with ITS Manager until September 8, 10:00 p.m. Missing lists are -3 OP in final classification, - have Courtesy and Normal army lists, - have full Classified Objectives deck, - have inch measure tape, - have the amount of D20 dices equal to highest Burst value in army lists, - have tokens and markers required to play selected army lists. PROXY: It is allowed to use up to 3 proxy models in one army list (conversions do not count towards the limit). In this case player has to indicate on the implicit list what model proxies which unit. In addition, this model must have the same base and the general appearance of the proxed unit, ie. do not replace the REM with a morcycle. This will prevent unwanted misleading. Proxies for units without any loudout released doesn't count towards limit as well. SCHEDULE: Day 1 9:30-10:30 - Registration 10:30 – 13:00 – Mission 1 13:15 – 15:45 – Mission 2 16:00 – 17:00 – Lunch break 17:00 – 19:30 – Mission 3 19:30 – After party Day 2 10:00 – 12:30 – Mission 4 12:45 – 15:15 – Mission 5 15:10 – 16:00 - Tournament summary SCENARIOS: 1. SAFE AREA 2. ANTENNA FIELD 3. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED 4. LOOTING AND SABOTAGING (scenario available at: 5. COMMS CENTER TIME LIMIT FOR GAME: 2h 30min At the start we will pair players from different gaming centres, challenges allowed. Further rounds will be paired according to ITS engine. Penalties: In case, when referee will be summoned to settle the dispute, where both players will present different case of events without the possibility for their verification, the dispute will be settled by the dice roll and both players will get 1st warning. 2nd warning for the same player will result in point penalty according to the system presented below. By the case mentioned above, we mean situation in example, when one player states that his opponent illegally moved model/piece of terrain while he denies the accusations. Moreover, tables that won’t finish their game on time or be late with score results, will be given penalty points respectively: -3OP -2TP -2TP … Penalties will stack, so players that will be late 3 times will have -3OP and -4TP. Penalties will be calculated at the end of the tournament and will only affect “local” placement. They won’t be taken into account when tournament will be reported to the ITS Ranking System. We hope, they won’t be necessary. ATTENTION: Inadequate behaviour of the participant may result in its disqualification by the organizers. ADDITIONAL ATTRACTIONS: - Known from the Silesian Championship “Who Dares Wins” competition will be back, however in slightly different form, hope You will like it again. - Painting competition, we encourage to boost you miniatures. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT FACEBOOK: FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS
  7. I went Beyond Icestorm with my collection Kriza Borac, Femtruder MSR and Hellcat, lvl 5 'Witness Me!' special. GALLERY, VIDEO,
  8. Thanks man! I totally forgot to switch it out (signatures hidden)
  9. Hahahaha - brother, I know the good side of you. Peeps like us want to do some good, but are just meant to be remembered badly
  10. Well, for what it's worth Yu-Jing did nothing considered 'wrong' during Flamestrike. They just behaved like priviliged and like if they really had entire, huge hyperpower behind them. then started picking targets and just went for it. That was a very fluff way to play this particular Faction, just the reponse was also very fluff. None-hyperpower factions ganged up against this, which lead to Pano being left to roam the map in the end, while Yu-Jing was forced to defend. The only shameful act was commited by a single Yu-Jing player, who prefabricated reports to meet AI Historian expectations, while inserting scripts from books instead of writeup. His reports were removed in the end. During Wotan this player was in Pano camp, so - the better for Yu-Jing. So - nothing to be ashamed of. Also - Yu-Jing is a great faction. If not for my Nomad love I would certainly go IS in this kind of events. Just hope to see some more new faces next time around. As much as I appreciate your old squad, would be nice to see some new players joining the most dedicated circle of Yu-Jing's activity.
  11. Great job brother. Really awesome to see such stats. I would preffer if it came from BoW themeselves, but they seem to be content with tiny scrap of information they provide. Here lays the data that I am interested with. Now we can really talk about the factions and how they performed. Cool stuff. Thanks!
  12. @Yasashii Fuyu, you see - backstabbing in an online campaign works once. Once done - people know who you are and what you stand for and you can only dream about alliances. The number of legit allies will dwindle in time, as either backstabbing or being a dormant ally withers existing alliances. I personally like Yu-Jing and seen improvement since Flamestrike, where you just behaved like... well - far away from humble. Strikezone: Wotan saw Yu-Jing in defensive, somehow tempered, treated not entirely fair. I would imagine that a fallen from grace commander would do a lot to regain the Emperor's favour, even if it meant allying under the table with a hated foe. It's not like all the factions aren;t dealing in the shadows with all the rest. You just need a proper setup for this kind of situation. As I wrote before - if Pano managed to go into deals with some of the factions, and remembering 'suck-it-pano!' in my opinion everyone is able to. It just demands a lot of politics and a certain point of view to achieve a none agression pact... You are in a priviliged position for the comming campaign: you know exactly who likes who and where the line is - you can choose sides beforehand and offer something that will swade that side to take you in. Look where Flamestrike took the Nomads? We got four theaters to defent, being (just like Pano) droped into a warzone with two theaters at the start. Entire 'Flamestrike second place' works as an disadvantage. The more you fell - the better the starting position in the next campaign will be
  13. Next time you guys might consider wider diplomacy. On top of that a matter of attitude - for example a more humble approach to diplomacy might find you in a strong alliance, or at the least - a non-agression pact. If Panoceania (remember 'suck-it-pano' from Flamestrike?) managed to be remotely 'liked' throughout the campaign (mostly because it was represented by a beloved @Luisjoey aka Father Deus Vult), Yu-Jing might also. For example - This year Nomads were approached by Combined Army with a splendid piece of fluffy try to swade our forces into joining CA's effort. It was so well written, with fluff backed reasons for us to actually do so - I was tempted. I knew it would be impossible to turn Nomads onto the dark side - too many good peeps in the Bromad team - so I only consulted this with high command and we decided not to - but this still makes me think: What if any other faction provided such a splendid excuse fopr the Nomads to do something considered to be out of a box?
  14. Well, @cazboab, you see - stupid me. And now I blame Ariadna for everything.
  15. Well @raymon, There are two aspects of Ariadna vs Nomads aggression, There is out of fluff - we were allies at Flamestrike, through our mutual Haqqislam friends. This 'alliance' was confirmed at the start of Strikezone: Wotan and knowing Haqq's renown we considered the alliance to stand as strong as the last time. Sure, you guys gave as a late heads up and that speaks well of you. There's also fluff side to it - Nomads and Haqq support Ariadna's rule over Dawn. Sure they do this for their own gain, as everyone, but if not for this opposition, Pano and Yu-Jing would suck this planet dry a long time ago. Here's where the 'backstab' is truly located. This all would work much better if instead of theaters of war, where real deal soldiers fight for their death and where we picture ourselves fighting alongside our troops - there were some kind of stakes on stock exchange, representing influence over major assets. All our battles would be fought in the shadow of these assets, not openly - all black ops etc. Results would provide fluff leverage to our factions to influence others, thus they will be able to become major stock holders over the assets. then no matter who do you fight over a 'theater' the result would have a real deal impact on the outcome, cause you could have encountered Panoi over a Haqqislam asset - you both were there to steal intel... etc, etc... would also lead to people not getting overly invested and frustrated IMHO.