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  1. Thanks mate Most of this stuff is self designed/made. The buildings are literally board game and card game boxes texturized with some MDF pieces designed on a base of leftovers You can see a lot of material used in "THE COLONY" article series.
  2. Here I go again! Whoop! Whoop! Infinity Panoceania lvl 4 'Chrome & Shiny'
  3. Yeah - with a series of similar pieces you can estabilish a really coherent looks with terrain either self made or purchased from different cources Glad you like it
  4. These are approximately 25x20mm with corners rounded in a 6x6mm square. Holes are 2mm diameter. These were made by a friendly companies over few years, I order these in bunches of up to 100 - just to keep coherency in my terrain. the idea poped out upon seeing Zen Terrain's awesome planters, I had to redesign the pieces, but overall they have a very similar feel to them. The planters highly influenced my personal taste to Infinity terrain. Zen has lots of cool stuff by the way - if yopu are looking for some cool terrain pieces - Zen is clearly a way to go.
  5. Thanks guys. Glad you like it. There's another part of "The Colony" article in prep. Would come online somewhere along May. In meantime a small sneak preview from the new stuff I worked upon last weekend...
  6. These are self made, out of leftovers and the usual pieces I have at my disposal. Also Orbit bubblegum pendants
  7. Hey guys, been tinkering with a test Kaplan to figure out the colour scheme for entire unit. I also fast painted some self built terrain for my gaming table... just to fill a moment when big things dried out .
  8. Well, Yu-Jing is the only one among three BIG factions in the campaign to get a single location to focus on... again... What's not to hate about that :P? Surely your faction is a victim of CB's unlimited love and that just pisses everyone off all the time According to what you wrote - alliances and politics - Operation Flamestrike was a fundament upon which some stereotypes were estabilished. Off course each faction perceived behaviour of others from it's own point of view, but some major traits of all could be observed. I totally respect Yu-Jing for holding ground in face of utter hate and some commanders gave a hell of a fight at Zhurong (and more). Still - would be difficult to repair the damage done during Operation Flamestrike. Lack of flexibility and ability to choose compromise, that fear of showing any kind of weakness... led to what happened before and I doubt that mighty Yu-Jing would be able to tget rid of this kind of behaviour. Still - we all are just players now, before war starts. I think that everyone should get an almost white page to write new story upon. Almost white... All in all - great to see so many clebrities of Operation Flamestrike here in the topic
  9. Hey guys, I'm back with a bunch of ALEPH miniatures, lvl 4 'Chrome & Shiny' I took a totally different approach to some colours and improoved pictures colour match by using a preffered shadow tent / light / camera setup. Finally was able to show the real contrasts and vivid secondary colours Some pictures: GALLERY, VIDEO, Hope you like it guys
  10. The moment Pano starts using ordnane is the moment when Infinity turns into all out sci-fi war game, instead of a covert ops one. Guys, we have small units of speciallists led onboard enemy space ships to wreak havoc and leave no trace. Instead of trying to bring big weapons to bear - just use that cool imagination of yours to set up a great fluff related background to the missions you will be playing. Instead of usual Seize the Antennas - imagine that one team was sent to 'Seize' the targeting lock data from Pano ship, while the other tries to stop this from happening... or even both teams try to get their hands on the same data. Instead of really 'using' big guns - just push them into the background and try to feel like that small cog in the larger mashine. Engineering deck? Great... I can see that command bridge of Death Star with consoles you gotta use, then big red button in the central room - who pushes it at the end, shoots the 'big gun' hahaha... No way that Guttier lets you shoot fucking lasers and planetwide annihilation weaponry at each other. Regardless of Pano's success at Flamia - just get real
  11. I can't help but wander... seeing that both Nomads and Pano as the most numerable factions got two locations, which is probably supposed to cut their initial focus in two - why Isn;t Yu-Jing among two-location factions? They also were a major player in the previous campaign. If not for the cut in their points due to insufficient battle reports they would have emerged higher in the results of Flamestrike. Shouldn't they also possess two missions (locations) in Wotan? Or are they being considered a small faction? Just scrollin' through forums, thinkin' out loud, hati'n Yu-Jing...
  12. Thanks bro! I almost dried and withered out without your support - but now I'm renewed!
  13. Nah - they're just green for contrast and rule of cool I love this colour for all CCW's
  14. Yeah brother! I knew that someone will figure this out I had this image in my mind's eye, projected it onto the miniature - then after seeing what I've done - I started to search through google to find the exact same picture you linked Rudy Rhod - also 5th Element, best inspiration there is
  15. I started with Charred Brown from Vallejo, then added GW's Gorthor Brown, some Bone-like colours, Bronzed Flesh, Pale Flesh and Off White from Vallejo Air Range. I then washed all with Strong Tone ink and Varnished with Matt Varnish - both from Army Painter. I can't provide exact mixes and layers, cause this was a fully one time paint job, not meant to be repeated. (I rarely paint dark skin, it was an experiment). Glad you guys like it I also made a HD 360* VIDEO of these guys, if you want to see... just published like five minutes ago or something.