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  1. Hey bros - thanks for awesome feedback. This will keep me hyped for quite some time @Hydra Display is just that - not a tournament tray. I think that inserting a piece of flat metal underneath the PCV layer would do the job of keeping magneted bases pinned in place - but I don't use magnets so... didn't thought of putting one there. Maybe - when I go for entire table like this, I will make some magnetic trays from some of the rooms. The idea is not bad For all the fluffy-tail lovers oput there - here's the Video:
  2. Hey bros, The biggest Infinity tournament in Poland is at hand (just two weeks left) and a painting contest there, so while I await my backup hands to clean up mold lines on the next project - I took two days break and decided to unleash myself on my own miniatures. I do not expect to win, but at least I'd like to give a good fight with these: "GO GO NOMADS!" DIORAMA extension Salyut Zonds / Tsyklon Sputniks (with detachable weapons) Bakunin Uberfallkommando: NOMADS GALLERY for more pics... Let's say these last two days were bussy
  3. hahahaha bro - you made my day. Off course you're also right - I bet Ferrari uses the same standar red I did - Vallejo Scarlet Red is the most classic of all reds
  4. Hey brother Infinity Army 6 has all you need. S3 Remotes (usually Flash Pulse, Total Reaktion, Smart Missiles, FO) are all 40mm, while S4 (usually Baggage, EVO Repeater, Attack Remotes) are 55mm.
  5. Hey guys - the mashine never stops. Here's the newest bunch of Infinity dudesmen and dudesREM I have painted. INFINITY NOMADS lvl 4 'Chrome & Shiny' GALLERY,
  6. Hey bro - thanks. That is extremely cool Feedback like this keeps me hyped. As for your own Remotes:
  7. Newest WIP. Two Salyut Baggage REMs. Decided to follow Lunokhod theme with all S4 REMotes. I alreaty have two Pano Baggages, Two Lunokhods (love them) and a Tsyklon (Ultra love this one). First concept was to make a Spider REMote with Tsyklon body and eight legs and a piece of Haqq Kum bike. Then, upon reaching a certain point of the project I discovered there's not enough space for that many legs. Finished with four, just to post some WIPs at FB and then... FINAL FORM concept struck me! In the end these will be Baggage Salyuts with a Scorpion-Tail removable addition if I ever want to use two Tsyklons for full REM list. Multipurpose REMotes
  8. Well - that's my point mate, but this would require estabilishing ZOC from the close repeaters. In some corner scenarios there would be plenty of these on the board and close. A straight procedure of doing this kind of measurments would be great - maybe as an EXAMPLE in WIKI, or something similar.
  9. So how would you do it? Measure 10" around the target so see where there's a hacking area within? Measure 2" around the target and 8" around closest Repeaters to ascertain where these to are overlaping each other? Well, it seems simpler to measure closest repeaters range and see the direction required to leave the danger zone, than to measure from all the possible places you can escape to and check if any repeaters are in ZOC there. Also entirety of Danger Zone is not known as I did not measured all the repeaters (cause apparently I can't) and I only measured 8" line from the closest oine to the target... so I'd rather do A than B to estabilish the direction the target must go after failing guts and then ensure it's safe... This is pure pragmatism. Instead of checking each available spot for ZOC of repeaters, I check ZOC of repeaters to see the valid spot... Also - I know soooo maaany players confused by rules of Guts against Hacking that I think this one should get it's way into the FAQ. So - I don;t care how this is meant to be done, as long as it is cleared out in the FAQ and does not confuse people.
  10. Entire Hacking Area valid during the order?
  11. Hacking vs failed guts vs Danger Zone. Let's say that the enemy Hacker failed Guts Roll after being hacked and passing BTS roll. We play Transmission Matrix. enemy Hacker seems to be within ZOC of two scenario Repeaters and is certainly within ZOC of one of mine Repeaters. My Hacker, which made the attack was within ZOC of one of enemy Repeaters but finished it's move in a place that seems to be within ZOC of two scenario Repeaters outside ZOC of enemy Repeater. Now Guts Roll failed for the enemy Hacker. In order to estabilish if leaving Danger Zone is valid - what should we do? Should we measure distance between the hacker and all the surrounding Repeaters to check for their ZOC? Let's say I'm an idiot and can't guess the difference between 24 and 8" unless I use a tape measure and prove to myself that the distance is correct. Am I allowed to ensure that the enemy is outside of ZOC of further Repeaters by measuring their Area of Effect (8")? Please do not get me wrong - I'm not trying to suggest some unsportsmanship behaviour. I just see a potential for abuse. Usually you just pick the closest repeater and see if there's a straight line of 8" between the guys - but with a lot of repeaters potentially on top of a target - spread so that it will be difficult to judge which one is within ZOC and which one is not - there's place for abuse and problematic situations. As for Area of Effect, Danger Zone, Hacking Programs vs BS/Template weapons. The main difference between Hacking Programs and BS/Template weapons is that BS weapons area of effect is usually LOF of the attacker. Template weapons area of effect is usually the Template as it is placed upon declairing an attack and thus estabilishes the end Area of Effect. In case of Hacking Programs Area of Effect seems to be the entirety of Hacking Area (ZOC and Repeaters). It works like if it was any potential place that a Template might be placed, before it is actually placed. *Am I allowed to measure ZOC of all friendly Repeaters once I declare a use of Hacking Program to estabilish the entirety of Danger Zone? Placing a template estabilioshes entirety of the templates Danger Zone for the attack. If I'm not allowed to measure ZOC of all friendly Repeaters does that mean that Area of Effect was just the spot I picked for the Attack? *What if Attacking Hacker also have LOF to the enemy Hacker. The enemy would try to reach Total Cover and leave the Danger Zone if he was hacked?
  12. How about using Symbio-Mate to take Fire hit situation? Would Fire-Sensitive stuff get burned in this case?
  13. Yeah - probably for some morlockls or something - or if I ever go Bakunin, which I could, but I won't, unless I would
  14. Thanks for feedback mate. I had a brainblast with Bromads over Facebook and decided to take a totally differen approach. Third option was to Playboy Bunny the Moiras, and here's how it turned out:
  15. Hmm... change of plans. I had a lot of time to think this through and as much as I love wild poses of Nazarova Twins - I decided to go for more feminine, hooker-like poses of Moiras. Plan is to use Moira bodies and hands and there are two options to choose from then on - and I don't know which one to go for: 1) Furry Pupniks, so Moira body, Moira hands, Pupnik Head and Pupnik Tail + green stuff sculpting to link head and body nicely... 2) Badass Gangsta Moiras, so Moira body, head, hands and robes + green stuff sculpting of fake fur, some spikes, chains, overall a bit post-apo look to it. Something kile hooker fighters... Would really like to use Moiras on the battlefield, but am not going to do it with their regular rules - this way I would be able to field the minis from time to time as Pupniks... Here's the pic of Furry version - not too late to switch to the second option... and I hit the wall...