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  1. Took a lot of time to accomplish, but here it is - my latest report, Any comments appreciated gouys
  2. A Nomad Logo He is the sould of the Nomad Nation after all - a hero we deserve! The Dong Peyote rises!
  3. Ok guys - so now I have something special to show you... To fully grasp the idea You gotta know Strikezone: Wotan and what happened there a bit... So the lore is that after La Forga was destroyed, a ship named Don Peyote appeared to support Nomad Forces and... it looks kid of as a Dong! In the Bromad Briefing Room there was a lot of talk about it and we had our share of laugh... so I started to expand the idea of the 'Dong Peyote' as a character, rather than a ship... first in the videos: And then as a superhero miniature! Now - my Bromad brethren are making the rules for this piece of a dudesman and I'm thrilled to work on a special project, paint him and maybe even give him a shot at the table Would be ultra fun
  4. I gave a lot of thought to this and decided it would be better to bring this kind of hitter units one at a time, harass the enemy, then come in with another guy and for example heal the first one, or harass the other flank. I get that idea of dropping a LINK into the enemy and telling him to 'deal with it' but as cool as it sounds - it is risky and expensive Either way - every tactic that will work against your opponents is valid so - good luck. Don;t wont to spoil the fun
  5. Well - you can't enter the table with a fireteam - because you can't 'create a fireteam' outside the table. So - you will have to waste all their orders and a command token and a regular order to coordinate an entry, risk AROS and then use another token to form a link. This sucks IMHO. PS: I might be wrong tho...
  6. Atentonasdas Nomadas! Beltalowda! Call to arms was issued! Buckle up, fuck'em up - go see the topic in our Briefing Room... if you dare
  7. @Beasts of War - Warren Thank you for your impressive reply. Well... From what I understood - some time ago this campaign was supposed to be a 'narrative event' where people are supposed to have fun. If it's a 'war' then "All's fair in love and war" is kind of sanctioned. Shouldn't we remember that on the other side of the control pannel there's another person and try to do things so that we both have a good time? At least that's what everybody seems to preach about Infinity the game... I'm not sure if Warconsole goes well with what Infinity the game represents inbetween such 'narrative events', which seem to turn all around numbers and dick'ish tactics... No pun intended. I like the campaign and all. It appeals to the power gamer in me... just an observation, nothing less. That is a fantastic idea and who knows - maybe one day
  8. You're good sport brother. Keep up this line of thinking. Allright ladies and gents - nothing more to see here... let's move on...
  9. Yes I know, but some reports poped up alongside the one of the player in question. Also factions tend to be perceived through the prism of individuals. Only a handful of players is visible throughout the campaign.
  10. Why the fck would they torture a Morlock :P?
  11. This is supposed to be fun for everyone and not a 'war' as history sees it. With all due respedct to history and wars that shaped us - how we are today - this is an online event. Also - ALEPH's surge probably failed and I do not see them like the biggest dicks of the campaign regardless. That they support this kind of tactics - yes, that is dick'ish - but their failed attempt - nope. Just a faction who tried hard and probably failed. Kudos for an attempt. It is the means I despise, not the attempt nor the faction. Warren - it's not like the strategic advantage of something like this eludes me - believe me that I already considered almost every broken exploit that might be used to ruin other factions. It's just that such tactics contradics with everything an online event should be about. I mentioned this before - what if 95% of peeps start doing the same? Sure it is practically impossible, but what if 70%, or 50% does? You laughet at the idea then - but I tell you - we are able to muster a withhold of 80% of win battle reports and dump them at a particular theater. If we can do this - others might as well... and the campaign would look boring like fck the most of the time, just to be flipped upside down in the end and upset a lot of people who followed the daily diagrams and though themeselves as having an impact on the shape of the map. Would not bother you further with this - what could have been said - was said. If next year's event would still allow and reward this - I would totally go for it then.
  12. Not if it happens with 70 win games in 4 days before the time runs out. This would give plenty of opportunity for a faction to star the reports, but the one being surged would not have time to play and then create enough battle reports to stop it. For example - we have just talked about an option of surging about 200 points in a certain location in a particular moment in time. If not for the fact it is a 'dick tactic' - this would be done and a lot of peeps upset by it. And the level of coordination to do something like this is not necesarily high - we amassed best heavy hitters in a facebook group in a matter of 12 hours. From now on it would have been a piece of cake.
  13. Thanks for mentioning this. Was waiting patiently - this list would be required at the end of the campaign so no rush - just would appreciate getting it.
  14. Brother, I actually vote for every report of my faction and do so accordingly. Depending on the work that in my opinion the author put into making it. I vote the same on the reports of other factions. I do this every day before I go to sleep to see what happened in the theaters that interrest me - so I can assume the quality of reports every faction does there. So please - do not insult me, with what in my opinion is a ligh accusation of overrating own-faction reports.
  15. 1) This will limit ratings to 'my faction only' while there's plenty of awesome reports that should get ratet if they are encountered. 2) This one might be implemented next year, but now - I see an ocean of ashamed, angry people - don;t even know if it is legal... in terms of creating accounts and intent of the warconsole, then publishing someone's behaviour pattern that was not meant to get published... don't know.