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  1. Just noticed this thread now but I've got a lot of the manufacturers plus many others for a JSA board an have some good amount painted up and on display in my terrain thread here.
  2. Koni added it today.
  3. Just and FYI there is a dark theme. At the bottom next to the language select is a theme select. Selecting the Infinity theme will turn the forum black with orange for sections.
  4. Thread moved to the new forums. Sadly I don't think I'll copy over everything from this thread, just a couple of posts.
  5. Looks like you go here
  6. FYI what fog's acrylic when using superglue is the fumes during the initial curing of the glue. If you put what you've glued next to a fan for like 5 min after gluing you'll prevent the frosting.
  7. It's Customeeple's objective room. I like the color scheme and the led lights you use. Though I think you need some good scatter terrain on the roofs.
  8. I did my 3d printed ones as 35mm. Seamed about right based off looking at the 25mm bases on top of them in photo's of the demo table. I really should have asked when I was at Gencon though . Lesson Learned I guess. If someone has an accurate sized I'd love to hear it. Also you are correct in that it doesn't come with any 3d scenery. 3rd parties will be selling that though.
  9. Yes this is how it works. I've been running a 2d20 game for almost a year now (Conan). Basically look at it this way. You have a target number you have to get (1,2,3 and so on) and an easy way of looking at that is it's the "cost" of completing the skill. So if you have TN1 and roll 1 success then you pay out the one success and have none left over. If you rolled 3 successes then you subtract the 1 and you have 2 successes that become momentum. If you have a TN3 and only roll 2 successes you have a deficit of one and so your attempt failed and no momentum was generated. However a missing a TN doesn't always mean a failure as the system has the concept of Total Success needed (this is used a lot in their adventures). An example would be you need to hit a TN5 to climb a building but rolling 2 on your first roll means you made it partway up the building and next roll is a TN3 until you succeed or fall (complications). If you read face to face rules and reaction rules (like dodge) you'll see that looking at it how I described above make more sense as, for example, NPC shoots a PC. Standard TN1 for any base attack. The player decided to dodge. NPC rolls 3 total successes leaving with 2 momentum normally but a player rolls 3 on it's dodge so the new TN becomes a TN3. The attack hits but no momentum was generated". Momentum can also be given by talents and equipment (Resources in infinity). Sometimes this momentum can be spent for additional dice other times it can only be spent for normal momentum spends depending on the description. Equipment can also reduce the TN.
  10. Based off reading about O-12 in the RPG book I assume any O-12 faction would be similar to this. Probably have a few O-12 only stuff but pull everything else in from existing human factions.
  11. The elevated road look great. Nice to see levels that aren't just buildings.
  12. So I decided I needed a bit of a change in scenery due to all the assembling and painting I did over the past 3 months and started working on my Aristeia! Land board. I want to make at least part of a legal sized map that's a theme part for Aristeia and using Chibi Mushashi as a mascot. I have a bunch of carnival rides from Knights of Dice as well as lots of Wyrd carnival stuff from Plasticraft I can repurpose. But those will come a bit latter as the chance in scenery wasn't just the Japanese themed stuff I was working on but shifting over to 3D modeling and printing. First up some easy stuff which is the blocking terrain pillars from the demo board. These are up on thingverse for others to print as well as Tinkercad (link on thingverse) where you can copy them and make changes as you see fit. I've made 1x pillars, 2x, 3x and two different 4x pillars that are mirrors to get all the basics out of the way. Each group comes in 3 parts: Top, bottom and middle which you can print out as many as you like to make as tall as you want. Here's some printed out as well as what I'm working on next (and you should see on thing verse tomorrow once I've finished with some changes) the hex standing area for the figures. Since the stands? Not really sure what to call them, are mostly done I'm also working on something a bit more complex that I'm hoping to have up maybe next weekend and that's parts for a Lopan's noodle hut that you can just glue onto the chinese takout box that the Fat Yuan Yuan came in. Planning on a door, sign ordering window with counter. Let me know if there's anything else people want as I eventually plan on released a standalone model that you can print out instead of using the box.
  13. 100% agree about Wyrd though I'll add that I find GW recent stuff enjoyable to assemble and Wyrd stuff is a huge pain, as you mentioned, mostly due to how large the components are so you can still have very nice stuff without the complexity. I don't think infinity would be good HIPs plastic due to the tiny bits though I'd love it if the AVA Total figures and Tags all got this treatment. As with PP I would hope people play Infinity for the rules as well and the people I know that play Warmahords do really like the minis (though they're not competitive players). I think though they're a better comparison then you give them credit for as for the longest time they bragged that they were a metal based miniature game (while GW wasn't). Full Metal Fantasy was the slogan for a while and that's because they were metal figures. Matt W would regularly talk about how important it was to stay metal but the wildly fluctuating cost of tin and effort to get new people in was worth the change even though they had a really rough start and man were the forums aflame over it. Now people are over it probably because how much better quality they've gotten. The thing that began to change my mind are the Monolith Conan pieces. While there are a few bad ones in that KSer out side of bendy weapons you really have a hard time telling them apart from metals. I was painting them up at the same time of some figures from Redbox and they just looked great.
  14. And that Rackham had no business sense. But I mostly agree with this but I think the pre-painted aspect hurt them more as if you strip the plastic figures some of the figures are actually pretty good for the time. Yes as moving to plastic has killed Warmahords, Mallafaux and Guild Ball...Oh wait. Not really. The hobby aspect of Wargames has always been a catch-22. My friends enjoy the game but don't enjoy the hobby nor do they feel they should have to pay a 3rd party to do the hobby work. As I also said, I don't expect everyone to agree with me, even 6 months ago I probably wouldn't have, but trying to grow the game past traditional Warhammers isn't easy.