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  1. I don't know how to feel about that... For the largest Platform (1), the dead space in the center is a 50x50cm square. The Platform 2 has a circle of 50cm diameter in the center, and the Platform 3 has a hollow ~20cm diameter circle with 4 walkways joining the pylons. Pm me if you want to disccus it. Happy building !
  2. The banner is amazing ! I love little personnal additions like this. Great work, it must be so nice playing on that table !
  3. Thank you ! I have a notebook full of ideas,sketches and diagrams, price estimations... I really love planning this kind of project, as I have before with some DIY cardboard terrains, but nothing compared to the beauties we can see on this forum or even kickstarter-worthy. For your table, I advise to respect every step of the project -in time- so you don't get surprised, but even if you do it's not really dramatic, so go ahead, skip some steps, start building, failures can lead to even more inspiration and motivation ! Here are some more pics of the possibilities you can get with the table. I don't have my sceneries with me and only a few miniatures, so we'll have to do with. Cya and thank you all for your welcomed input !
  4. Yes ! There will be guardrails on every side of the platforms including walkways, that can be easily moved or shifted to let place for stairs. Also I plan to have computer devices attached to those guardrails, that will add cover Pictures coming soon I do not remember that one ! I'm gonna have to rewatch it and check Appleseed for inspiration too, thanks for the references
  5. Hello everyone ! I'm working on an Infinity table project and I thought I'd share the early stages of conception with you. The objective is to have a table that is not only leveled, but also completely malleable. The theme is the sci-fi scientific/oil platform in high seas, but it can also be adaptable for a more urban infinity-like environnement. Ok, so here goes the kinda long but important stuff : - The table is divided in 4 60x60cm squares - In the center of those squares there is a cylinder (22cm diameter) that will sustain the 3 levels (3 floors). The interior of that cylinder will be accessible. - There is 3 differently shaped levels, and each level is composed of 4 identical and symetric platforms (1 per square) - The 4 platforms can be rotated by 90° which gives each level 4 possible different possitions, and the 3 levels can be switched together... Anyone still following me...? Ok more pictures. This malleability means that with 2 levels, we can get 32 different combinations possible, and with 3 levels, we get... 384 different combinations possible !! (Not a typo) Now following, is the first test for dimensions and I'm pretty satisfied with it. There's only 2 out of 4 squares, and I'm sorry the pictures are quite awful. The cylinders will be detailed and printed by a 3D machine and then molded in resin to cut costs, and the platforms will be detailed MDF plaques of course, it's not going to be just PVC and cardboard I only had PVC tubes of 15cm diameter, so the real ones of 22cm will be larger than on the pic. The first PVC tube is also higher because it includes a 5cm high cylinder that will be acting as a support for the whole thing. The largest level will be of 110x110cm, and the total height of the 3 levels + the supporting cylinder will be around 30cm. (8cm per level + 5cm for supporting cylinder + 5mm per mdf platform plaque) First I was afraid that it would be unstable, but with PVC tubes just put on each other its already pretty stable, so with the printed cylinders I do not worry about stability, I have planned a good system to superpose them and will test it soon. Secondly I thought that the global accessibility of the table would be difficult but au contraire, there is absolutely no "dead space" and you can access through the table pretty easily, without bumping onto anything. At the beginning the table was just a personnal project, but the more I'm thinking on it, the more I find it has real potential for Infinity, and for other wargames too. I'm giving myself a year to work on it and will maybe create a small Kickstarter if people are interested in the project, want to participate and/or buy the table for themselves. You can buy only one level (4platforms), or only 2 platforms, 2 levels, or the whole table, etc... If people are not interested, I will have created the table I wanted to and still be happy I have a lot of ideas, and there will be of course in addition a whole uniquely-designed set of on-theme buildings and derricks, machinery, stairs, and guardrails that can be installed at will all along the platforms... and many more ! There will also be a system for the interior platforms of the cylinders, but this is a surprise for later. I welcome any critic, comment, idea, even trolls ! (I shouldn't have said that. I should not have said that) TL;DR : more pics coming soon