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  1. Then bring it up with CB. Tell them you want to be able to buy the fluff book separate to the rules. This isn't the only Blackjack thread.
  2. We know Varuna's getting an ORC box. They said they didn't release one already because Varuna is getting "special ORC loadouts".
  3. I hope you don't get Vet/Line Kazak mixes. Same with "bike and dog" or anything like that. You've got the makings of the entire army list right here and now.
  4. lol? It's faithful and much deeper than superficial stereotypes when they want it to be, certainly. There's some that is definitely just superficial stereotypes though(the USARF and parts of JSA immediately spring to mind). Caledonia is 50/50. It's essentially a nation that looked to its myths/traditions to start a new life in a new land. Haqqislam is building upon a historical ideal and moving it forward. There's probably more I could go into, but I'm hungry and it is lunch time.
  5. Actually what I'm saying is that if you're not going to package them in every single instance where they are used, then make them available separately at a reasonable price point and not tied to another unit that can't even use them. I've said before and I'll repeat again: Blisters of Tinbots, Crazy Koalas, and now these "Remote" Pilot Helper Bots wouldn't go amiss. Sure, but the arguments tend to be cyclical in this specific regard.
  6. And for the 111th time, if they want to make the product then they should make it available separately. After all if "tokens or any S1 unit can fill in for it" they don't need to be bloating up the price of already expensive TAGs with them, right? It's hilarious that you're trying to argue this point now though. We just had them release a slew of TAG pilot figures separate to the TAGs because of reasons and people arguing that if we put the pilots for Geckos or Raichos or whatever boxed in, it'd bloat the price of the box. So which is it, Infinity Forums?
  7. I'd put it on Defensive Hacking Devices honestly.
  8. How is that new or exciting? It's in Human Sphere. What, do you not own the book? Did you not read ANYTHING about the Blackjacks posted here or elsewhere? Because that got talked about.
  9. William Wallace resculpt confirmed. (not really) ((but maybe?))
  10. That's assuming that the USARF would align themselves with the Kazaks and CHA would align themselves with MRRF...