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  1. My purchase list for the next few months... BLAAAAAAAAAAAAACKJAAAACKS! Szalamandra kthxbai
  2. Well, since the Blackjacks are OCTOBER...
  3. Right, but since day one we've been getting the line of "It's going to be the normal and a Battle Ravaged profile". That's more where I'm at. If we're not getting the BR, it'd at least be nice to get the HMG too.
  4. I'm a bit concerned that we're only seeing one, but...that's just me.
  5. Dat Blackjack tho....
  6. Mentioned it before, but "Embedded" by Dan Abnett feels about like one would expect for Infinity.
  7. You do know that stickied threads tend to get ignored on forums, yeah? People gloss over them when they see that threads are stickied but not necessarily active. Crazy how that works!
  8. Agree to disagree on this part. The ISS strikes me as more of a "domestic" organization rather than one that operates outside of YJ controlled areas--and I'd argue again that they're not so much the "dirty hands" sectorial but more the "we do everything we don't trust the army to do" if that makes sense. The Krakot additionally are said to be used by the factions right now as a deniable way of raiding the other's turf, and Armand's fluff is just...weird. I think that ABH, in general, are in an okay place in terms of their stats and the like...but I do think they should have been Regular or have some kind of rule that kinda/sorta made them Irregular but not if that makes sense. The funny part is the Nomads don't like the Druze for the same reasons Ariadna don't like the Druze--they're commonly employed by the megacorps of YJ and PanO. MagnaObra, the PanOceanian corporation that gets talked about a lot with regards to teseum on Dawn and things of that nature, is a very common employer of the Druze from what has been mentioned in the lore.
  9. You know not everyone plays in the same group, much less the same country, right?
  10. I don't know if Mercenary Companies are the right answer in that regard--but I can agree with the fact that Imperial Service needs to stop being given Mercenaries. That's a design mistake and you won't hear me argue against it. They're supposed to be the trusted hand of the Emperor, right? Yet we can field an almost entirely Mercenary force--what the devil... Something needs to give with regards to the Imperial Service and Mercenaries, and something needs to give with regards to Character Mercenaries constantly being designed as snipers. It could have been seriously interesting for Knauf to have been not an expert marksman, but rather a hunter--a character kitted up for hunting snipers instead of the stereotypical sniper duel. Could have made for a more interesting character too, IMO, as he would have been cold-blooded in using his "teammates" as bait to get the sniper to expose themselves. I'd say they're already in some of the factions. Jaguars, Locust, Der Morlock Gruppe, Alguaciles, Bandits, Irmandinhos, etc...I think that ALEPH is the only faction which doesn't natively have those. But I get your point. I think that until we get a "generic" Mercenary unit or Sectorial...it's not really going to be a thing that is easily represented on the tabletop. No, but that wasn't what I was suggesting either. I have at this point an inkling that the Cube Jaegers are tied to the Triumvirate somehow or another like how the Anaconda Squadron are said to be tied to the Black Hand--a deniable front for operations in a theater where they'd otherwise draw attention to themselves.
  11. Yeah, but the Grenzer isn't Steel Phalanx so it's all good... Or something.
  12. I think the Krakot are actually a cool concept, personally. It showcases the different mental space that Morat occupy compared to humans...and the way that humans might exploit that in their shadow wars. I'd assume that it will tie in, somehow, with super dangerous conditions at the various ziggurats and the like on Paradiso. After all they have to be recovering Cubes from somewhere that isn't easily accessible, right? Cubes aren't just left lying around, they get recovered when possible by the factions who suffered casualties right?
  13. Thanks again for this, Cervantes. I'm ready for Saturday's deluge of pictures...
  14. I don't know whether you're purposely ignoring the point I'm making or what... So far, we know there are former Templar within Tunguska. We know that the Templar were into robotics/cybernetics and other AI associated shenanigans and tomfoolery. We also know that the Templar, in general, weren't really considered warriors but rather closer to the Interventors. They were tech specialists instead of combat specialists. That's why in the past when asked about it, the answer has generally been talking about them being a background feature instead of an "in-game" feature. Except Onyx is a mostly new Sectorial. You have 8 new unit types(Nexus, Unidron, Fraacta, Maakrep, Umbra Samaritan, Umbra Legate, Xeodron, and Overdron) There were 5 repurposed units(Sphinx, Malignos, and Noctifers for the Shasvastii versus the Rodok and Suryat for the Morat). One would argue that Onyx was in fact an entirely new Sectorial with holes plugged with existing units that showcase the interconnected nature of the Combined Army at war--something that they have shot themselves in the foot on with regards to Black Hand, as the "Conclave of Furies"(which consists of Observance troops--Sin Eaters, Moiras, and Custodiers...that's THREE unit types right there) is said to provide the muscle to it, with the Zeroes being a part, and probably some other stuff I don't care enough to look up right now. The Black Hand was a failed project from the start as a Sectorial, unless we want to get down to the Black Finger--the super secret group within the Black Hand that doesn't include the Observance at all...
  15. We don't know this for sure, actually. We know that the Black Hand is a separate entity but we don't know whether or not they have a controlling interest in the TJC much like the Observance does within Bakunin. That can be done easily enough with vanilla. It doesn't need a Sectorial--much less ANOTHER Sectorial packed with Reverend Moiras(said to be the "foot troops" of the Black Hand for whatever stupid reason) as Core Fireteams and other Bakunin stuff to give us Bakunin Lite.