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  1. Here it is, Azrails are not dramatacly higher then than Jannicares but much bulkier. Lady Fiday is example of "regular human size" model.
  2. Azrails are the absolutely same size as Al Fasids, I can make photo for you later.
  3. 3rd is also looks like old Tarik model.
  4. Adjusting base height helps a bit. They still are different size but heads are on the same level at least.
  5. Those REM convession is amazing. Never thought Kum bikes can be used like this.
  6. I like your bases. Is it gloss varnish on them? And HVT's pants is super cool.
  7. Not at all. Kum riders shares same niche, you can take them. Or you not use WB at all, Haqqislam is a wonderful toolbox.
  8. @Killionaire, Amaazing paintjob and conversions. Can you share what model (models?) was the sourse material for your Grey Fox?
  9. Hacking programs surely has Burst characteristic
  10. Not quite like that, he don't eat babies. Or not broom or wash your clothes. His duty is watch that everything is fine witn house. Every house has his own Domovoy and he protect it from more dangerous entities, and from wildfires sometimes. You can piss him off if your house is dirty, or not too warm and cozy. Then he can crash dishes, cry at night or start to strangle or pitch you in sleep. Dish of milk and bread and small talk will make him nice again for sure. Domovoy is not counted as evil spirit, he is crancy and headstong, but good guy in general. Like old grandpa.
  11. It was so long since I painted tartans, but it suddenly it works better than before.
  12. @stevenart74, feel free to ask if you need some advices about cultural subtext for this character.
  13. Asawira Haris is the best. With 14BS 14PH 14WIP+Doctor plus 2W and regeneration they are almost immortal. And Boarding shotguns with B 3 and BS 20. Is there need to say more?
  14. I got picture for you.
  15. Kazak origin of her and name "Katya" catched my eye, but viking wolfgirl is cool too.