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  1. MIRAGE 5. I cannot state them enough. Once you learn how to use them, they will rock your world. Remember: Duroc is not a sledgehammer. He is a scalpel. He is a werewolf with stealth. Use him to sneak around in the backfield and murder cheerleaders. Margot is the brute force piece there. BS 14 on an AP Rifle is super strong, especially in suppressive fire. BS 14 on an LGL is AMAZING. Kill your way to a good spot, and park yourself in suppression, and lol while your opponent tries to dislodge you. Also, remember, they don't have to come in at the same time or on the same board edge. Learn to use this to your advantage. The one thing about them is that Duroc's model is about an inch shorter than his actual silhouette size, so be mindful of what your opponent can actually see. He's sneaky and super mobile, but even with ARM 3, two wounds, and total immunity, he's not indestructible. Also, Chasseurs are arguable the best skirmishers in the game, and in FRRM, you can take FOUR of them. Remember, Sixth Sense L1 means that if they're in your zone of control, you can hold your ARO. It's a dead giveaway to what's under that marker (but then, if you're playing FRRM, you only have one infiltrating camo marker anyway) but there's not a lot they can do about it. Your opponent rounds the corner. "What's your ARO?" "Hold." "Um... shit. I... discover?" "Flamethrower." Your Chasseurs, unless they are killing someone, dropping a mine, pushing a button, or in LoS of someone, should ALWAYS be in camo. Loup Garous solve problems. Briscards solve even more problems. MSV1 coupled with link bonuses on top of fantastic weapon loadouts, and a 4-4 MOV on MI, is freaking amazing. Your Briscard link has a tool for every occasion; the sniper rifle and HRL cover longer ranges, marksman rifles for medium-long, and anything under 8" gets hosed with a B5 BS 15 assault pistol. Metro links are, in my opinion, the shittiest link in the game. Their weapon options are crap, their statline is pathetic, and even in a link, they fall apart if you look at them sideways. Bruant mitigates this a little bit, but I've found him to be far better sneaking around on his own, murdering shit with his molotok. Take a Loup Garou or Briscard link or, if you've got the patience to acquire the models and do some converting, give Moblots a try. Zouves have a lot of potential, but they suffer from one major flaw: every single profile costs SWC. For a basic Zouave, you're getting a rifle and an assault pistol, nice combo, but you're paying .5 SWC for a DEP that you'll probably never use (and if you do, you'll probably lose the FtF roll, because they're only BS12.) The one exception to Zouaves being "meh" I would say is the HMG profile. You start halfway up the board, and if you manage to snag first turn, you can drop into a foxhole in suppressive fire. You now have a massive roadblock that your opponent has to either remove or take the long way around. I've heard Knauf is brutal in FRRM, but I haven't had the chance to try him out. I can see why, on paper, and if you're not taking Annie or M5, you can afford the 32 points. The biggest thing to keep in mind about playing FRRM is that they're fragile. They're very good at hitting your opponent from unexpected angles and pulling cute tricksy shit, but if you're playing someone who has a lot of MSV2 or a high BS (*cough* PanO *cough*) you'll have trouble, because once your opponent starts drawing a bead on your dudez, they're going to die. The upside, of course, is that FRRM is *cheap.* Almost as cheap as CHA. I regularly am able to put together 18-20 order lists while running FRRM. You have a lot of very reasonably priced killing pieces. But, as I said, they're fragile. You want to stack the odds in your favor. Hit your opponent from angles where he can't fight back. Use surprise shot on your Chasseurs. Use M5 to make life difficult for your opponent. Use your Zouave to set up that midfield suppression straight out the gate. Loup Garous in suppression are flat out evil; don't be afraid to break their link and drop a couple of viral rifles into suppression. FRRM is cheap enough that you can bring two full links, and once one has done its duty, you can just spend a command token to bring the other up. Welcome to La Resistence!
  2. Can't possibly be as bad as the Wulver box. I feel like I deserve a goddamn medal for getting 3/4 of them assembled. As it is, I'm going to have to probably reassemble most of the models I'm getting, because they're half-painted (and even below my standards, which are pretty low!) and I'm going to have to strip them. That means an acetone bath and a bit of work to tidy them up. Also, is it just me, or do Nomads seem to have the highest percentage of models standing on tactical junk of any faction in the game? Like... it seems like one in every five Nomad models or so has one foot up on some random piece of crap. I hate that shit so much...
  3. Alright. I'm used to playing CHA, where the solution in CC is "Apply Wulver to face, repeat as necessary" or running Mirage 5 in FRRM, so I'm used to throwing single models at things. Incidentally, with the exceptions of Duroc and McMurder, most Dog Warrior types really aren't that great in CC. They get pretty easily outclassed by even PanO Knights. CC 19 with no skills means losing a lot of FtF rolls. They're fine against softer targets, but then, you're probably better off chain rifling or using grenades in a FtF than trying to chop a Fusilier in half (as satisfying as that can be.) Also, how does Knauf fit with Nomads? I know he's dead strong in Ariadna, but he feels like he'd be pretty badly outclassed by the Intruder sniper here.
  4. What's wrong with the Chimera? On paper, she seems like a fantastic model at a bargain-basement price. Is there something I'm missing? Or is it that if the Chimera goes down, the Pupniks go with her?
  5. So the Uberfallkommandos... they seem like they work akin to antipodes in Ariadna. Am I more or less right? I know that they use the G: Synch rules instead, but they still seem like they perform the same function in a similar way.
  6. Yeah, I know, y'all are probably dead sick of seeing these posts anymore. But I'm venturing once more into the hive of scum and villainy that is the Infinity forums for this one, so hear me out. I'm an experienced player, I play Ariadna (including CHA and FRRM) and PanO (including NCA.) I have a friend (shoutout to @Lazarus0909) who is scoring me a big lot of used Nomads for a song. So here's what I'm getting; it's a bit of a weird collection, but oh well. Geckos box Iguana 2x starters w/Healer from Icestorm; one is missing the female Alguacil, but has a Grenzer spitfire conversion 1x Wildcat combi (?) 1x Morlock (again, ?) Hellcat HMG, Hacker, BSG Tomcat doc + Zondcat Lunokhod 2 Moran, Maasai 4 CrazyKoalas (no idea where the other two are, sadly) Old skool Intruder combi rifle I also just bought the Bandit BSG and the Intruder HMG in preparation for my new foray into Nomaddery. I've pre-ordered Beyond Icestorm. Next immediate priorities are the support pack and Zonds box. After that, I'm assuming it's just season to taste? I assume the Interventor box would be another pretty big must-have. I tend to play vanilla for a while before diving into new sectorials, so any recommendations for learning the ins and outs of Nomads would be welcome. I've got an escalation league coming up soon, and I'm looking forward to springing this new faction on my mates as a surprise. So I turn to you, the teeming, writhing, squirming masses, for advice. Thoughts? EDIT: Forgot, I also have the Alguacil hacker that I bought for my FRRM.
  7. There's actually a bit of a fluffy reason for this. In the description of the Molotok in (I think? I'm too lazy to look) HSN3, it describes it as a light machine gun designed with airborne troops in mind. And since it was designed by Kazak weaponsmiths (hence the Russian name) it would only stand to reason that the one Kazak AD troop would have it as an option. But then, CB has been known to do shit that doesn't make a lick of sense in the past.
  8. Teseum vodka make Kazak stronk.
  9. Mon dieu, I hate this, he thought. Commandant Jean-David de Rocheville grimaced as he sat in his quarters aboard the merchant freighter that had been commandeered at the last minute to ferry him and his men to the Wotan blockade. The ride was miserable; the food sucked, the coffee tasted like Antipode piss, and there weren't even any proper showers on this wretched scow, just those miserable ultrasonic cubicles that the spacers on a budget use. He looked down at his desk, covered in mission briefings, intelligence dossiers, and his orders - two sets, in fact, from two sources; not at cross purposes, per se, but one certainly took precedent over the other. He'd only recently been promoted to commandant, and while leading other soldiers wasn't new to him, this was his first command off-world. He'd been allowed to bring his Merovingian troops along with him, as well as being assigned a small contingent of Caledonian highlanders. He wasn't particularly keen on them; they were effective in a brawl, to be certain, but their methods were brutish and inelegant, and their inability to follow orders gave him no end of headaches. But, he'd been given a resource, and he certainly wouldn't hesitate to use it if it became appropriate. A knock on the door, followed by a muffled "Monsieur Commandant?" broke his reverie. "Come in," he said. The door opened to reveal Lieutenant Yvette du Champ, the fresh faced young Metro who had been assigned as his O-12 liaison and personal assistant. "Pardon the interruption, monsieur Commandant, but the captain of the vessel wished me to inform you that we will be reaching the Wotan blockade in approximately two hours." Her face took on a conspiratorial look as she leaned in. "I also have it on good authority that the O-12 station has considerably better food than the ship's mess hall, so if I might be so bold, one might consider passing on lunch until we arrive, no?" She smiled and saluted. The Commandant chuckled. "Merci, Lieutenant. See to it that our men and women are prepared to disembark, and make contact with the O-12 representative on the station for me." She gave a sharp nod of acknowledgement and left, closing the door behind her. The Commandant sighed, and took another sip of coffee, immediately regretting it. He looked at the various bits of officious detritus scattered about his desk, and began to organize and pack it away in his files; time to get ready to inspect the troops. It was going to be a long campaign, and he'd best know the men and women under his command if he was to have any success.
  10. I love Briscards. Unfortunately, the problem is that in Vanilla, they're overshadowed by Marauders. A wider variety of profiles, better armor, and dogged. Plus, despite the Marauders' 4-2 MOV, they have forward deployment, so they start farther up the table. Don't get me wrong, I think there's a case to be made for each, but by and large, people seem to prefer Marauders. Prior to their release, I think Briscards would have seen a lot more table time in Vanilla.
  11. I've played on those MAS mats. The range guessing doesn't even come up, to be honest. Admittedly, I play with a very good group of players who can all pretty much eyeball range bands with a +/- 2" margin of error, so it doesn't really matter. I've also seen some really creative stuff done with them... one of the guys at the local club I play at snagged some 12" square by 1" thick wooden tiles, painted the sides of them with a hex pattern, and uses them as risers to create a multi-level battlefield. It allows a lot of flexibility in creating a new play experience every time. Personally, I'm a fan.
  12. I could find the winning lottery ticket on the sidewalk tomorrow, too. Not gonna pin my hopes on either one. The whole "it's not your list, it's you" thing is annoyingly misleading, because it leads to the belief that you can just throw a bunch of random shit on the table with no cohesion or planning and expect to do as well as a carefully constructed list that addresses challenges and forces the opponent to do the same. There's no "best list" in this game, but neither can you get away with putting zero thought into your list building and expect to win.
  13. That's the point. I shouldn't have to ask my opponent constantly what the hell that model is armed with. And I can remember the rulebook just fine (thanks for the backhanded insult to my intelligence, BTW) but over the course of the game, as models move, die, etc., it's easy to lose track. It also basically says that my opponent isn't really the sort of person I want to play with, because either they don't give a shit, or they don't respect me enough to actually play the game. Also, I, like most of us, buy a model with an HMG because I want to field a goddamn HMG.
  14. Sure, Orpheus. Bring a list with no coherency or planning, and I'll happily meet you on the table with a solid list. Stop being a troll.
  15. Umm... because not every model is armed with a rifle? If my opponent put 12 models on the table, all armed with rifles, and tried to tell me they all had something different, I'd be inclined to call bullshit. Proxying is fine, to a degree, but what you're suggesting hopelessly obfuscates the game. The whole point of having minis like this, aside from the modeling hobby, is to know what's what. Otherwise, we may as well be using cardboard cutouts.