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  1. And he has only AD2, so no Template to land only walk on. Also, as far as I know, dropping an Airborne trooper is not considered movement and so stealth does not apply.
  2. Hi Cho, I am looking for the Fiday from the beyond red veil box. Any Chance?
  3. Dropping the Kaeltar completly means also dropping a cheap CoC. And for that I like my agrassive Rasail to much
  4. I Double that it would be Good enough when it only absorb one ARM roll. I would suggest that the mate could absorb one HIT. So it would also be very usable against missle launcher and DA weapon.
  5. Ahh the missing link that I could not find Thanks you! So, Kaauri Sniper for the win! Against an Imtruder in Smoke I would not get any penalties (exapt Cover)
  6. I was just thinking about the Kaauri Sentinel and had the following question that I could not find an answer. If you have a trooper with MSV and sixth sense Lvl 2 and this trooper is shoot by an enemy in a white noise zone (or active Albedo), does I get the -6? RAW I would say yes due to this paragraph in the sixth sense rules: Sixth Sense L2 allows its user to respond to Attacks against him through a Zero Visibility Zone without suffering the usual-6 MOD. But to be honest I find this a little bit counter intuitive. I would expect that SS2 would work the same for a trooper with MSV than it works for a trooper without MSV (and normal smoke) Cheers and thanks for the answers.
  7. That is The reason why I like Cypher and Switch. Assault hacker with repeater and a hidden (holoed ) killer hacker.
  8. Attention, the Duo Team is only possible in vanilla if you have an EVO hacker! So the point difference will be 23 points (25 for the EVO hacker minus the 2 point you mentionted)
  9. Only real deception would be to deploy the Ayyar as Yasbir Holo2 version, and everything is only have to explaine why Yasbir is not infiltrating 😜
  10. You have to looking at the profile document anständig directly at the Yabir profil. There it is mentionted that online the Holo 1 Version can be Part of a Link Team
  11. Ahh, thankyou for the answer. I forgot about the marker state! So no reale benefit here. This I do not understand. If I put the link leader at the border of the deployment zone and infiltrate Yasbir only 8 inch, he is in the zone of control of the link leader an so in a legal position. Or is there a rule simillar to the mine layer that prohibit the infiltration if i am in a link team? Ok guys, the topix can be closed. I just checked the download army list and there it is stated that only Holo L1 Yasbir can be part of the fire team. Should have checked the file before comming to the forums.
  12. I just checked the hassassin army List in HSN3 and than the Yasbir entry in Army 6 (mobile), and it seems that there is no restriction in fielding the Holo L2 version in a fireteam?!? If this is legal, how do you handle the infiltration? Can you place him up to 8 inch beyond the deployment zone?
  13. 35 points for the cheapest loadout (Boardingshotgun) 41 points for the standard loadout (rfl+lshtg + shock ccw) 44 points + 2swc for the spitfire and Haris 45 points for the doctor
  14. The statline is correct, add another level of MA, Assault, Religous troop and fireteam duo! the loadouts look as if they stayed the same but added a Boarding Shotgun loadout (normal and Doctor).
  15. Does anyone already mentionted that the Asawira got the price drop brcause it also got Frenzy? Guess the Link Team is the way to play the Asawira now!