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  1. Having a S2 supersoldier and putting him in a S% power armor is of course always an option. But I wonder if genetically enhanced large models like Tarik would have more popularity due to having an unique proposition, specially among people who currently don't play Haqq.
  2. Yeah it seems like S5 are popular and sell well. It won't be surprising if Ramah gets more S5 units beside Fasid and Tariq to make them a specialised S5 sectorial. It could be pretty interesting since we don't have any current sectorial or know of any coming sectorial that could specialise in S5 units. Also from what I understand Tarik and Khawarij's lore always supported the idea of supersoldiers being of larger than normal size, right? Like how Khawarij, the normal sized units, are the lowest tier of supersoldiers. While the larger Tarik is their amir and a true success story.
  3. The funniest thing is that our snipershots are from Red Veil factions - possible Shikami (at least definitely JSA) and Hassassins. Also we got a lot of hints on Tunguska which maybe explained further in the coming months. Really hope the others at least get a thing or two soon. Specially Tohaa, they deserve something special for their dedication and achievement on Wotan IMO.
  4. Something similar to symbiont armour could be fun. A tough HI backed by great docs.
  5. There are quite a few ways for new super-soldier HI (maybe the Muktar) to differentiate itself from the existing Haqq HI. It can follow it's original rumor and be a giant beast "that puts Ajax to shame". So possibly a S5 CC specialist. The elite hunter killer HI of Haqq with MSV/sensor and good BS. Fast HI with Tarik like maneuverability. Or just a boring elite HI with above average stats along with both BS and CC skills. Related question: How will the skills related to biochemistry fit in? Like they will probably have more HI with regeneration. But how will they make it useful with Haqq having plenty of excellent docs.
  6. I think every model from Kum Motorized Troops and above in the catalogue have the new scale. edit: though that doesn't mean everything below the Kums are out of scale. Many old ones look just fine besides the new ones.
  7. If you are saying PanO don't have their own toys then I don't know how to reply to that. The best suggestion I can give is take the faction you think is easy cause PanO is hard (actually to be more precise you are saying PanO is UP) according to you. Then beat all the PanO players in your area to make a statement that PanO is indeed "a one legged man isn't having an easier time in a two legged person race." Then try to find and beat other, more experienced players of this one legged faction.
  8. Yep they do that too. Specially MO tries to give them a bit more varied options and bring in more flexibility.
  9. Every faction already have beginner friendly models but just not as much as PanO. PanO is a straightforward faction that's easy to pick up and CB seems to want to keep at least a good amount of the faction that way. That doesn't necessarily mean newbies should play PanO. It only means anyone looking for an "easy" faction can pick them up.
  10. Orc SWC may take a while. However we have seen a trend of launcher equipped female HI recently in Jann, Wu Ming, Brigada. So maybe there is a chance the Swiss ML resculpt maybe female.
  11. Quality would surely take a hit. While MRRF already has a decent base built up for development, the sectorials that are scheduled to come with them will almost surely need a lot of work.
  12. The way I see it it's not really a matter of anyone in CB being passionate about PanO and more about their dedication to make sure PanO remains easy and a beginner friendly faction. So this goal has to make sure PanO don't get many complex units. So the base PanO units, which are now the old units, are kept vanilla and simple. But new units have been interesting as they are meant to be used to elevate that basic beginner friendly base to a more complex platform. It's also the reason PanO have a lot of overlaps in their sectorials IMO. CB wants to make sure new players can bring some familiar profiles in every sectorial to get acquainted with sectorial play more easily. This is specially true for Fusiliers and Orcs. They have added the same basic LI and HI so new players won't have to relearn difference about different basic Infantry every time they start a new PanO sectorial. The fluff of the "disciplined regular army" also obviously backs CB on this goal.
  13. Yu Jing players aren't happy about Wotan though. They don't complain about their faction but they complain about CB quite a bit. I don't really blame them either.
  14. Again you are missing the core point of the design. The designs are based on rule of cool and a loose grip on what people expect to happen in real life. Yeah specialised mountaineering training is common for military units. But whether you like it or not Infinity design don't bother with such "real life details" if the game can be made more balanced/fun/flashy/unique by ignoring it. In this case they can make the Kamau more unique by ignoring the real world detail you are mentioning. You can be sure as hell they will ignore it. If you keep bringing it up then they can just make up a future handwave reason to make their choices "logical". This is sheer fantasy and you can't win against any developer or writer using such real world facts. This is not a simulation table top based on a possible future environment that it needs to follow what happens in real life. It's just a cool game that has a lot of impossible elements meshed together with a lot of "silly" stuff meshed together with a lot of real life stuff. I thought someone who complained the better half of the day about Bolt having her hair out would realize how much importance Infinity designers give to "real life details". I reread the part you quoted three times. I don't see how I am proven wrong based on what you said. Actually I don't see how I can be proven right or wrong on that point unless a CB staff comes to confirm it.
  15. Because then it wouldn't be a special skill anymore. General infantry aren't expected to to go on such commando ambush/shock and awe missions so they don't get Climbing Plus. All general infantry are expected to be able to climb, while the more specialised ones are able to Climb Plus. Also not all units receive the same skill based on the same reason. And yeah by Infantry's settings all troops should be expected to go on such commando missions because of the spec-ops skirmish settings. But you are already well aware how the troops design don't necessarily always follow the spec-ops settings. If you want to hear such simple explanations of any other unit's Climbing Plus then ask away and I'll try my best. Also despite the high possibility of being wrong, I would still like to assure you Gutier very likely never thought of "upper body strength built up by training in water" as a basis of giving away any skill ever.