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  1. But you either don't understand what I am talking about or are ignoring it. I understand what they are doing here and I also think that's the wrong approach in this case.
  2. That IS the issue. The "starter" seems to be designed to work with other boxes rather than being an entry point for the sectorial on it's own. It seems to be designed to make the player buy the Muyib box as well to make a competent Hassassin list or buy the Haqq starter to mix the HB starter into a vanilla army.
  3. If I had to be serious I would say Tarik's Fatality comes from enhanced senses and reaction time. Ofc advanced tech can give higher BS as seen in every PanO profile. But Tarik's one comes from mixing almost super human senses combined with discipline, zeal along with moderate tech. The later points probably disqualify Ariadna antipode-ites from getting this despite also having super human capabilities. Maybe some Tohaa may get it too and Aleph can always try to mould it's goons to show the required characteristics.
  4. Tariq's Fatality probably has something to do with him screaming all the time.
  5. I am probably being slow but what does this mean? edit: cleaning.
  6. Lack of male Odas bother me much more than lack of female knights do. As a matter of fact as I have already said many times already, the recent lack of male snipers or female S5 also bothers me more than female knights. The only thing female knight related that bothers me is when people go full deus vault when talking about this topic. I personally want more male-only units within the sects run by Bakunin murder nuns. It's obvious the units we know of are all female for their ideals. But that mean we can't get more twisted male-only units like the SIn-Eaters from them. The Observatory needs to be seen as a whole package on this topic instead of being torn down into unit by unit basis. The aliens are aliens based on their unique social structure. However I personally would like to see male Fraccta and got no logical idea why they shouldn't exist. The Morat segregation is obvious and while I personally don't like it I don't mind it much. Absolutely the opposite really. Pursuit of worldly power makes them more susceptible to "reforms" that would make them more popular among the masses to further push their agenda. There is a fine line between saying "we won't allow any of them" and "many of them ain't qualified". The Neo Vatican chooses the later for obvious reasons. There is nothing holy or faith at works here but pure politics and power. Religions tend to be pretty willing to accept reforms in general and the idea of expecting staunch middle age like faith from the future church is, well, asinine. However if what you are saying is coming from faith then just say that and I won't talk about this. I don't comment on logic of stuff people say based on faith. While I don't really have any I understand faith doesn't need to based on logic and is strongly linked to emotions. However that would require some honestly and clarity that many people aren't willing to show. To be honest there was never any real "pretty staunch line". As a matter of fact Gutier doesn't sound much bothered by the FKN "movement" and isn't bothered to be for or against it. I am only saying this to help you see the issue and not as a criticism of any kind - your own interpretation of the situation is somewhat wrongly influenced by your personal preferences. In other words what you like to see and dislike seem to be clouding your judgement and observation. It's not a huge issue mind you. Such biases in thinking are more common than some might think. Edit: Cleaned up weird double post.
  7. I'll chime in since this is not about female Knights but Knights in general. Are they cool? Sure as hell! They are some of my most favorite PanO designs. They are probably close to the epitome of design and skill as far as miniature crafting is concerned. But with that said, Knights in those medieval looking armors, following similar traditions and fighting with huge ass ceremonial looking swords in a futuristic scenario is beyond asinine as far as realism or "sense based on real world" is concerned. Period. It is nothing but absolutely silly from a realistic point of view. Frankly speaking I have no idea how anyone can think the MO is alright while female knights would irrevocably ruin them. One of bucket of weirdness won't make much of a change to a river of weirdness. A Bolt in his undies would be more realistic and sensible than any of the Knights as far as reality as is concerned. Mind you I don't really give two shits about reality or sense based on real world.
  8. I could sacrifice my... okay I won't really sacrifice anything but I'll cry tears of joy if that happens.
  9. Female Blackjacks NOW!!! Anyway I find this topic on female knights to be silly. Mainly cause some people write piles of shit forgetting everything this same dude said before.
  10. I love the Tacticlava Don't we call it "the Iron Man" these days? Then why not a visor that covers both eyes instead of a monocle? A retractable visor could cover both, either or none of the eyes while a monocle would be stuck in one. Sure it looks cool (I guess?) but makes little sense from a tactical or flexibility viewpoint. Maybe even less than Bolts having their hair out. Personally I think the hacker backpack is the best visual cue for a hacker. But I guess it's not flashy enough.
  11. Great unique design, non fist bumping hacking pose, awesome looking rifle. I for one LOVE that he is not wearing the same multi-eyed visor with the same old horned looking helmet. All around awesome.
  12. Completely same here! That's one of the reasons I would rate the Beyond Fiday over the new Joan. The Fiday is about to pounce, giving the atmosphere that he has just sighted his target/come out of impersonation and is about to get into business. That's something you expect to see the Fiday do very often and is very iconic of the unit. But at the same time it can have different context. He could be facing any opponent and any unit. He could have spotted his main target or he himself has got discovered and is about to lunge at his spotter. We don't know his exact mission. We don't know if he is cute under that helmet. But we know for sure that he knows how to use that basic looking CCW and there is soon going to be casualties on one side or the other or very likely both!
  13. Better make sure in advance that they don't expect the Swiss to successfully use that huge ass sword very often. Otherwise they would be sorely disappointed. Sorry couldn't resist. Anyways all the best with the demos.