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  1. One other perk of popping in the kriza hmg and swast red fury is you are adding 2 possible new LT decoys to your list. As written the only possible lt you have is the interventor. While early on new players may not realize that hd+ interventors are incredibly common nomad lts, over time it will become painfully obvious. The swast and kriza are good lt options too, being able to make good use of an extra order. The swast is rather hard to remove with MA, koalas, and a pulsar to dissuade lots of assassination attempts. Lt decoys are not mandatory, but they can be helpful, especially when you want to take the profile anyway because its good! One other thing, the list you made has many vanilla nomad staples, two others you may want to consider purchasing because they are real gems: 1. Morlocks as previously stated, by myself and others. If you can't win a fire fight, smoke it up, and proceed to the objective anyway. Also they make excellent and disposable corners guards to dissuade rambos. 2. Moran Massai, they are amazing, decent in a fire fight with bs 12 and mimitism, koalas and a repeater can make them provide a large "No zone" in the middle of the board with infiltration, and they have a FO profile too! Nomads are probably kings of mod stacking. Smoke, visor, intruder against most targets, white noise, full auto against visors. The extra repeater mid field on the massai is golden for setting up white noise zones.
  2. A good list won't win you the game, there are not net lists because you can't math out a win in infinity. A bad list certainly can set you significantly behind. Typically i try to 1.include at least one combat group at 10 troops and ~9 regular orders. When playing nomads i typically have a small second group with chaff and maybe spare orders. 2. Include a variety of weapons with differing range bands. The ideal situation is to be engaging at your good bad and their bad band. 3. Spend most or all my swc, especially with nomads since our special toys typically cost swc too. 4. Less so then in past ITS seasons, but i try to include a couple of different types of specialists. 5. If you know what missions you will be playing in advance, tailor your list to the mission. Some of them require specific tools, like anti material weapons, others are just easier with things like infiltrating specialists who can easily score objectives off the bat. That said your list isn't bad, but it could use a little work. I totally agree with everything already said. The one module that I question is the swast/evo. Thats a lot of points for little benefit IMO. A duo only gets to move both models together, no burst/bs bonus, and only one link member can attack at a time. I think a swast duo is a lot more viable in Bakunin. If you want to stick to big stompy HI, i think the list could be stengthened by making the swast hmg into a kriza hmg, and the boarding shotgun swast into a red fury. You could pay for those upgrades by reducing the evo to a baggage/minesweeper salyut, and the spare points could be spent on a morlock or two, and/or upgrading the zero from a fo to a khd. As you can see different players have ideas for small tweeks, add morlocks, drop a jaguar, but the consensus is you have a solid core, and the swasts could do with a little tweeking.
  3. I bought it, I'm happy. Its not terribly expensive, i like having bound rule books instead of having to reference pdfs. The card update is handy. Is it a must have? No Is it nice, yes.
  4. Obviously he needs a hmg and a ml on the same profile, costing 4 swc makes it fair. ;-)
  5. I've ended the game turn 1 a few times by approaching while masked.
  6. Because not having a visor lets him shoot through white noise at visored troops? (Danavas anyone?). But yes generally the visor has a larger range of applications, though costs more... seems somewhat balanced..
  7. Though if scylla is discovered did the "user reveal herself"? I agree if scylla does something to reveal herself it drops.
  8. I don't see why scylla would be forced to drop cybermask if she is discovered. As you said that isn't a cancellation clause. Cybermask is cancelled if the user enters a null state, disabled state, or isolated, or if she uses a new supportware.
  9. Yah, I'm unaware of any dependancy between their marker states, other than initially entering, if able. If you declare an attack, only the models that attack would reveal, models that cannot perform a action idle when g:synched and idle does not reveal a marker state.
  10. Sorry, i misunderstood your question. Please read the wiki: Under repeater + impersonation/hiding "Hackers cannot use a repeater carried by an enemy trooper in marker state."
  11. Show me a hacking program that isn't a comms attack? Last i knew you couldn't target friendly (impersonating) models with an attack?
  12. Ack Painful! I don't know why I didn't think about a reserve intruder! That first turn was painful!
  13. I think your last paragraph nicely answers your first, adding the mission as well. If you haven't seen it before a local forumite has an odds calculator for infinity, which i use a lot to see how lucky, or not, i was. Krizas, intruders, geckos, pretty much everything are great, when they fit the list and mission. Very few things in infinity are bad. The intruder can be more powerful under ideal circumstances, but he's more vulnerable to crits and counters, and he takes more orders to create ideal circumstances because he needs smoke, and is slower. He's also externally dependant on smoke sources which can also die. The Kirza is independent, and arguably more efficient. But he trades away raw power, and protections afforded by marker state. Hes harder to counter, but his ideal circumstances are not as good as the intruders normal rolls against zeroed out opponents.
  14. While i agree in theory, the dossier spoiled had a ML. I hope they get one because that would be sweet, even if that profile lost full auto.... Also can't agree more with @Mothman. Kirza is a fire support monster, but lacks tools to fill other roles, and can be very vulnerable during reactive. Swast is a tool box, being decent but not amazing at fire support. The hmg is imo the most lack luster swast, it lacks tools like a direct template or koalas, and isn't any better at fire support then a brigada.
  15. You can get "nomad" tinbots in the riotgrrl box or the swasts box. I doubt anyone really would object to using whatever you want, tinbots don't actually take up any space on the board, they're just cute representations of equipment that the model carries. Eventually CB might make a combi + tinbot brigada blister. But until then, proxy, split boxes, or convert.