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  1. I support the idea of multiple arms sets for miniatures ( I am also more than willing to pay extra for this ), but not 2 variations of the same weapon for a single mini blister release. If there was a recent Caledonian release that needed additional weapon options included, it was Volunteer box ( Chain Rifles for everyone ). Some thought needs to be put into this, don't just add stuff randomly. I am also curious why didn't they bother with repainting Croc Men to current color scheme ( like they did with Ninjas repack for example ). Love the releases in general.
  2. Hey Cho, any chance you have old Caledonian Volunteer blister (Rifl/LGL) one with the girl volunteer that wears skirt ?
  3. They don't counter each other, you do one then the other depending on what you want to achieve. But simplest way, wash first to create shades, then drybrush. In the attached picture you can see work in progress ABH, he was literally primed black, heavy drybrush gray, light draybush ivory and dilluted black ink over entire model. Super fast, super effective. I later just added a little egde highlighting to make it look more like NMM, sadly don't have pics of finished model. His coat is also just khaki base color, drybrush bonewhite and umbral wash if I remember correctly.
  4. Drybrushing is the best, I know most pro painters get aids if you mention drybrushing, but it is very easy and very effective technique. But first you need to create shadows, so I'd suggest wash or ink to give some depth to the model. Then drybrush and voila, you're done :-)
  5. Good idea, like it.
  6. Uploaded some additional pics of Zhanshi and WIP Tikbalang picture. I painted like 4 Tikbalangs in the last 2 months and I am still not bored by this mini. It's just awesome and one of my favorites to paint ( and play ). I still don't have proper setup to take better pics, Zhanshi ML is done in NMM but it is not showing in the picture...
  7. I kinda like defeated Umbra reaching for Joan moments before his death, while she raises sword to behead him. I'm more curious how will they handle Taskmaster HRL modeled with ML issue...
  8. But we have 3 at he moment since ALEPH came out. So Onyx will be retired soon ?
  9. I haven't managed to paint everything I pledged, but most of it is done. Crappy pics as always.
  10. Joan and Szalamandra win this presentation for me. @Kanluwen gonna be pissed when he sees 300 pts repack of Corregidor starter. Wildcats forever stuck in crappy scale, as well as Morans who are getting repacked.
  11. He did explain how to paint Penny's armor in the first book, not just the bike.
  12. I don't see what about Kamau is unique ? It's just more of the same for PanO, same skills, same stats, same BS13+ tax. Unique things would be WIP14 ( yeah right ) for those hardcore drilled Navy Seals type commando, forward deployment, something like that. I would trade mimetism for forward deployment any time on this troop and that would be unique and much cooler.
  13. @Col beat me to it.
  14. Compare new Kamau to current one, +1 CC ( much wow, worth 0.000001 points ) +1PH ( worth 1 point max ) and Mimetism for 5 points. Mimetism is 1 point on almost EVERYTHING, but not Kamau. Why not ? And it even lost 4-4 move and 1 AVA...
  15. Kriza Boracs ( stupid google translate name ) logo should say Specijalna KRIZNA jedinica, what current logo says makes no sense. At least change that before you start printing the new book, I know it's too late now to change unit name. If you need someone to help you with Serbian/Croatian unit names/ideas/whatever I would do it for free. Feel free to ask. Kamau is expectedly rubbish because of BS13 tax, hopefully that will be patched when new book arrives ( BS costs less, mimetism/camo more, maybe then Kamau will remain same price, but it will balance out with other stuff and will make more sense then ) Kriza has a nice new rule, basically same stat line like Taskmaster, full auto rule looks somewhat expensive I'd say, but again mimetism is 1 point on most things ( but apparently NOT ON THE NEW KAMAU ), you just can't beat that.