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  1. My initial impressions are that the Cube Jager is terrible. But, its a fairly cheap specialist that can drop in from the side of the table. Could be useful in some situations, maybe.
  2. I have the same bases which i bought for my ariadna. You've done a great job with both bases and minis, though the bases are making me say "damn, how do I do that?" haha. The police decals are a nice touch. Really cool custom paint job on these guys and girls.
  3. Your plog is always very interesting to check! Your effort really shows and I love seeing your updates. Keep at it.
  4. Great job, makes me want to paint mine!
  5. I think I know the name of every single human unit in the game, and most of Tohaa and Combined army. But I may not know how to pronounce some of them. Luckily I can speak chinese, otherwise the chinese yu jing ones have got to be the worst. Hsien, Zu Yong, Zhan shi, Zhan ying, Yan Huo, Gui Jia, Su Jian. Good luck soldiers. Bonus quick tip for chinese to english pronunciation: Zh sounds similar to J. Zhan sounds like Jan (uary). Its close enough for infinity anyway. Now please explain arabic to me.
  6. Let's be honest though, you can paint a mini to an acceptable level in just 1 or 2 hours. I like @Section 9's comment. All I ask for is progress. My painting rate is about 1.5 minis a month, spending about 4 hours per mini. I aim to fully paint a 300 pt list for all my factions, which is generally how I choose which models to paint. However, If I only play 100 % painted armies then I can't play my Yu Jing, Nomads, Tohaa (oh god, they are far down the "to do" list). so, I find a middle ground is the best approach here. Painted armies are better for everyone, but at the end of the day we all meet up to play a game, so let's be friendly and enjoy it. Meanwhile, you better be plugging away at it you assholes!
  7. I haven't noticed any issues with the models themselves. The choice of weapons annoys me for the Dao Fei and Guilang , though. But at least yu jing didn't get a bolt paramedic. I wish CB would stop trying to sell prefab 300 pt lists. Making a list and choosing which models to buy is a big part of the fun, in my oppinion.
  8. I also noticed the similarities. Makes sense though, being some of the most sinister human troops there are with menacing poses and long flowing coats.
  9. Their pricing is all over the place to be honest, and it seems to really come down to how much metal is being used + incremental price increases over time. I don't think there is anything shady going on. Just looking at the nomads page on CB's online store, it's interesting to see how Riot Girls are more expensive than the Mobile Brigada box, and Moderators are cheaper than Alguaciles and Jaguars. Another funny comparison is the Bandit Hacker and Shotgun Reverend Healer. 10.25 vs 11.95 I can only assume it comes directly from materials / production costs. pretty interesting. I think CB is trying to keep prices as reasonable as possible for the type of business they run. However, something that would really help consumers would be trimming the fat. and by that I mean kill all the tin bots with fire. those little bastards are driving up prices left and right, and replacing my precious heavy infantry! Get the avatar to stomp on a pile of tinbots.
  10. Overall your army looks great and cohesive, and I really like the bases. But if I may offer a critique, you have overdone it a little with drybrushing. I think this technique is a crutch. However , maybe you were just going for speed. You can see Achilles has been painted with more care and detail, and he is my favourite of your bunch
  11. Very nice use of colour! The bases work great for Aleph. What happened to the dactyl? too much glue? looks like she is melting into the base.
  12. Cheesy and low budget in all the right ways, they nailed the tone ! I enjoyed it, really fun.
  13. I love every model in the box, but not sure I need 2 Ayyars. Nice mini though.
  14. Based on Joan being a lovely miniature, I want to see more female knights. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. On the other hand, if they look like the female domaru or mobile brigada, then we don't need female knights. Hi I am here because I like to collect and paint miniatures. Also I want male odalisques that look like Pedro pascal's character in Game of Thrones. Or Narcos.... or just real life pedro pascal.
  15. haha awesome. The guy playing the grizzled commander was great. Is the hexa's helmet supposed to be hilarious ? either way, I enjoyed it.