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  1. Any official word that the new forums are still a work in progress? The design and layout is much harder to read and browse. Take the like / reputation system for instance, while browsing through a thread it makes it easy to be able to quickly recognize "popular" posts, which usually contain pertinent information, insightful commentary, or hilarious ramblings. This information is much clearer on our current forums, while on the new forums it is a tiny foot note under the post "so and so liked this post, and so did 3 others" If this is intended to be their final design, I have to say, it is fairly mediocre. Though, I'm willing to admit that it is pretty subjective. But still, I have good aesthetic tastes so I trust my opinion lol.
  2. This has become a very positive and encouraging thread of discussion, showcasing the finer points of our community here. Well done lads. It seems I am in the younger demographic on these forums, and I'm 28 myself. I have never had a bad reaction to my hobby. I often show friends and students (private adult students, not classrooms of kids) photos of my painting when they ask about my hobbies. The reaction from many many beautiful women has been "wow! That's amazing! You are artistic, creative, and talented!". I live in Japan, so maybe this kind of thing is more acceptable and commonplace. Also I am a handsome white foreigner so ... basically anything you do is met with praise. "Wow! You didn't shave for 4 days and smell like booze! You must be popular and fun to go out with! I'm jealous!" **BELCH LOUDLY** "Sugoi~~~!" In short, just be confident in yourself and your hobbies and interests. Other people are all idiots and assholes anyway. And, I really enjoy your painting thread in the miniatures section, OP. Keep it up.
  3. I've been trying to register a couple times a day since this notice was posted and I am still unable to register my account. I was open minded to a new forum, but now I just feel irritated.
  4. I like this Garuda Sculpt. Might get it as a fun toy to paint. Oh wait, whats that? I already have about 60 unpainted infinity models? Perhaps more? TIME TO GET PAINTING . only approximately 250 hours of work. Please stop releasing so many good models.
  5. Damn, I'm excited about this release lineup. The past two months have been so-so for me. Looking forward to seeing everything this month.
  6. Time for a small update. Here is a Tuareg Sniper. The model's face and shoulder were somewhat ruined from glue, as this one is a real bitch to assemble (as I'm sure many of you know). I am happy with the highlighting and texture on the coat and the blue pattern. Overall, I feel somewhat disappointed with the final result, but pleased with some of the individual parts.
  7. the generic chain colt model we already have is listed as having a boarding shotgun for some reason. And I’m pretty sure this new one is wearing hacking goggles. It must be meant to represent the hacker / mad traps model. But also you could give the madtraps to the chain colt guy and run this new one as a hacker. It’s win win win. All bases covered .
  8. I think the Gui Jia scales correctly to the pilot, and the location of where the people sit in TAGs and power armor are considerd in the designs. This was clearly shown with the Azrail I think. Why are you guys assuming they are much bigger? They already have guns the same size as an entire human... Edit: you might also wanna look at the manga. There is some good artwork depicting one character in her TAG, as well as TAGs fighting next to humans. I think TAGs are not so big as some of you think, they aren't meant to be Tanks or vehicles, they are on the infantry side of things, no?
  9. Nah, the new avatar is really uninspired. It looks like any generic, scary alien bruiser. I think it should have more of an intellectual or strategic pose. Instead, it looks like a mindless brute. The old sculpt is pretty unique. I still like the new sculpt better, but it just strikes me as a bit bland. Cool, but maybe a wasted opportunity.
  10. My initial impressions are that the Cube Jager is terrible. But, its a fairly cheap specialist that can drop in from the side of the table. Could be useful in some situations, maybe.
  11. I have the same bases which i bought for my ariadna. You've done a great job with both bases and minis, though the bases are making me say "damn, how do I do that?" haha. The police decals are a nice touch. Really cool custom paint job on these guys and girls.
  12. Your plog is always very interesting to check! Your effort really shows and I love seeing your updates. Keep at it.
  13. Great job, makes me want to paint mine!
  14. I think I know the name of every single human unit in the game, and most of Tohaa and Combined army. But I may not know how to pronounce some of them. Luckily I can speak chinese, otherwise the chinese yu jing ones have got to be the worst. Hsien, Zu Yong, Zhan shi, Zhan ying, Yan Huo, Gui Jia, Su Jian. Good luck soldiers. Bonus quick tip for chinese to english pronunciation: Zh sounds similar to J. Zhan sounds like Jan (uary). Its close enough for infinity anyway. Now please explain arabic to me.