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  1. Well, that 4-4 mov pretty much fixes them for me lol. God bless you Father Bostria.
  2. Kriza Bourac is amazing. Puts other S5 HI to shame. Kamau... Mimetism and 4-2 Mov. God damn it. Thanks for nerfing my vanilla Hacker with a big price bump on top! I think it went up 5 pts, for mimetism and 4-2 mov... that should be a price decrease , come on... The Kamau took a swim in the ocean and came out a with a tad too much salt.
  3. I just don't see the point of LE figures. Exclusive figures yes. If Angel's book still came with Joan, I would buy it. But it doesn't, so I do not. No one wins.
  4. Low points games are fun and quick , and perfect for learning and casual play. Problems arise with balance . The game balance is clearly geared to 300pts. Two examples . Ghazi / warbands are extremely over powered at low points games. Alpha strikers like bikes, oniwaban can potentially table your opponent on the first turn. One positive on the flip side is if a player gets unlucky with dice, you have enough time to squeeze in more games . All in all , a fun time if you're feeling casual.
  5. That grunt spec ops is bad ass. Would make a great proxy for loads of stuff too.
  6. Top Tier quality.
  7. I collect all 4 of these factions. What would drive a man to such extremes? you might ask. The answer? It's boring to paint the same god damned colour all the time. What's the best point of Pan O? Blue. Why do you like Nomads? Red. Man... I'm excited to paint this whole lot, beautiful models, every one of them. Even if I might not like a Bolt Paramedic, she is a gorgeous miniature, just like her sister bolts.
  8. These sculpts are amazing. Hands down pre ordering both boxes. Something I love regarding the resculpts is they've sculpted the opposite gender for many. This means my Swiss HMG, Gui Lang, and Intruder are not totally obsolete. I now have the option of gender (or multiple nice models, both old and new). The only criticism I have is for the Pan O side of things. They just fall flat for me. Kamau looks just like the recent Bagh Mari, swiss guard is rocking his CC 15 AP ccw... sweet, put that thing away before you hurt yourself. and a bolt paramedic. I guess she'd make a good Neo Terra Trauma doc?
  9. I find ghulam and naffatun to be the best line troops in infinity. I always take some of both for extreme cheerleading action . They are order generators which can also make clutch plays in a pinch. I see no downside. Nice models too , love em.
  10. It is frustrating, isn't it? The spitfire is so much more interesting on the Dao Fei. Oh well. Hope we get a spitfire and hacker down the line.
  11. But that is exactly what is surprising to me. Resculpting models which hold up very well, rather than use time and energy to resculpt ugly minis, or say, profiles with no mini at all. Sure , ugly is subjective, but I think the ones I listed are some of the older sculpts which look the best, especially considering the recent push to repack old minis rather than resculpt. And most importantly, a bolt paramedic??? This is just insane on all levels lol.
  12. Bolt Paramedic? Intruder sniper? Guilang Sniper? Fiday? um... what? Are these going to be resculpted? Seems like a tremendous waste of resources. On the other hand, if they package new / resculpted minis with the current sculpts of some of these, everyone will be pissed. "Want a Kamau sniper? Just buy these other 4 minis again! " Something seems off about this. I'm going to reserve comments until we know for sure, and see whats up.
  13. When it comes to taking fire from personal attacks, the skilled warrior will voluntarily fail his guts roll in order to once more take advantage in full cover. There is no point declaring BS attack when both players are rolling on 0s to hit. - Miyamoto Mushashi
  14. Shikami are a perfect unit to run as a fireteam: duo. I really hope they release a double blister, or at least two blisters in a short period of time (in which case, why not hold off an release a double?). I can't think of a better Duo than these guys. They benefit so much from the movement / order effeciency. I suppose all Duos do, but especially for a CQC specialist.
  15. Looks cool, I'm interested to see more.