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  1. I prefer the Hac Tao Hacker! He has a glorious "BEHOLD!" pose. Either way, there is no shortage of beautiful HI sculpts. Mobile Brigada and Father Knight would like a word with you .
  2. Love that Ayyar. Is it just me, or has it been painted really nicely? Why does my Haqqislam not look as good as that?! Curse these hands...
  3. I love the Guijia, it's the only TAG I own. Maybe my favourite infinity sculpt... I was iffy on the pilot, but she was cute enough to warrant a purchase, and I do not regret it. The model is nicer in person, and compliments the Guia Jia's imposing stance well. I dislike the O-Yoroi pilot. I'm not sure what it is, but it annoys me. On the other hand, I like the Gecko pilot so much that I purchased him despite not owning a gecko and having no plans to buy one anytime soon. Not sure what I'll use him for, but he is cool. Seems opinions are divided on the Yu Jing TAG pilots, which makes sense. I can't see either of them as universally appealing. Most people seem to be loving the Gecko though, with the only comlaint being "where's the other one?"
  4. Bagh Mari HMG. A solid pose for the guy who is doing most of the shooting. I wish more "Me big gun. Me high BS" models were actually shooting. It's fine for infiltrators and other more unique guys to have dynamic poses, but the guy with the gun better be shooting. Fine examples: Bagh Mari HMG, Intruder HMG, Mobile Brigada HMG, Wu Ming HMG.... boring, I know. But effective. Edit: After thinking about my comment, I don't totally agree with what I wrote. The reason the Bagh Mari seems so good to me is because the Nisse HMG is , to my tastes, the worst pose of the entire digital era. Bagh Mari HMG, you have absolved the sins of your ancestors. Meanwhile, HRL wu ming is like "look what I can do!"
  5. Knauf is the man. You take that back! I love everything about Knauf and I plan to use him frequently in Ariadna, Yu Jing, and Haqqislam lists. He could even do well in Nomads, as he is straight up better than the Grenzer sniper, and obviously worse/cheaper than the Intruder. Nice beard too.
  6. The models are really great, but I have 1 issue. Why does CB insist that starter boxes come with 3 rifle wielding line troops? This works for Fusiliers, Alguaciles and the like. But when it comes to Celestial Guard, and now Volunteers.... just why? But I like the paramedic! I want to see more stuff like that.
  7. Meh. If it's free or 1pt, I could take it or leave it, but I think what irks me is that I wanted her to have something cool, and she really doesnt. If she had minelayer? Heck yes. That would be amazing.
  8. Why would I even shoot in that situation? Seems really really niche to me. Id rather spend 2 or 3 orders on a msv2 unit to take out whatever is troubling lunah wih mods. Its not like she is the only model on the table!
  9. In my opinion, she has been ruined by whoever decided to give her Marsmanship LX rather than a useful skill. Limited camo + mimetism.... why not just give camo and drop the MMLX? A bit of a disappointment, but I bought her so I suppose I will use her.
  10. You've improved! I think your Van Zant looks great.
  11. Maybe you guys are underestimating Holoprojector Lvl 2. In active turn you get surprise shot, mine clearing, and a good chance to avoid nasty AROs / cross fire lanes. In reactive, you get a reasonably good roadblock / waste of time for your opponent. Also, surprise shot. I love the KotHS. I wish the LT option got an SWC discount like Santiagos, and the combie profile needs some love. How about a light flame thrower?
  12. Lovely! good stuff.
  13. I'd rather get some more infinity miniatures. But , it's a good business idea to market something more accessible which could lead more players to infinity proper. And it may be a fun game in its own right.
  14. Tell your wife that her minis look better. overall both of you have good attention to detail, but something looks off about them. Maybe its the paints your using, or you haven't thinned them enough. Try removing more paint from the brush before applying it to the mini? Otherwise you've done a bang up job and both of you have been very productive. I paint at a snails pace so I am one to talk...
  15. O-Yoroi pilot is a little bit disappointing for me, but still good. I just like the other render better maybe. Gecko Pilot is the winner for me, I really love it.