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  1. They are exact 7 hours back from where i live (Germany) so if the seminar starts at 17:00 o'clock it will be midnight here.
  2. A lot of this month mini's were sculpted by GT studio. Ist it a new trend that CB outsources work? What do their own sculptor's?
  3. I will take that and a Mobile Brigada with Missile Launcher.
  4. Any more of the Reverend Healer from OP:Icestorm lying around?
  5. Any more info on the release date?
  6. I really like the miniatures of the Bakunin starter. Am I the only one who thinks that the green Moderator looks like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy?
  7. There is a picture of a PanO sniper with a cloak which I saw at the german O-12 Infinity Forum which was found originally at DakkaDakka. I have it on my Phone but can't submit it here. Could be the limited Mini and it should be Knauff the sniper charakter. Edit: refound it on Finubar's Twitter
  8. It'a plain beautiful, hope the other sculpts in the box keep this lvl up.
  9. Nice short movie, I really like the General.
  10. Quote is from the other thread in the ITS forum. Puppeteer reminds me on GitS, the Hacker was named Puppetmaster in the movie.
  11. It's in the ITS subforum. 5 pages PDF with letters spelling "Alive?"
  12. Since Interplanetario nothing.....
  13. Whenever that is...., I really thought it would be revealed at Interplanetario all the build up pointed to it and after Interplanetario only silence. Maybe they wanted to share it at Interplanetario and started the campaign but then someone thought it was not ready and pulled the brake....
  14. But it's too quiet now, we want more......
  15. Maybe the starter is only part of a bigger army box like Tohaa will get and the rest of the models were not shown. Possible?