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  1. For now... I can easily see the Charontid and Anathematics getting a rework in the same vein, with only the Skiávoros remaining as they are (owing to their found item nature).
  2. Read the fluff regarding Sepsitor. It destroys the minds of those affected by it. See the N3 Core Book, starting on page 172, describing what happened when the 1st Battalion of the Sixth Svalarheima Fusiliers attacked an Avatar.
  3. A TO can be reasonably expected to know these things, and to do the necessary sifting... considering a quick search brings up the answer, and the only thing left is quibbling in the face of a clear ruling, what more is to be expected? That's already done, and the issue the bolded portion above. Yes, it is theoretically possible to have an airtight document with no ambiguities or possible (deliberate) misinterpretations, however said document will be of such length and so unwieldy as to be nigh on useless. Reading and using it with a reasonable level of charity and understanding is (in my eyes) the only way forward.
  4. Well, bully for you, but considering that's how the ITS manager has just ruled... and considering that the ITS document DOES state you can only carry one Supply Box...
  5. No jodas, meu filho.
  6. That's exactly what it is... "E.C." = "Ejército Combinado" (Army Combined) and "Ónice" = Onyx.
  7. Well, (again quibbling over toy soldiers) the 'Oids are vat grown monsters, the Morats only fell in line after a planet in their home system was destroyed, the Sygmaa are gleefully genocidal maniacs, the Shasvastii simply wish to survive and have subsumed themselves only to guarantee the survival of the species, Nexus are simply cannon fodder, and the Umbra are a nightmare from outside of time revived to be the venomous tip of the spear... "working together" because the alternative is annihilation is... "forced", shall we say?
  8. They've not controlled themselves, they've BEEN controlled, and, again, (as we quibble over details in the story around our little metal army men) Bit's been given what information the EI wants her to have, rather than the full story, just like she saw the Sphere doing to the people. The sad thing is she just accepted all of the "help" she got to learn what the Sphere was like without wondering where it came from, and (again with the naivete of youth) didn't stop to think if hardened soldiers from the front lines might not have good reason to not let anyone suffer captivity at the hands of the EI and the CA...
  9. Potemkin society, anyone? She sounds like an idiot child shipped off to Cuba or a similar country right after the revolution, and just lapping up the (new) set of lies she's being told...
  10. To YOU, perhaps, but, given your incessant negativity and bad mouthing of anything that doesn’t fit your (unreasonable) expectations, why would any one expect you to ever find anything acceptable.
  11. Superior, perhaps, for some consumers, but not necessarily for all consumers nor for CB, all of which are things CB must balance.
  12. Nor against a target they don't have LoF to, unless the weapon or the special skill you're using to attack doesn't require LoF. A regular BS attack requires LoF, and a friendly troop blocks that, regardless of your facing.
  13. It doesn't. It says you can react without regard to facing. If I'm shot in the back with SS, I can react without regard to facing, as if I can see 360 degrees. I can then look and see if I fulfill the requirements for my preferred response. BS requires that LoF, and if I don't have it, disregarding facing, I can't shoot.
  14. No, it says the user can respond to attacks, regardless of facing and LoF. It doesn't say it grants you LoF, and LoF is required for a BS attack. If there's something that prevents you from gaining LoF, then you can't respond with a BS attack. You can still respond, because you have options like Dodge or Reset or Alert, etc. Just because you don't meet the requirements for the response you'd like doesn't mean you can't respond. You're able to respond, with out regard to facing and LoF, but a BS attack requires you to have LoF. Disregarding facing, can you draw LoF? If yes, you meet the requirements of a BS attack. If not, you don't, and so you can't use that particular response.