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  1. Szalamandra is older, and is even more divisive than the Lizard, so has to be up. Besides, the other "1st Gen" TAGs have been redone, so had to get Szally...
  2. Well, the benefit of V:Courage got swallowed up in the changes to Religious Troops.
  3. I forget exactly WHO, but at least one painter active in the WGC Infinity FB group was a tester for these and actually used them on a Squalo. That was July, I believe, so maybe some info to be had.
  4. PanO's fine. If folks don't like what PanO has, then, well... yeah.
  5. I do everything PanO, and my daughters picked ALEPH for me. I've since expanded out to Tohaa and QK, with plans for TJC and RT.
  6. We're PanO. What the Ateks and second rate powers have is immaterial. Simply apply more firepower.
  7. Emily and the ORC MULTI arrived today, thank you!
  8. Bostira mention on FB that pics would come post GenCon.
  9. It's been seven hours and fifteen days... Just one?
  10. Awesome models.
  11. EVERYONE knows that. After all, we should all have a veritable cornucopia of factions!
  12. A gramme is better than a damn.
  13. It'll likely keep the Hexa style face mask, since they still need to remain anonymous...
  14. 1984 never happened.
  15. I like the Hexahedron face mask w/o the top of the helmet, kind of fun, and I like what I'll be calling the OD Device on the left chest!