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  1. I do it, with black all over, and gradually lightening passes of grey. However, I'm not very good, so...
  2. I've already found someone to fob off Beba on... Domovoi does nothing for me, at least from the leaked photos, but Emily, Jethro and Uhahu are going to join my second Knauf as an RPG group, likely with Knauf's MSR cut down.
  3. No, they're still slacking. Most of us have more than that, and those of us that don't (myself included) tend to wish we had more.
  4. Yes, it will be resculpted. No, no one knows when.
  5. KHD can only hurt other hackers. It has no programs for anyone else.
  6. Those Mormons are slacking!
  7. Well, it does make sense that the two troops in the game designed specifically for shipboad fighting/boarding actions would be rather beastly in a mission based on an orbital platform...
  8. They're two separate effects. You get Isolated. Veteran/Morat ignores that. Your Fireteam breaks. Nothing ignores that.
  9. Well, as long as they identify as Riot Grrls, should be fine, né?
  10. Bad thing is Fireteam breaks, period.
  11. And, at the end of the day, we can't do anything about it save for playing our own games, writing our own reports, and carrying on. For as much as we might... discuss the matter, we can only trust BoW to suss out "false" reports and chicanery. Going on about it ad nauseum shan't help us, né? Play, report your games, repo games that seem off to you, and carry on.
  12. It simply is what it is. We play, we report, and simply move along with an imperfect understanding of how "fake" items will be filtered out, while at the same time having a checklist that, if we follow it, will keep our reports from being thrown out.
  13. No, Mr. Zulano Sabeotudo. You're simply stating your opinion, I'm stating mine, né? It's not a statement of what's correct or incorrect, né? And I'm just following a lead on jumping to conclusions...
  14. Then do. However, when folks who have been around much longer than you, with far greater institutional memory, note that at multiple times, in multiple locations, from multiple members of CB's staff, in multiple languages, a consistent message has been conveyed, and you dismiss out of hand, it's within the realm of reason to dismiss your views with as much, if not more, disdain? Or, to note that when your standard mode is to either insinuate or outright state that any BUT the stated reason is why something is the way it is is correct, or that CB is incompetent at designing elements of their own creation, and then feigning surprise at being called to account for those statements, is worthy of being blocked. Try again, meu filho.