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  1. Well, Argentina let the Kirchners run it into the ground before bringing in Macri, so... and Colombia usually has enough sense to be safe...
  2. Ahhh... Cuba... that wonderful combo of Latin and Communist corruption!
  3. Well, your former colonies would like a word... you may have length of time in corruption, but, man, they have the breadth and depth and sheer scale...
  4. Fireteam capable marker units is, to be succinct, insane.
  5. Well, at the end of the day, unless and until CB decides it's something they wish to change, it's a moot conversation, to go round and round endlessly...
  6. Likely not for a long time. There seems to be a decent amount of love still for the Cutter, and the Dragão, Jotum and Squalo all have pretty much the same frame, with minor posing differences and different add-ons.
  7. Two things: First, I apologize for not having noted this earlier, my earlier order arrived safe and sound, appreciate it! Second, will there be any parting out of the LE minis from Aristeia!?
  8. And it’s not like the “standing over a vanquished enemy” isn’t a staple of heroic sculpture...
  9. No, it's because Cetus is made of Handwavium and uses Plot Armor, saving weight and space.
  10. A lot depends on what you're looking for regarding fluff. The N3HS book has a lot more regarding the units, and the overall theme of ALEPH, versus the RPG. For example, the N3HS gives you the background on all of the members of the Steel Phalanx, and more info on the creation process.
  11. For now... I can easily see the Charontid and Anathematics getting a rework in the same vein, with only the Skiávoros remaining as they are (owing to their found item nature).
  12. Read the fluff regarding Sepsitor. It destroys the minds of those affected by it. See the N3 Core Book, starting on page 172, describing what happened when the 1st Battalion of the Sixth Svalarheima Fusiliers attacked an Avatar.
  13. A TO can be reasonably expected to know these things, and to do the necessary sifting... considering a quick search brings up the answer, and the only thing left is quibbling in the face of a clear ruling, what more is to be expected? That's already done, and the issue the bolded portion above. Yes, it is theoretically possible to have an airtight document with no ambiguities or possible (deliberate) misinterpretations, however said document will be of such length and so unwieldy as to be nigh on useless. Reading and using it with a reasonable level of charity and understanding is (in my eyes) the only way forward.
  14. Well, bully for you, but considering that's how the ITS manager has just ruled... and considering that the ITS document DOES state you can only carry one Supply Box...