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  1. @Albi86 those are all pretty radical overhauls of all of the units... while one, maybe two could be possible (if not, in my opinion, feasible), I don't think there's any way any of those would go through. Removing CH: Camouflage on the Uhlan? That's its purpose, to be an armor hunter from the shadows. An HRMC on an S2 TO Camo Swiss Guard? At the same price? That would move NCA so far into OP... while a good effort, those just aren't going to happen.
  2. Perhaps Fat YY doesn't move any particular faction's range forward, but if it's something that energizes the company itself, then it's worth it. Or if it kindles/re-kindles interest in players, or provides a segue for a spectator to ask questions, it can be a good thing. My own thought is that a model doesn't have to fill "role X" in "faction Y" to be useful, that there can be and is utility outside of that formulation. Now, could I be wrong? Possibly. Do others think differently? Certainly. Could they, also, be wrong? Again, possibly. However, each of us decides on our own what we want and what we get out of the game, regardless of what CB actually produces.
  3. (comment thought better of)
  4. (comment thought better of)
  5. They make games and toys and things for fun and pleasure. If they don't have fun doing it, then...
  6. Yes. PanO's only "mixed" Fireteam is the KoS/KotH + Magister Fireteam. Isn't speculating half the fun? And considering that the comment simply said he wanted them to be able to form a Fireteam (which they can) it seems a reasonable response, but...
  7. They can form a Fireteam: Duo in MO, and we don't know what the future holds in VQRF or SWF.
  8. Could be the new Imperial Agent we saw.
  9. Huh? Getting your enemies to unite and defeat you is a victory how?
  10. With the sheer quantity of units and profiles within units, Infinity will likely never be "complete".
  11. KoS are CC guys... and in a Fireteam? Yeah, Jaguares can come get their throats cut... if the BSGs haven't already cut them to shribbons... BS23? Yeah, I'll take that.
  12. And the Knights of Santiago will be standing there to kick your teeth in, and then your butts right back through that hatch...
  13. I'll be interested at how they bring Ariadna into the campaign... who would be the logical AEC trooper deployed in space?
  14. A BoW video has confirmed Knauf is available in all Vanilla human armies.
  15. He seems like a Locust who's gone rogue...