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  1. Yeah, but you don't do construction in Vaudeville... that's not dirt, it's "dirt"...
  2. From looking at their KS page, it appears all U.S. shipments will be bulked to Warsenal, who will then assemble backers' orders and ship them from the U.S.
  3. It's because they're connected to their armor, and the soldier is connected to the military's command system. And Ariandan HI, at their best, is only as mobile (based of the PH ability to Dodge) as the worst of the powers' HI (Wu Ming). The connectedness lets the powers' HI react faster and better. Beyond that, it's not how CB has written their own universe. HI is connected and Hackable, and the HI that isn't, has lower performance.
  4. The soldier is constantly connected to the military command systems, and the armor is constantly connected to the soldier, hence the ability to use skills like Kinematika, Hyperdynamics, etc. Breaking it out into different parts means, again, that you get an Ariadna-style system, which the powers have decided to move beyond. That's the point of them being so advanced, to have systems that take them beyond what normal people can do.
  5. But when the mobility systems are connected to the wearer themselves (commlogs, etc) to provide instantaneous reactions and feedback, how do you then isolate the wearer from web? It's all an interconnected system, and in order to do it, you'd go back to Ariadnan levels of technology, and the powers prefer the speed the advances provide, and accept the risks.
  6. Might there be a level for some of the stretch goals only? While I find all of the products interesting, the only one I'm currently interested (and able) to think about purchasing is the soon-to-be-unlocked Ajax.
  7. And Bostria mentioned on an FB thread that it's not JUST a scaled up Ajax, but a NEW exclusive Ajax sculpt to match the Paradiso artwork, i.e. shouting, holding his hammer across body. So, not JUST upscaled, but exclusive sculpts as well for LUXUMBRA!!!
  8. And Bostria just stated on a FB thread that it's not simply a scaled up Ajax, but rather an Ajax that matches the Paradiso artwork...
  9. OK, 90mm Ajax has my attention...
  10. ¡Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires, ya comenzará!
  11. Well, it DOES go to the Locked state... beyond that, it's a giant metal robot in the future... looking at the Squalo Series, it looks (with a little bit of handwavium) feasible.
  12. A FLGS in the States was quoting $16.50, which the retailer stated was 20% off retail.
  13. Well, the threads are started by whomever starts them, and if one person starts it, then they get to run it...
  14. I think something out of the box for PanO would be interesting, perhaps a TAG? After all, that's sort of the iconic thing for PanO...
  15. Until there's a PanO bust available, no dice for me... or perhaps an ALEPH one...