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  1. Don't forget to add a Joan for maximum fun...
  2. Fluff wise, the space combat command in Paradiso is Blue S, for Santiago, so the primary troops in Wotan would be Military Orders.
  3. I personally have all of the same troop (Fusis, Regulares, Aquila, etc) painted the same, but not entire Sectorials or armies painted the same.
  4. Uhlan, Locusts, Hexas.
  5. It's a solid mini. Inspiring? No, but well put together and fun. If I didn't already have nine Bagh Mari when you include Rao, and hadn't just finished them a few months ago...
  6. Sure. @IJW Wartrader and I white knight, typically in direct opposition to a tirade from a user about how CB is doing everything wrong, and doing it for some base motive. After all, if a user is continually and unceasingly disparaging a company you have nothing but praise and respect for, wouldn't you tend to come to their defense?
  7. CB makes the decisions they do based on what they feel is best for their business, to enable continued growth and development, based on whatever factors they deem important enough to include in their decisions. If they've not produced a particular product in a particular way, then it doesn't make sense for their business, even if some think it would. And, well, there's not necessarily anything anyone outside of CB can do to influence those decisions.
  8. CB does in house so they can touch and control every step of the process. They want it to their standards, and shy away of outsourcing for that reason.
  9. And still a matter of debate, with Ford, I believe, taking the opposite view.
  10. Stingray-3s is a great buy. Biggest thing is what you're buying it for, strictly tabletop or aesthetics? Also, are you planning on going Vanilla or Sectorial?
  11. And will all of the new profiles that are constantly coming out, when, exactly, would they "finish" a project? There are profiles from all of the factions that need to be filled, and there always will be, because there are always new things being introduced. Beyond that, since it's, well, their project, no one but them can determine if it's finished or not, so... That, especially since you talked about an acceptable timeframe, it would be rather obvious that the idea lacks enough merit to move forward in CB's view. After all, wouldn't you make the same conclusion? An idea has been kicking around for, how did you put it, years, and no one takes it up? That would seem to indicate it lacks merit, at least in the eyes of those who matter...
  12. And CB doesn't seem to share that point of view, since they've never deemed it important enough to pursue. And, more than likely, they'll simply continue to do what seems best to them, and which, from an entirely outside point of view, seems to have served them rather well, outside of occasional flares of resentment on the forums...
  13. But if you leave ZoC, you've broken Coherency, and would go Disconnected. It may not call for a Coherency check, but Coherency states clearly that: To be in Coherency, the rest of the linked troopers must be inside the Zone of Control of the Reference Trooper. So, if you're out, regardless if a Coherency check is called for or not, you go Disconnected.