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  1. Loved it... especially some of the combat scenes.
  2. The 5th Rangers "Ohio" ARE an elite regiment, so... just like I expect the 10th to be left handed as well.
  3. Stable Morlocks.
  4. Hush your mouth! They should ALL be left handed!
  5. Why WOULDN'T TJC want to outsource Line troops?
  6. Directness is eloquent.
  7. N3 changed so many things that repricing was always going to happen, especially with so many new skills, Hacking changes, etc. As it stands now, every unit stands where it should for what it does, how it does what it does, and what army it does it in.
  8. Every unit is priced exactly how it should be.
  10. You've never done it before? So, because you say it can't be done, it can't, despite evidence to the contrary? And dismissing folks who've likely at least as much time playing as you have with dismissive and ad hominem attacks is unlikely to either convince anyone of or convert them to your point of view...
  11. And it's not like he's saying he's the answers to everything that "plagues" PanO either... just a matter of using the tools he had at his disposal effectively, and also having the rub of the green...
  12. Not their home planet, but one of the planets in their home system.
  13. Sure, CB could retcon it, but now? When the book is in final proofs and has been back and forth with Interruptor how many times? Based on second guessing from the forum? Color me skeptical...
  14. And, again, it's all a moot point, since the folks who built the universe have put a different number on what the current population of Ariadna is. So, as you said, you can hand wave it away when you're GMing, but mientras tanto and regardless of how much it's discussed, the official population of Ariadna is 8.5 million.
  15. Or more simply that mestizo is the word used in Spanish colonization, so it's easiest for CB to draw on.
  16. But the timeline is the big thing. Project: Dawn was at the very beginning of interstellar travel, so there would (even within the science fantasy world) be greater limits on the possible.
  17. Which is all a moot point. The makers of the game say Dawn has a population of 8.5 million, so it has a population of 8.5 million.
  18. The Shock contributed by MM2 isn't a factor of the weapon, but rather the user. They're such a good shot and have such good placement of their shots that they cause maximum possible damage.
  19. After the KotHS' first skill, any AROs have to be declared. However, as with Camo, the reactive model may hold their ARO, waiting to see if the KotHS reveals. If the KotHS DOESN'T, the ARO is lost. However, if the KotHS DOES, then the ARO can be used, suffering from Surprise.
  20. If you hold your ARO and take the negative MOD. If you choose not to hold, and go for it, you can be SOL...
  21. It's FtF, and Surprise comes into play. Nothing says guessing right negates Surprise.
  22. Well, if you guess wrong, you've missed entirely... and if you Hold, you suffer Surprise Shot/Attack or have wasted an ARO if they don't attack.
  23. No, because then it's a FtF and the Surprise Attack skill enters into effect.
  24. Holoechoes explicitly provide Surprise Attack and Surprise Shot.