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  1. Could be the new Imperial Agent we saw.
  2. Huh? Getting your enemies to unite and defeat you is a victory how?
  3. With the sheer quantity of units and profiles within units, Infinity will likely never be "complete".
  4. KoS are CC guys... and in a Fireteam? Yeah, Jaguares can come get their throats cut... if the BSGs haven't already cut them to shribbons... BS23? Yeah, I'll take that.
  5. And the Knights of Santiago will be standing there to kick your teeth in, and then your butts right back through that hatch...
  6. I'll be interested at how they bring Ariadna into the campaign... who would be the logical AEC trooper deployed in space?
  7. A BoW video has confirmed Knauf is available in all Vanilla human armies.
  8. He seems like a Locust who's gone rogue...
  9. Also, don't forget that the decision of the NLRB that set up the MtG judges' action is currently on appeal, and may not survive. Additionally, the current composition of Congress and the White House make it possible, and some would say probable, that legislation could be passed, or enforcement relaxed, making it a moot point.
  10. The Machinist is also a mini portrait of the principal PanO sculptor... CB wanted to make something new.
  11. Then, answering a question that would actually have use, if it were a Machinist, it would still be WIP12, because there are MODs, and the +1WIP for the rule wouldn't apply.
  12. WIP12. There are MODs, so the +1 doesn't apply.
  13. It seems straightforward enough to me. If there's any sort of MOD, it doesn't apply. If there isn't, it does.
  14. See, this is what people are forgetting about PanO. We're rich, I mean DISGUSTINGLY rich, so why WOULD we fix things? Recover the Cube, buy a new one, and move on. You only fix things when you haven't the money to buy a new one.
  15. They made something fun that they can sell. What's wrong with that?
  16. https://store.corvusbelli.com/products/packs/TRIPACKEN-infinity-outrage-limited-edition-eng-the-fat-yuan-yuan Dude, all over that!!!
  17. I would doubt that... with the bits of PanO armor and Hexas cloak, I imagine he's done with big, nasty intelligence services... I could see an Arianda or Haqq connection, maybe.
  18. Carneval.
  19. Hexa Spitfire arm swap with Order Sergeant Combi for Hexa Hacker. Swiss Guard with extra Guarda de Assalto MULTI Rifle arms for Swiss Guard Hacker/MULTI Rifle.
  20. Well, their relatively new staff, bigger HQ and growing worldwide player base would beg to differ, but, hey, what do they know?
  21. Yeah, but you don't do construction in Vaudeville... that's not dirt, it's "dirt"...
  22. From looking at their KS page, it appears all U.S. shipments will be bulked to Warsenal, who will then assemble backers' orders and ship them from the U.S.
  23. It's because they're connected to their armor, and the soldier is connected to the military's command system. And Ariandan HI, at their best, is only as mobile (based of the PH ability to Dodge) as the worst of the powers' HI (Wu Ming). The connectedness lets the powers' HI react faster and better. Beyond that, it's not how CB has written their own universe. HI is connected and Hackable, and the HI that isn't, has lower performance.
  24. The soldier is constantly connected to the military command systems, and the armor is constantly connected to the soldier, hence the ability to use skills like Kinematika, Hyperdynamics, etc. Breaking it out into different parts means, again, that you get an Ariadna-style system, which the powers have decided to move beyond. That's the point of them being so advanced, to have systems that take them beyond what normal people can do.
  25. But when the mobility systems are connected to the wearer themselves (commlogs, etc) to provide instantaneous reactions and feedback, how do you then isolate the wearer from web? It's all an interconnected system, and in order to do it, you'd go back to Ariadnan levels of technology, and the powers prefer the speed the advances provide, and accept the risks.