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  1. Yes. If the Remote Pilot goes ANY Null or IMM-1/2, you can spend Orders to pass a Reset and get back in the TAG.
  2. The new ITS document.
  3. As Col just mentioned, ITS doc. Army 6 to be updated in the next few days...
  4. Yeah, but if it's a Remote Pilot, you can then just jump back into your TAG!
  5. Well, it gives you a disposable button pusher, one that can do the job, and even if it dies you still have a TAG running around...
  6. Yeah, you get a nice specialist, but outside of the Iguana Operator, they're all "squishy"...
  7. Because, of course, the articles noting how a small, quickly growing, formerly little known gallego company is taking a leading role in it's industry, based on sales figures, popularity, and growth, are ONLY for curiosity's sake, not civic pride or noting how Galicia is building their own businesses, not just getting jobs at foreign ones...
  8. And she fits in PanOceania. Each troop is developed to fit a role within their faction, not as exact 1-1 swaps between factions. A Janissary is not an ORC which is not a Mobile Brigada which is not a Terracotta Soldier. Do they fill similar roles? Yes. However, since each of their factions are different, each of them will have different prices, and different quirks that make them fit their faction.
  9. She pays it to make her fit the role CB wants her to fit in PanOceania. There is no "formula" for costs. Similarities in pricing for certain weapons/skills/equipment/abilities, yes, but if Trooper X needs to cost more/less to fit where CB wants them to, then they do.
  10. NO! NO! We can't possibly settle a matter of taste amicable! There MUST be a five page flame war!
  11. It's an evolution, something that CB is always trying to balance... that's one of the reasons Lt specialists went away in ITS, since a Cutter Lt Specialist (especially in N2) wasn't a very... nice thing...
  12. She's dodging stylishly... if it ain't got that swing...
  13. Looks pretty good... I like it! Another CSU for me, though...
  14. And to go further, especially bringing the fluff into, PanO doesn't have to worry, really, about fixing or saving anything. If it breaks, buy a new one. If the soldier dies, recover the Cube and his insurance policy picks up the tab. If this one particular regiment doesn't get the job done, bring in another one, rather than spend time cross training. And trust in weapons to do the job first and foremost.
  15. blog

    The missile pod is the Advanced ECM. And thank you very much for the feedback!
  16. blog

    Two different load outs, HFL or twin Heavy Pistols. And one is for one daughter, the other for the other.
  17. blog

    And whatever the AVA of Szalamandras ends up being in Tunguska will be added...
  18. blog

    Plus a Marut, Iguana, Scarface, Anaconda, Gorgos, and two Maghariba Guards.
  19. Yeah... I hate that guy... no soup for him!!!
  20. I was a diplomat. I can be politic...
  21. Well, Feast of Blades owner/operators were a wee bit... DODGY, to say the least...
  22. However, what sense would normal, named troops make in the OS sectorial? They're all temporary inhabitants of physical forms and slivers of ALEPH itself. Since they're designed to operate in the shadows, outside of the Devas, there's more of an argument of making them forgettable, rather than memorable.
  23. Well, they DID just get a box of four...
  24. Plus we have to think of who would be using a FrancoGermanique weapon, but not dressed in ALEPH uniform... Miranda for sure.
  25. And always will... 😜 In seriousness, PanO has more planets, plus the MO, so it'll always have more.