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  1. We had this situation appear at my LFGS a good few months ago. What ended up happening is that both players agreed to never play each other every again and the rest of the community would help enforce their decision during tourneys. That said they both basically ended up dropping the game and the community is still thriving onwards. It does help that the main players who are the mos familiar with the rules for easy offhand reference, were not directly involved in the squabble. So the moral of the story is....?
  2. Absolutely, I wanna put these guys in the but there's next to nothing to justify the cost. Heck even in Vanilla I'd rather pick a minuteman for a mobile twin flamer, and they're a fairly mediocre pick outside their sectorial. Mormaers absolutely need something else over their pip of armor to see more play. If we're spit balling, I might say make them ARM 6 to really hammer home the idea of an unmovable piece. That would fill in an untapped meta call for a quasi cheap light TAG Ariadna style.
  3. Do people actually get up in arms about using the starter set rifles as chains for a vanilla army vs the upcoming volunteer set? I always thought so long as you declare the loadout people were fine and not strict wysiwyg. Since Infinity is already missing a lot of modeled specific profiles.
  4. I'd personally like to see a TAG that resembles a tank or mgs3's Shagohod/mgs4 geckos Stats could take like 1 key aspect from the 4 nations. Let's say Kazaks- Lo-Tech [to give pseudo structure pts] + non hackable? French- Some kind of imported tech edge, multivisor lvl 1? Caledonia- Increased armor bump from tessium or a huge T2 CC weapon? USAriadna- dual heavy flame throwers? AP HMG?
  5. https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/drogmir-vs-rhett-1496828889 Reporting in, the first strike in the Wotan campaign. Hopefully with many more to come.
  6. I find that with paratroopers and airborne they fill different niches. paras want to be a shooting weapon platforms at an unusual angle, almost like a budget van zant. Airborne I use for his stealth and cc to walk up behind poorly angled units to stab in cc due to stealth or place in a vital area for his sub machine gun, without paying for the spetz. Now chassuers vs Foxtrots is more comparable, the only thing I can say is that chassuers want to actually fight, while foxtrots want to push buttons. Also the 2pt difference though is the difference between a desperado with a chain and a desperado with dual assault pistols. I'd rather have a foxtrot fo with a desperado dual assault pistols than a chassuer and a desperado with a chain only. Just saying 2 pts is more than you would think :p.
  7. Are we entering something resembling a No True Scotsman Fallacy on a Caledonia based topic? 1. You can take whatever model you like to beat anything. (implied including rifles and unpretty models) 2. No one would just bring only rifles, because nobody likes rifles over prettier models with different weapons. 3. Therefore you can bring any model you like, but nobody who likes pretty models only takes rifles when picking any model they like. ------ I feel like Lazarus sums it up best. On an added note : I believe in math & mods over luck & mods. All teasing aside, I think the focus of the topic is shifting wildly. A new thread might be needed or else Valette's original concerns may be drowned away.
  8. I'm on team Laz and Rock for this one too. "It's not your list it's you" was more of an N2 thing rather than N3. With the ever shifting focus on ITS classifieds that mark N3. Even so it was always a little bit of a misnomer. It was not that your list building didn't matter all and that it was all about your tactics with a little luck, cause everything is on an equal playing field. It was to highlight how, when compared to other scifi mini wargames, the balance is good enough that you aren't at a major near unrecoverable disadvantage by bringing a mismatched list. Certain wargames have it so that if you brought your scissor army to fight the rock army. There's no point even putting it on the table since you're going to be wiped out turn 1. In Infinity you *might* have a chance to pull an upset with a little bit of luck and crucial turn planning. However It should be noted that that the disadvantage is still distinctly there. Bringing whatever you like and relying on your *superior* tactics to carry you through, is artificially handicapping yourself. Everything does not work equally well with enough practice. You can get around some problems with what you have on hand, through practice. But it doesn't substitute bringing the right tool for the right problem in the first place.
  9. I find that USAriadna has 4 things going for it and two major flaws against it. 1. Grunts heavy flame throwers are not to be under estimated for what's essentially a cheerleader troop. Linked or not, they are incredibly good at being defensive order generators. 2. The Marauder haris works wonders. The HRL essentially becomes an ARO piece able to lock down a portion of the board. 3. Desperados are a fantastic unit. Cheap enough to throw away but with so much fire power potential and their own means to deliver themselves that your opponent cannot ignore them. 4. This is one of the few sectorials where playing Lt. shenanigans is actually a viable option. Rolling with a Lt. AP HMG Minuteman, CoC Unknown Ranger, and Executive Order Van Zant. is one of those combos that's rather interesting and one that USAriadna can pull off. Flaws: 1. Admittedly it is hard to find super hard hitting weapons in USA. It's just the nature of the army to be more durable than dishing out pain. We do have some good weapons like HRL + AP HMG or T2 + DEP. But we're definitely relying more on rifle shots for the average. 2. Ariadna already has some trouble playing the classifieds game. USA has it double hard, with FO everywhere and not much else. This just comes down to experience I think and the scenario draw to alleviate it. One of the traps I find with this sectorial though is directly comparing it to Vanilla Ariadna. I find that Vanilla Ariadna is so good at what it does and has a breadth of options (like Vanilla is supposed to), that we really should be comparing USA to the other sectorial options. In that light USA definitely offers a different niche than Caledonia or MRFF. ---- In my experience one of the big benefits of starting out and being unsatisfied with a sectorial is that you get an understanding of its shortcomings. So when you switch to Vanilla you suddenly open up a toolbox of what you didn't have before. While still being able to use the units you're used to with maximum effect. When you eventually go back to a sectorial, you begin to appreciate more what you can do with link teams and how to work around what you're now missing as a result.
  10. I personally love the 112 even though I see him being bagged on a lot for not saving that many people with his WIP 13 and no cubes. But the fact that he has Courage has had him pull off some pretty amazing rescues and kills in my experience with him. He's not to be discounted just because he's a cheerleader specialist. His shotgun and CC can be surprisingly effective when there's no one left to revive and it's all up to him to cap the last objective.
  11. Even though I really only play Vanilla and US, I'll likely be picking up a box because cheap gorgeous volunteers are always wanted to cheerlead the Kazak army But on another note, even though he doesn't get much use it's about damn time the Mormaer got a resculpt so he doesn't look so tiny. Very nicely done.
  12. Personally whenever I have to deal with a TAG as Vanilla Ariadna I have two words. Tank Hunter.
  13. I'd personally like to see a Paridiso focused manga. Specifically I'd like to see something like a mixed Vanilla Araidna force trying to figure out how to fight the Combined Army despite being technologically backwards and dismissed by fellow Human Sphere allies. Because in fluff states that Ariadna forces on Paridiso are surprisingly fierce. So we could explore how the battered vets of PanO and Yu Jing forces look down on fresh Ariadna troops, and how their closest sympathetic allies Haq and Nomads aren't really deployed en mass to Paridiso. Then explore how Ariadna has to improvise and efficiently manage their tactics in order to handle the combined army. That would be just nifty to me.
  14. Thinking about it in retrospect. I'm surprised the Jethro storyline got resolved so cleanly even getting his cube and Emily threatening PanO from ever trying to duplicate him again. If left unfinished it would have been an excellent in canon reason why everyone's Vanilla army can have their own Knauf trying to kill each other in game. Maybe throw in a general release Jethro version of Knauf and you're good to go.
  15. I liked it fair enough despite being a little bit on the cliche side. Stand out moment for me being the duel with the Father Knight. That said I thought the conclusion was a little rushed, Emily had an extremely quick character arc turnabout and I was still a little unsure of what exactly the Yu Jing diplomat guy was doing in the story background. Overall though I thought it was fun. Even though I personally wanted a kind of fanservicy whirlwind tour with more Ariadna. I can see why they chose to go this route with the conspiracies and black ops stuff, especially with the notes at the end. I appreciate the restraint and their wanting to tell something a little different than what we get from the current fluff. Art ranged from ok to impressive. I noticed they put a lot more effort into dense combat sequences and background terrain, than some of the transitional character portraits. It's noticeable but never detrimental. Here's hoping they get greenlight for another one quickly. I'd loved to see a quick turnabout on a new installment.