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  1. Can I suggest another paint scheme for the Buddha? Run with that vivid blue and the neon scheme you're working with! Keep the statue clean, do hard white or pale blue highlights, and really pop the colours like the thing might actually be a hologram or similar.
  2. Personally I really like 150 or 200 point games, for the same reason I like Limited Insertion games, you get different dynamics and units that might be overlooked often get run instead of ignored. Plus it disadvantages the horde armies (around here that's primarily Scots In Spaaaaaaaace!) and that's never a bad thing!
  3. She's becoming almost an auto-include for me in Hassassin, almost always in a fireteam with 4 Ghulam or 4 Muyib. KHD is nice, the Shock Marksman Rifle is awesome, and her D-Charges and other abilities are useful.
  4. That's the plan for it, although it'll be on my Haqq caravansary space station table most of the time!
  5. For second order pools, I made batches of faction insignia for regular orders. In fact I usually use the main Haqq insignia for main pool orders, and then either Hassassin or QK insignia for my second pool. Providing you're clear with your opponents at the start of the game what counts-as a Regular order token, you should be good to go!
  6. A few ads! I started doing billboards and such for my Infinity terrain as one of the first terrain bits I ever built for the game, and I've just started a new batch of ads, grabbing inspiration from all over the place. Here's the first of the new ads... which may or may not have been created to troll Ariadna players everywhere... Alien dog monster figures from CB's recent post about McMurder vs Dog Soldiers; the inspiration for the scare-mongering headline has been floating around in my head for a few days but seeing CB's FB post crystalized it and gave me good quality images to butcher!
  7. I like the idea of hacking the red street sweeper 'bot and suddenly moving someone's total cover away from them! Could I suggest styrene strips for the forklift arms instead of wooden popsicle sticks? It'll look more like metal. Nice collection of REM stevedores and work-bots, I'm envious. They'll provide nice pops of colour on the table too.
  8. Inspiring and great looking, thanks for the update. I think I need to do a couple of service elevators or scruffier corners of my space station table, currently it's all very bright shiny hexagonal future like, but the trash cans and litter add such a load of character and visual interest!
  9. That is a great idea for a board, super adaptable and with built in possibilities for the special Terrain rules like Water that are too ignored. Overhead/vertical terrain could include some sort of conveyor belt setup for transporting the gravel/coal/whatever to the barges, which could be an interesting option - lots of places to set up but minimal/no cover along most of it. Or a travelling conveyor/lift for cargo containers, which is something I've considered building for my space station setup's cargo/hangar side.
  10. The homemade star mat looks great, please keep going and give us photos of Infinity in hard vacumn amongst the modules of a space station and such! I like the idea of putting rocky terrain along one area as part of an asteroid, too.
  11. Awesome. You misspelled "awesome".
  12. When I'm designing and building my Infinity scenery I deliberately design sub-optimal sniper positions. The spots with good cover have restricted lines of fire, and the areas with good lines of fire will have lousy cover. I'm on my phone so no photos tonight but I'll try and get some added to this thread tomorrow.
  13. The modular maze walls/rooms are great, but the multisided modules are next level, really nicely done, working hinges and super clean construction!
  14. Got mine yesterday, haven't had time to do more than glance at them but they look good. Need to hit the local hobby store for decal setting solution then see who gets decals first! Probably my Maghariba Guard to start with...
  15. The wonky plank roofs look more Orc than Haqq to me, but the rest is awesome! Are the tile patterns done with stencils and an airbrush?