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  1. The wonky plank roofs look more Orc than Haqq to me, but the rest is awesome! Are the tile patterns done with stencils and an airbrush?
  2. That looks good - and intimidatingly large! What are the dimensions of the baseplate/sidewalk sheet?
  3. Those look great! I like the lines and design of the Aztec buildings, but my usual wish is for buildings that open for interior use as well... but I fully understand why these ones don't, with so much exterior playable space!
  4. That should look great - I'm guessing based on your previous buildings that the interior won't be accessible? If it isn't you could do the occasional lit window just like that cool illustration... just saying!
  5. Targets.
  6. This will be our Infinity community's first two day, five round tournament! Prior to this we've only held three round single day events. Full details here on the LANtasy site: https://www.lantasy.com/events/tabletop-minis/infinity This will be a 5 round tournament using the ITS format and missions. Please bring two ITS lists of 300 points and 6 SWC of the same Faction or Sectorial. The missions will be, in order: Seize the Antennas Frontline Supremacy Cold Sleep Decapitation We're undersubscribed right now, if anyone is wanting to come over from Seattle or Vancouver they should get on a boat!
  7. Clear the decks. Put every single in-progress miniature currently cluttering your painting area away. Out of sight entirely. Tuck them all into a box or back into blisters or whatever. Remove them from your physical painting area. Reset with different miniatures entirely, possibly from utterly different games/genres/manufacturers. I've been in a painting funk since Halloween and recently radically rediscovered my painting mojo by doing a desk-clearing and restarting with an entirely new batch of miniatures, some of which I'd previously put away half-painted after losing my motivation on them! It's going very well, I've done more painting in the last two weeks or so than I've managed since the end of October! http://www.warbard.ca/2017/03/02/in-which-painting-mojo-is-rediscovered/
  8. I contacted a few lasercutting outfits that deal in lasercut cardboard specifically and Neal at LaserCutCard (no link, they aren't Official Makerers of Official Made for Infinity Terrain...) was able to take my simple ladder design and run with it on thin card. Here's the photo he send me over the weekend: I'm getting a bunch sent to me to move the big space station bulkheads a bit closer to being actually fully finished!
  9. My space station table is nominally entirely indoor; we play it with a ceiling at the height of the big bulkhead walls that affects certain weapons and actions - no Super Jumping over the big walls, and no grenade/Smart Missile fire over them, for example. The current state of the space station table; this is almost two years worth of scratchbuilding! Build thread over here: That is a very cool project, @smog . I like the translucent dollar store cutting board displays/partitions and the massive modularity from simple parts. Did you ever write up the painting and detailing of that table?
  10. Somewhere in one recent thread here I saw a neat table that had been put together using mostly the CB card buildings that was set up like this - a nearly sold double row of buildings forming an irregular alley with slightly larger courtyard areas, so that most of the visible playing area was rooftops. Can't find the photo now, but I remember commenting on it when it was posted.
  11. That is already starting to look really good! I like the idea of large platforms as, essentially, urban hills to break up the flat table surface. Who makes the Oriental planter sets?
  12. A very small dot of superglue shouldn't screw up the acrylic - but if you can put it somewhere any frosting out of sight, so much the better. I've been having good luck holding acrylic pieces in place with gloss varnish/gloss medium; it's basically like using glossy white/PVA glue.
  13. That is awesome! I'd almost have turned the shampoo bottle envelope 90 degrees - so it's taller than it is wide - but then you might not be able to perch a sniper on top. I recently built a goblin airship as a sideline piece for Blood Bowl games... now you're tempting me to get back into airship creation to add one to our Infinity tables. (gobbo airship here if anyone's interested...)
  14. I think that would work nicely without even having to redesign the piece. Please post a photo if you do build one of these Objective Rooms in a folding setup! I might have time this weekend to get back to the Objective Room and finish it up. I'll clean up some of the art, add some more details, and consolidate the whole thing into one multi-page PDF with a sheet of assembly instructions. I've also asked a couple of lasercutting outfits about cutting low-profile ladders to my design and one of them is doing a test cut soon for me! That's exciting, the missing ladders are pretty much the last thing to do on the big bulkheads that affect gameplay. Finally, I just discovered a really neat source of good quality freely-downloadable Arabic calligraphy in a bunch of styles: http://freeislamiccalligraphy.com/ Worth looking at if you want some Haqq flavour on your scenery.
  15. I picked up one of the small PastCraft buildings last year because I was similarly curious/dubious but their thin foamed PVC (pretty sure that's what it is) is easy to work with and plenty tough enough for gaming. And unlike standard MDF it'll bend, which PlastCraft has taken advantage of in a lot of their designs.