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  1. I kind of want just a 6"x6" (or whatever) resin plaza piece with the whole thing done in that Arabesque paving, myself... Laser-etched MDF or acrylic in the same pattern would make for a cheaper and probably more durable plaza paving piece, actually.
  2. Oddly-shaped water-landing drop pods.
  3. That's the first of those kits I've seen in the wild, so to speak! Seconding the request for a review, even just a brief one.
  4. I did my RV Haqq on homemade space station/industrial bases with girders, piping, and textured flooring, all from styrene bits on the standard CB plastic bases. No photos yet but I'll try to get some to share this week.
  5. Hah, I bought a bag of 1" wooden spheres for another wargaming project recently, only needed two and I've been wondering what to do with the rest. Might have to break out the flock and create some topiary!
  6. The tree looks good so far! What's the trunk made of? That turtle is awesome, it reminds me of some of the weirder random pieces of public art we have here! What did you use for the round bushes?
  7. Nice! The gold ornament looks good even close up and will look great at arm's length on the table!
  8. "You've seen the movie. Now play the movie!" New tagline (so to speak...) for an unofficial Infinity poster? Someone with better graphic abilities that me please do this!
  9. Ayyar says "Hi". al Fasid & Azrail do brute force gloriously; so do Jannissaries (linked HRL is spectacular) and Asawira, and you can take Doc Plus or Ackbar Doc specialists in link teams for them. Haqq has lots of cheap good units, but we're not short of good mid- to high-price units either.
  10. The Haqq ship looks good, and I agree the door needs a border or something to call it out a bit more. Looking forward to seeing the next ones!
  11. The rules explicitly encourage you to come up with your own variations on the terrain rules, so I don't see why E/M couldn't, for example, shut down a Hackable piece of terrain. Got a big cargo door that you'd rather not have opened by the enemy? Fry that sucker's controls with an E/Mitter!
  12. Decided to crank out some quick and dirty jungle terrain this weekend. Started Friday evening, done early Sunday afternoon. Insomnia on Saturday night gave me two and a half hours of extra working time, mind you... Hot glue, scrap CDs, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, and paper towel gave me three big trees, one skinnier one, and a big stump. All the big trees and the stump pretty much fill their CD bases edge-to-edge with spaces between the buttress roots for figures to take cover, and they're big enough that even an S7 or S8 TAG can probably find total cover behind them. We'll probably play that the bases are also Jungle terrain (B & BS/WIP penalties per the terrain rules, in other words) in their entirety, as well as the physical partial cover on offer. Blog post with some in-progress photos, if you want to see how they went together: http://www.warbard.ca/2017/02/05/in-the-jungle-the-mighty-jungle/ I'm pretty pleased with how this quick terrain project went, and looking forward to getting them onto the table soon!
  13. Hah! I think I have to steal this line for those moments when the game goes horribly, awesomely sideways because the dice hate you. The paintjobs look great, especially the Nomads. Welcome to Infinity!
  14. I've cleared Koalas Russian-style (ie, by just walking up to them/through them!) with a Azra'il. That said, they're a pain in the butt and I wish you could shoot them as they ran toward you, the numbers would be better than dodging for most troops!
  15. Another Barid, another Farzan, and another al'Hawwa non-sniper, maybe? We've got two (three?) Taureg, after all.