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  1. It's gotten a lot better than it used to be. The new mercenaries are very good snipers. Sun Tze and Tiger are excellent snipers. I still don't really like the Ninja at it's price. The Guilang is amazing. Camo and MSV1 is a very powerful combination with the MSR.
  2. My minimum is 10 orders, and I only like 1 of those to start off the table, so only 1 drop troop or 1 hidden deployed. Max would be 2 drop troops, probably never 2 hidden deployed for my style. The biggest issues are defending your small list to protect your orders, and speed. You cant move 6 independent models up the table and still have orders to accomplish your objectives, realistically. If it takes more orders than expected to kill an enemy ARO troop, and then you lose 3 guys, you could be out of the game, or at least way behind. Wu Ming chain rifle or domaru are good for defending your flanks with templates, otherwise you'll be too easy to pick off. Kuang Shi or Monks will do it too, cheaper but not quite as scary. You'll want at least 1 model that you don't want to spend orders on, ideally more. They'll be ARO troops like the Husong or the Yan Huo ML. You'll need something fast, either an AD troop, some Skirmishers, or something like the Rui Shi or Su Jian or Daofei. Otherwise you'll end up with most of your HI hanging out in your deployment zone all game. Make heavy use of coordinated orders. And spare no expenses on a big gun. You need to either quickly clear a path for your HI or you need to scare your opponent into hiding his troops. Then you can advance without stopping to fight the entire way. Make heavy use of suppressive fire. You need to waste your opponents larger order pool, and you need to not be losing HI left and right. I like backing up my HI with plenty of good remotes. Weibing and Chaiyi are your best order generators. In summary: Play with 10 orders, and 10 orders exactly. I really can not recommend going below 10 total orders at all. Bring lots of defense! active troops are fun, but you can't use them all. Each of them only gives you 1 order. You MUST have speed. I've accidentally made and played super slow lists many times. They don't do well in Infinity, and fighting the whole game on your half of the table is stressful. Bring the biggest and best shooter you can get. You have to kill enemies fast. Use coordinated orders as much as you can. Use all of your command tokens on coordinated orders. Always end with your front line troops in suppressive fire. Coordinated orders are good for putting multiple in at once. Last tip. Others have said this for sure. Kill their best guns because your guns are better. Then you can kill their weak stuff with suppressive fire. Many lists can recover even after losing 5 orders. Sacking their line troops might not do enough to save you. You'll have to engage their best troops eventually, so do it on your active turn. Unless your opponent is playing a small list also. Then you might want to go after their order pool directly, if you have the speed to reach them.
  3. Ninja KHD is 29 pts not 26, and it's only weapon is a pistol. Camouflage gives stealth, so Spektr has it. The Ninja KHD is pretty much the only profile that's really worth taking, but it does not have the firepower the Spektr has. 12 bs, TO, and a real gun are very powerful. If you only care about your infiltrator being a specialist then I guess the ninja can be very slightly cheaper. I would trade my Ninjas for your Spektrs any day. I guess the grass is always greener... The most efficient TO infiltrator is the clipsos forward observer by the way. The Ninja KHD is certainly not. @Stiopa That's a fair point. Spektrs would be very strong in Yu Jing. Not sure if they'd be stronger than they are in Nomads, but YJ could get a lot of work out of them for sure. Nomad's just have great SK options. Faction feature.
  4. You're comparing a Tacbow only profile with a Combi rifle profile. You get more accurate results when comparing like profiles.
  5. Absolutely inappropriate to ban someone from the gaming group over political opinions. I'd like to know what @Dasaan has said in your group, who he's personally attacked, to warrant this. Otherwise I'm going to have to try to contact CB over this. This is NOT fostering a welcoming environment for players, it's enforcing personal views in the group, it's an abuse of power and I doubt it's what CB expects from their representatives. On a separate note, in regards to another theme of this thread. The doctrine of Islam is literally misogynistic and homophobic. That isn't hate speech, it's a statement of fact. To pretend otherwise is dangerous and irresponsible. Surely there are Muslims who reject those aspects of their religion, but to pretend those aspects aren't widespread is REFUSING to face a very real danger. To speak out against those aspects of Islam is to defend our women and our gay population. To suppress or attack those who speak out is as good as an attack on our women and our gay population. Who among us has never done anything that would result in the death penalty in Saudi Arabia? I encourage you to look it up. My guess would be none.
  6. The only sure way to use AROs successfully is to pay attention to what weapons your opponent has ready to engage you. consider the position you plan to put your sniper in. check the board and note any troops that have the reach and/or abilities to easily defeat your sniper. estimate how many orders it would take for them to bring each of those troops within attack range of your sniper. Include orders it will likely take for them to actually kill your sniper. If they can't reach your sniper without engaging in conditions that are favorable to you, or it will take them like, 3 or more orders to actually move to and kill your sniper, it's probably a good position to leave your sniper in. In practice this means your ARO troops are hiding sometimes, waiting for the right moment to peek out and dominate the board. you might be moving them to more favorable positions. @alphz advice is absolutely correct. you're limiting the positions you can be engaged from. It's tricky to find a position where your opponent must deal with your sniper, but does not have a good solution for it nearby however. This is probably the hardest part of the game. You have to maintain awareness of your opponents troops and effective ranges, and you're already trying your best just to keep track of your own army. I speak from experience, it took me forever to get good at this. I found I make less mistakes in general with smaller lists, but others are better at managing 30+ allies and enemies on the table at once. Starting with cheaper expendable ARO troops and TR bots is probably better for learning. That way you don't tank your game when you make mistakes.
  7. @Sletchman It's not too difficult to start with tohaa, although playing tohaa turns you into kind of a weirdo. Anyway neither haqqislam nor yu jing is any more difficult to learn with than the other. If you are truly tied between them, I'll put in a good word for Yu Jing. We have ninjas as you've noticed, we have master martial artists, we have legions of the finest heavy infantry in the galaxy probably. Our paratroopers are named after the largest of the big cats, and your opponents will quickly learn why. We know that there is no substitute for excellence, even if we have to pay a little more to get it. Join the state-empire and restore order to the universe. Theres talking and then theres doing. Haqqislam is supposed to be the humanitarian faction, but we encase our soldiers in the most advanced protective armor known to man while they let their soldiers die by the thousands. When we had a crime epidemic, we matched their brutality and secured safety for our people. Haqqislam continues to harbor pirates. Look at your Hsien model. There's a lot more where that came from. ...But then again, Hassassins.
  8. I like the zhanshi hmg and occasionally use the hacker if my Celestial Guard ava is used up and I can't afford the zhanying. I've actually had an amazing game with the sniper forever ago, before I knew better than to count on a cheerleader sniper.
  9. And what does the EI do with races that are neither useful for attaining transcendence nor for conquering other races that are? How dirty are we willing to get our hands for the "security" that the EI promises us? While we might be too useful to annihilate, are we willing to stand by or even participate while others are? Dammit, if I'm going to blow up planets and wipe out entire civilizations, I'm going to do it in the name of MY species. And for his eminence the guardian of all below heaven, the Jade Dragon.
  10. More fun to re-record it and only say terrible things about each profile.
  11. The more I read your posts, the more I think our lists must look very similar.
  12. I like the LSG Haramaki in vanilla. It's like a Magister knight. I don't see using any of the others outside of JSA.
  13. Almost as broken as hidden deployment, one might say. Not that I particularly care. I actually have been using more AD troops lately. I've mostly had good experiences with Parachutists, but it does change their function quite a bit. You use them to plan a flank attack ahead of time, so longer ranged weapons are great because you don't know where your opponents will be. With an HMG you can reach most targets. Parachutists are pretty much as good in a specialist role as higher levels of AD as well. Neither of those things help the Spetsnaz though. Still, I've had a handful of games where I used the AD Spetz, and in all of them it was a major asset that performed very well. Now, I usually try not to be negative and look at the bright side of each troop and profile, but the Spetz sniper is a mystery to me. The HMG completely crushes it. I've never taken one and I can't think of a good reason to take one, not when we have Scouts with Ojotniks or AP Sniper. What I wouldn't give for Scouts in Yu Jing...
  14. If anyone's interested, the book Protector by Larry Niven depicts some fascinating ship to ship combat at interstellar speeds. It involved watching your opponents for ages at a time, and planning and maneuvering far ahead. Up to or exceeding an entire year if I remember correctly. Detection ranges and speed were in dramatic excess of weapon ranges. Footfall by Niven and Pournelle and the sequel to Peace War by Vernor Vinge spend some time on the subject of propulsion with nuclear bombs, and I can recommend both enthusiastically. The Mote in God's Eye also by Niven and Pournelle depicts some very interesting ship to ship combat involving a unique fictional shield technology. I haven't read or seen anything like it before or since.