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  1. A close-quarters-oriented Helot HI would be soooooooo cool!
  2. They walk around in water suits? Did not see that coming.
  3. Ten bucks says that if Varuna gets an S6 TAG, it'll be packaged with Svar's S6 TAG and released in 2020. Andromeda's namesake would fit in with the sea theme.
  4. I forgot Bipandra. Shocking.
  5. Errrr, that's incorrect. Joan can form special core fireteams with Hospitallers or Santiagos in Military Orders, and Fusiliers, while only AVA3, can still form a core fireteam.
  6. I recall it being said that there were some late changes made due to playtesting, yes. I don't know more than that though.
  7. So . . . maybe we shouldn't hold our breath for reworks of existing units to give us something special? The Kamau were never that special before, and while what we were just given isn't that spectacular, it isn't bad. Instead of getting upset about that, maybe we should have our sights fixed on the new units we'll be seeing in Varuna. Think about it, we got two new units with HSN3--the Locust and the Blackfriar. Both were well-received, both give PanO some new tools, and folks seem happy with them. It is entirely possible that CB is content with letting the Kamau occupy overlapping design space (as they always have), and is saving the really cool stuff for the new units. I understand folks had their hopes up (as did I), but let's wait and see what they do with the rest of the sectorial before jumping to conclusions about how CB doesn't care about PanO. They could have given us a WIP 13 Engineer (Bolt, goddammitall!). Instead, they invented a new rule and attached it to an otherwise useless profile to avoid doing so. Many of us think that was a less-than-optimal decision.
  8. Some of us are still hassling CB about them whenever the opportunity arises: Bolt Haris, please!
  9. +6 BTS, which you omitted from your breakdown, could explain it? EDIT: I should add that BTS has become more, not less, useful as time's gone on. Tohaa, for example, will hate these guys because they're resistant to viral, and I'd guess that the revamped Shas will be bringing a lot of bio-weapons to the table as well. CB may be placing more of a premium on BTS now than they used to. Just speculation of course!
  10. Whoops, you're right! Forgot about that.
  11. I would happily run HMG, HRL, Hacker, FO/Paramedic, and Lt in a full link. That's only 126 points and 3 SWC. Slap the Nisse clone in the backfield to provide cover (assuming AVA 6 or better) for fun. Give it to the Dragao for B6 shenanigans. Expand the game's appeal to the 40K players and their buckets o' dice.
  12. I'm hoping that they swap out the CR for a BSG or SMG on one of their Specialist options. Also, fingers crossed for grenade shenanigans elsewhere in the sectorial!
  13. This sums up my view as well. The increased mobility definitely sets them apart, and it makes their point cost reasonable, if not great, as far as I'm concerned. Now, I want to hear more about this ORC character Carlos mentioned...?
  14. Yup! The increased mobility really sets them apart from their 4-2 comrades. I was on the fence, now I'm off it. They're still pricey, but at least I don't look at them and just see "BOLT".