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  1. The EI had some extras lying around and wanted to put them to good use?
  2. The Druze look really nice. Neema looks a little odd with that cherubic face peeking out from all that armor, but I'll be getting her anyway. Is the Nexus trying to stab someone with his boom-stick?
  3. @Errhile is right about that buckle, doesn't look alien to me. Maybe the Shas culturally appropriated our buckles? The bastards...!
  4. From Angel's FB page.
  5. Honestly? I've failed far too many physical rolls trying to place them to be a fan. I fully understand that my experience may be unusual, but the nature of this game is that sometimes the dice hand you a steaming pile of crap and then demand that you clean your plate. Sometimes that happens repeatedly. Then it becomes hard to justify things even when a dice calculator tells you you're just being superstitious and dumb. I think they're fine to have in a list and I'd still consider using them in-game if I see an opportunity to get some mileage out of them, but they're hardly central to my strategy in the same way that smoke was with Devil Dogs back when I played USARF.
  6. Because they've still got plenty of copies of the butt ugly old pilot sitting around and they want to sell them? If they release a new pilot separate from this box, I predict some well-earned carping about CB's lack of seriousness when it comes to reducing SKU bloat.
  7. That may well be the best looking TAG in the game.
  8. Someone's being clever! But TNB already pointed out the obvious response.
  9. You're wrong too! You're all wrong!
  10. Yeah, but they're wrong. That model needs some help.
  11. Dasyus? Really? Huh... Those are some of my favorite sculpts in the whole Infinity range. I've been hearing rumblings about this but I'm unclear where they're stemming from. Either way, I'd guess that if such a release is coming, we'll see it released in time for Adepticon (ala HSN3), not the holidays.
  12. I always exchange this info prior to anything else happening. That's been my experience at tournaments as well. *shrugs*
  13. Damn son, well spotted! I've been wanting to get my Aleph back on the table lately but I promised the artichokes some attention.
  14. Some thoughts: Ariadnans are very vulnerable to plasma as they lack BTS. 5-man Unidron links are your friend; use the plasma sniper. A 5 man team will also ignore surprise shot, which is terrific against ye olde camo spammers. Varieties of dog soldiers will ignore your fancy ammo, so you'll just have to do what everyone else does when it comes to them: starve them of orders by taking out soft targets and/or overwhelm them with lots of dice. Maakreps are a hard counter to their smoke shenanigans. You can't camo spam like they can, but they're going to have trouble coping with TO camo units like Noctifers and Malignos (they haven't much in the MSV department) if you're using them to grab objectives and engaging in FTF rolls on your terms. Noc ML is the unit everyone expects to see in an OCF list for a reason. The key with him is not to leave him vulnerable (usually by AROing too early in your opponent's turn when he still has plenty of orders to pump into that Spetznaz HMG). I always try to recamo him in a coordinated order with whatever other TO camo troops I have out before the end of my active turn unless there's a good reason not to. Use Cybermask on Legates to get them into your opponent's back line and wreak havoc (but beware Highlanders and Antipodes), and maybe assassinate a lieutenant in the bargain. Bit and Kiss can also use Cybermask to set up some surprise shot shenanigans.