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  1. bit of a long thread, don't really actively care much about the issue myself. So skipping to the end just to say that I like and fall in with most of what my favorite news host says about feminism last night (plus the night before) over on OANN this Monday and Tuesday (warning: oriented towards recent US politics).
  2. Just google search "infinity the game table", boom instant gallery. Most of what I had was pretty old from 2nd ed anyways, can note the difference by the increase in use of purchased terrain nowadays. As someone who prefers cheap DIY, kinda broke my heart a bit.
  3. Used to take a bunch of photos of all my games then post most of them online. Got pretty into it, probably pretty annoying for my regular opponents. That's over with now though and all offline. My old laptop might still have a year or two worth of old pics on it, thanks to a large hard drive that allowed some space for things other than porn. My current laptop, however, ended up always deleting most files right after posting them online.
  4. It's all relative depending on the individual's preferences anyways. Not too surprising a lot of us here who've been playing the game a long time would think it's easily manageable, especially all those who persevered through having to learn the game without a group, before Icestorm, and before there much in the way of online content for the game outside this forum. Would be neat, though, if there was ever some way to track what kind of current turnover rate Infinity has with new players that don't stick with it versus all those who do. I suppose CB might be able to slightly gauge with their starter sales versus the rest of the range. And whether there's some factor in there in their decisions regarding whether to create more beginner-oriented content versus expert-oriented content.
  5. Bostria was such a great pleasure to have at NOVA this year, only wish we could've had more quality time spent with him. Heard he really knocked it out of the park at Adepticon as well.
  6. I don't think I've ever used any of the examples, or at least in cases where there was a question/confusion about a rule did the example ever actually clarify anything for me. That said, I agree it likely helps those that are new to the game and still reading through the hundreds of pages of rules for the first time.
  7. I don't think there's anything wrong with positive or negative opinions being expressed, even despite any over-exaggeration used. But could certainly do without the petty insults. And that goes both ways. IMO, I usually find those arguing on the other side of those exchanges to be just as offensive and off-putting, if not more so since it often seems like some of them are use the "white knight" role just as a shallow excuse to get away with hurling a few more insults at the "offender". Sigh, at least most of us are able to just ignore and move on without taking these conflicts in opinion so damn personal.
  8. Doesn't seem all that emphatically bad. Though diagonal placement with mostly square buildings is an easy recipe for long firelanes with little total cover. Could just use some short walls or crates alongside some of the buildings, plus maybe few containers some of the intersections to provide that total cover. And, maybe push the two buildings just a small bit away from the table edges for an additional route, using something smaller to still block LoF down the way. Hm, never used Shark Mounted so don't know what they're like but I do wonder how usable those interiors are for traveling through. Connecting bridges, additional storeys placed on top, and those hanging ladders... kinda seems like too much of a pain to bother with for most of those buildings. Not to mention the the usual extra skill required to open doors as needed, really wish that was built into Move like Prone is.
  9. I want to say one of the more refreshing games I've played recently was my friend and I using just the Icestorm set and rules. Maybe Bostria was onto something when they were commenting that creating more sets like Icestorm and Red Veil being what more people are looking for: Simple, self-contained, and satisfying without all the extra bloat. That said, the army list and rules bloat does provide a lot of room to explore to help keep long-term interest directed towards only this single game as well.
  10. It is probably best to adopt a 'wait and see' mentality with CB and ignore the hype when possible. Though it isn't as if the alleged hype craze wasn't what CB wanted either. I would agree that it probably could've been handled better, but alas for the usual placation that they are a small and very limited company still figuring out what works. But, I wouldn't say they went out of their own way when creating this 'free' event either, at least not when they're competing with other games doing the same in a bid to constantly earn and keep the attention, interest, and patronage of a good many, if not most, of people who play Infinity for more than just the minis and terrain - which might not be very many people anyways. I am somewhat intrigued to see where the alive story ends up and if in the end it was 'worth it', but not enough to turn myself and a few others in my group from seemingly still being more interested in following Malifaux's ongoing narrative campaign occurring instead of TAGLINE, which in turn has caused a fair part, if not most, of our recent purchases to be oriented towards Wyrd instead of CB. As the usual handwave goes, "vote" with your wallet, amirite? Shrug, different strokes. All's well that ends well regardless.
  11. Generally agreed, the miniatures are the primary selling point of Infinity. Still, the irony here being that it's an ITS feature which CB is using to encouraging people to pick up Scarface or other TAGs.
  12. They'll be usable once again all together once that Merc faction gets released in ...5+ years(?). Maybe this will all just be a really long and slow build-up for that. By then, those still playing ITS and who've followed all these purchases will have a the better part of the army list for starting that new faction and so might as well commit to collecting the rest. Master plan!
  13. Could be fun, have a narrative event for each ITS season from now on features everyone getting access to a different favored unit for that period of time. Provides an opportunity to encourage people to buy, paint, and use something different than their usual army's troops each year. And the constant change would also help keep the ITS meta from ever settling or getting stale.
  14. Oh, should have said early, but my own suggestion was to put a lot of area terrain on every table for this narrative event since it seems to all takes place "deep in the paradiso jungle". But, then again, I don't see having special terrain on tables as being a big deal; or rather, I think it should actually be considered/made the norm.
  15. Does this carry over into players' getting equal opportunities to play on both the sparse and dense tables too? Ensuring players have a wide variety of table experiences is often an emphasized point for tournaments.