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  1. Mount/Dismount rule both with TAG pilots and bikers generates problem since N3 release;) Thing that whole ITS season focused on TAG pilots is almost over and we still dont know how should they really work is just small bonus;) Anyway, even if remote pilots will be removed and pilots changed back to their useless forms (which i really doubt, CB hit the spot with them, brilliant change), we still need FAQ on those rules;)
  2. Single trooper can activate single panolpy once. TAG and his pilot are different (alternate) profiles of same trooper, so I would say no... BUT i also asked this question few days ago, its not clear. EDIT: Btw, so many questions about TAGs and their pilots... we need FAQ;)
  3. BTW, if You are looking for big team tournament, come to our team championships in october (scroll down for english) - This year I gave up organisation of this tournament to other community and they want to test their own scoring and pairing system, but their tournaments were always on highest quality level possible, so Im sure it would be great!:D
  4. ETC = cancer Organisation of this event outgrew Organisers long time ago. BUT We actualy need official rules for team tournaments in ITS - everything, team composition, team scoring system, pairing system...;) Warmahordes make their own team championships as I remember, far from ETC - and they are doing well;) Summing up, we dont need ETC (we should stay as far from them as possible), but we need more team tournaments;) We have at least one team tournament in each year in Poland and they are very popular;) Add another level of tactic and strategy to already great game.
  5. We really need good FAQ about mount/dismount rule. It generates too many questions. Not only with TAG pilots, but also with bikers. Its as old as N3, but in N3 nobody cared about pilots;) This changed in TAGLINE, when pilots joined the game;D (well done CB btw! they are really cool and usefull now! Love them:D) BUT We discovered that we actualy dont know how they work:D As many of You say - game breaks often when You try something weird with them. (And embark --> disembark wasnt even malicious power gamer play;D It just happened, as Oyoroi pilot decided, she would rather cut alien hacker in half personaly, than waste time for reset:D Suddenly we started long discussion if it was possible, legal, what was unintended tbh:D We decided finaly we dont have time for this, hacker failed his roll and Oyoroi burned him with heavy flamer without disembarking;D) ALSO whats funny - with Remote Presence TAGs and their remotes, there is no problem. Game doesnt crush, brake or anything. Everything works.
  6. Yes, the ARO is valid. YET! - If the target is a Manned TAG, its Pilot/Operator must be inside it After ARO we disembark TAG, so the Pilot isnt in TAG. TAG is empty. THEN we go to resolution step. Hacker might make normal roll, but it isnt important. Program wont work, because Pilot/Operator isnt inside TAG. So - for entering TAG in 1st short skill and them disembarking it in 2nd short skill - no problems here?
  7. Yeah, but I embark TAG at the start of order, then with 2nd short skill i disembark. Problem is if this action is legal. (double change of profile in 1 order) When Opponent hacks You with Total Control and You disembark from TAG he just fails, as Pilot/Operator isnt in his machine at the resolution step (thats when he rolls the dices and states of model are changed). Thats no brainer. Weve got problem with mounting and dismounting in 1 order with 2 movement short skills. This 'new troop profile will be applied during the whole sequence of the Order' is confusing. (another discussion from another topic with sphinx moving 6', then dismounting his remote and using its profile entire order, making 6' move illegal? wut?)
  8. Question about Manned TAGs. Pilot declares 1st short skill movement and gets into TAG, moves. Enemy ARO is hacking program Total Control. As 2nd part of order player declares movement again, disembarking TAG, so Total Control wont work, as TAG wont have pilot in it. Question is: Can player in 1 order, with 2 short movement skills embark and disembark from TAG? Mound/Dismount rule saids something about using profile for entire order and... its not quite clear for us;)
  9. Good luck on Interplanetario!

    Show them that winner of our Satelite is best Player in the world:D

    1. Alri


      Well not having a luck doesnt regály helps. 22/116 still not bad tho. Could had Bern much better if i didnt had to face the bad sice luck. Enjoyed the event, company, opponents... So much.

  10. Hello!
    I have question about new forum.

    Would there be place for specific countres sub-forums?
    Polish community lives on datasphere (we had to mmove from our distributors, Wargamer forum). In 2018 we would need to move, because datasphere forum is closing... 

    Is there any chance for polish subforum on new official Infinity forum?


  11. Hi!

    SO, these are events and missions


    Cold Sleep, Antenna Field, Capture and Protect


    Firefight, Supplies, Supremacy

  12. Hello!
    Is there a chance, that we can also get some previews for Satelite Tournament this weekend?


  13. Hi!
    Could You please add warcor points for events? I want to get prices for Poznań's Satelite Tournament;) I aim at limite edition Warcor and TAGLINE Event tournament pack, so there will be 3 limited miniatures for winners:D



  14. - fixed:D
  15. You can now sign in for tournament! We plan to have 60 spots covered, so dont hesitate;D EDIT: Im deeply sorry, convention organisers werent aware there can be guests not from Poland, english version of site will be by tomorrow;)