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  1. Is not Bit & Kiss. Expect them for the upcoming winter...but not on 2017
  2. Stay tuned tomorrow at BoW
  3. Topic closed. For future topics, take a breath, re-read your reply and be sure that is respectful to the rest of user before click on "submit reply". Thank you.
  4. Both bases are 30mm.
  5. Standard cards (character and tactics cards): Number of cards: 60 @ 63 x 88mm Small cards (initiative cards): Number of cards: 8 @ 41 x 63mm Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/164572/item/5705750#item5705750
  6. Nope, the airport was opened all the time. The fires were located between the city and the airport; an area full of forests as you said. And it's true, smoke inhalation is terrible U_U This is a BIG PROBLEM. And Galicia is full of imported Eucalyptus forests.
  7. Hello guys, We're fine, thank you. Last Sunday was a very tough day. CB is 30km away from Vigo, so fire is "far away". But, on Sunday night, a fire appears on a near forest of CB area (2-3 km). Fortunately was extinguished fast. Situation in Vigo was very dramatical, as fires arrived at the first residential buildings of the city. But the neighbours worked hard to extinguish it. Yesterday, rains came and helped a lot to control fires, but unfortunately, a lot of fires are still active. A terrible situation, near catastrophical for our region U_U Thank you for your words.
  8. Hi Koni I may have screwed up with the OTM because I have an Error regarding an event from the 29 September. The event appears twice and can't be reported: I can't click on the photo button to upload pictures and report the event.

    Event name: Soirée Infinity à la BreizhTeam




  9. @PsychoticStorm said it clearly: not personal attacks to other forum members. So please, stop, in this thread or every another thread in this forum. Thank you for your collaboration.
  10. Yes, Scarface is holding a cigar in his hand. And hi-res pics as soon as I can, next week
  11. As always, I'll try to post here hi-res pics from the seminar
  12. Unfortunately, this year's seminar will be not streamed. I'm really sorry guys U_U
  13. Solved ;P
  14. Visit the official website: https://aristeiathegame.com to know more about the characters