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  1. The package arrived today and everything was in order as always. Thanks for the great service!
  2. Sounds great! Any advice on how to proxy/convert the HRL Hafza? I'm thinking about the ML Govad ...
  3. I really like the new iteration, even though the pose is rather lackluster. As many have said before, the gun does look a bit out of place and imo the posture is a bit too brutish when it should be exalted. Depending on how the parts are connected it should be possible to modify the pose and repurpose the weapon though, so I'm still thrilled about it
  4. Hello everyone, I'm thinking about using a Hafza HRL in my vanilla Haqq list, but I'm not quite sure how to use it or whether to use it at all, since I can't use link teams. If I get this right, the Holoprojector 1 state is basically there to play mind games with your opponent and does not grant any other benefits unlike Holorojector 2 (marker state, surprise shot etc.). So do you think it is worthwhile to have a Hafza disguised as a Ghulam for the surprise HRL ARO alone? With BS 12 and Assault Pistol it still seems like a pretty nice unit for the points and a net improvement over the Ghulam SWC loadouts. What do you say: yea or nay?
  5. "Domaru", "Haramaki" and "Oyoroi" are derived from identically named medieval Japanese armor types. "Keisotsu" translates to "rash" or "thoughtless", which is a nod to the bold but not very professional nature of the Japanese line troops. "Shikami" are particular Kabuki masks depicting a demon. "Karakuri (ningyo)" are mechanical puppets, so the Infinity ones are the same concept taken to an extreme in a military context. The term "Kempeitai" is taken from the real-world Japanese military police force from the early 20th century.
  6. In that case I'd not bother playing with them at all.
  7. What makes them a cry baby? Are their complaints rational and within the game's requirements or are they just throwing a tantrum because they're losing?
  8. Not to be disrespectful, but how do you come to this conclusion? I'm sure most everybody would have prefered two seperate boxes.
  9. Or we can do all of those since they are not mutually exclusive.
  10. The fox man strikes me as the epitome of diversity Jokes aside, I'm trying to get into Nomads too and I have similar issues with what you said about Bakunin, so I went vanilla for now. This way you can be sure that you can pretty much field any combination of units you like.
  11. Gotta second that. It's definitely worth the money.
  12. New Equipment type: Adhesive tires