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  1. Something like this? https://youtu.be/5bdonBBgRXQ?t=8s
  2. In Albuquerque? Sorry, I couldn't help but to read your post with Weird Al's voice
  3. No, she isn't. V told us in the Spanish forum (and Melkhior already relied that info here) that " Her name is Laxmee and she is Masai from Corregidor and she is also somewhat self-taught hacker ".
  4. I think Icarium was talking about this girl, not about the Limited Edition Infinity models that come with the books:
  5. Thx! Yet, I don't like him.
  6. The failure at the Wotan Blockade might change that
  7. The game does indeed need more "bad guys", so Triumvirate is a good candidate that everyone (Hummanity, Tohaa's Trident, CA...) can hate.
  8. Hi Cho! A friend of mine has asked me about the availability of the Kriza Borac from the Beyond Icestorm Box. Do you think you'll get to split another box? Thanks.
  9. - Sakiel Box - Hospitaller Box - Bit & Kiss - Kriza Borac - Something for Ariadna - A couple of repacks
  10. It is written like that in the rulebook: »» El usuario sólo podrá emplear esta Táctica de Apoyo una vez por partida. [sorry, I have the spanish pdf]
  11. You're right, I forgot that point. Still, a TAG that auto-repairs on 16's would be pretty OP. The easiest way to give the Gorgos regeneration powers without making it too OP would be to just give it the Revitalis Pheroware Program (which is one-time-use per match).
  12. Worse: as the Gorgos has Symbiont Armour the roll would be at PH+3, so at 19.