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  1. They got bigger and more bulky after the 3D sculpting became the norm, but yes, they are the same. And they are cool. The problem is the Light Rocket Launcher... Neema used to (supposedly) carry one, but we never saw it and CB changed her profile. And the Sakiel LRL is nowhere to be seen. It's like a cursed weapon
  2. The Charontid looks nice, but I expected something more. Don't know what, but it feels lacking... as if it's just a slightly different Xeodrone. Maybe after paint this will change. And the Garuda really is lacking several pieces, looks really weird.
  3. All in Tohaa is new, the only resculpt we have is Neema Saatar and she hasn't arrived the stores yet. There are no other resculpts in sight, as the next thing for Tohaa will probably be new models or profiles for their first Sectorial, or maybe Corvus Belli will just fill in some missing models in their lineup (Taqeul, Ectros Vulkan Shotgun, Clipsos Boarding Shotgun, Sakiel Rocket Launcher, Sukeul HMG...).
  4. Because you can swap it easly: this match, I'm team green; next match, I'm team orange. Way better for tournaments.
  5. Except an Impresonator. I want one! But yes, latest releases have indeed filled our most glaring issue: anti-armour. Also, we now have nice things like smoke-combo, troops with STR to repair, cheap Chain of Command, pseudo-hacking, perimetral weapons...
  6. Exactly my situation XDDDD I'm not a good painter. And I am very, very, VERY slow, like needing about 8 hours per model between cleaning, assembling, painting... At best, I paint a couple of models in one month. 3 years later, I have about 50 miniatures painted, and when they are together they make me feel very proud, even though they look like shit when I compare them with the pictures I see in this forum or in Facebook. But it doesn't matter, because I play with just a few other guys, and most of their models are also unpainted or just coated. No one cares about fighting an army of "silver-surfer-proxies", we just have fun.
  7. It is, but one extra Coordinated Orders to redeploy your troops (move-move) or get into Supression Fire is very order-efficient. If you bring several non-linkable models in your list or need to constantly shuffle troopers between Combat Groups or Triads, the Skill is worth its cost.
  8. Viral Combi Taqeul with Symbiomate and Symbiobomb in Supression Fire is very difficult to kill. And if the oponent doesn't completly kill it, you still have a 65% chance to recover it from Unconsciuos with Regeneration. You should give him a try.
  9. I'd bet on Svalarheima, remember Wotan.
  10. Quick summary... - I went first, and started using the Impetuous Order from Penny. Unexpectedly, a Riot Grrl Spitfire could see her and AROed Penny. Penny shoot back and the the Riot Grrl went unconscious from a crit and another hit. Just like that, and I still had my ten orders XDDD - After getting (almost) everyone out of the dangerous zone using my four Coordinated Orders, I buffed my TR bot, flanked the enemy troops, and killed my oponent non-buffed TR and a Reverend. Also, I moved close to the enemy a Dasyu Killer Hacker but failed at hacking another Reverend and basting her head. - My oponent spent his orders trying to get some troops out of his Biotecvore danger zone, but spent almost all of his orders just to kill my TR bot, the Dasyu and my Spitfire Asura (lost one Morlock in the process). The Biotecvore zone hurt him a little at the end of the turn. - As I still had 7 Orders (plus the Impetuous one), Penny proceeded to engage the enemies in close combat and kill nearly all of them one by one. Only a second Morlock and Brando survived. In my last turn, Penny fixed that.
  11. Haven't you seen the Sukeul Commando? That's the biggest forehead in the galaxy.
  12. Lately Tohaa females are incredibly tall (taller than their silhouette).
  13. New Neema seems pissed off. And ready to kick some asses. Cool. And Druze are pretty cool too. And the Nexus too. And there is the Szalamander. Very good month.
  14. Black Friday -> Onix 300points box at 50€ -> I'll be starting Onix soon as my third faction
  15. Well, now that we have Bit working for the CA... I think she'll happily publish any info she has regarding the Tohaa. The EI will provide plenty material to damage Tohaa's reputation within the Human Sphere.