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  1. So in conclusion. During the game you can score ONLY YOUR ROLLED ZONE for 1pt. With an additional 1pt if you did it with a tag? Then whoever got the most dominated zones at the end gets an additional point? Just trying to be clear.
  2. Is there anything stopping both zones from being the same zone? My opponent and I both rolled a zone on his side of the table and it was a damn slog.
  3. I'm a little confused about deadly dance. It seems that you can score either zone at the end of each round for 1pt max. Then you can score max 1 pt per end of game round if your tag is in YOUR ASSIGNED ZONE. then at end of game you can get 1 extra point if you're controlling both zones. is that right? The first line says quadrantS so I'm assuming you can control either zone or both for 1pt max. and the tag line says QUADRANT (no "s")
  4. I can't find the corvus Belli Facebook page?
  5. Or by blowing a hole in the wall
  6. Thanks!
  7. Does this free pass back in only last until the order count phase that happens after they were put out of the link? What if trooper Vicksburg is booted for dodging when he should have shot and dodges out of coherency. The next order count phase he misses the free pass. Then his buddies move towards him and an entire round passes. At the following order count can he get in? Basically, is there a one time pass available or do people get free entry into link teams anytime they're near one they could be a part of every order count phase? Also is it only for previous members that were kicked out getting back in?
  8. On page 16 of the N3 human sphere rulebook the 5th paragraph from the top says "If the fireteam has not been cancelled, then the troopers who left will automatically be able to REJOIN IT if they again in coherency with the team leader during the order count phase of their next active turn" The entire section is about when one or more members leave a fireteam from doing a different aro from their fellows or doing a different order or not doing the order given. So my question is this. Does automatically mean "without the use of a command token? If I have 5 guys and one of them dodges while the rest shoot I know he will drop out of the fireteam but by this paragraph then he automatically rejoins it at the start of my next turn?
  9. I just don't this initial shock thing. I looked through aleph lists. nothing is wildly expensive except for some of the named characters. can you give me an example of them paying more for things somewhere else? I can totally get on board with game design that says X is cheap because Y is expensive and the faction is bad without Y so X being cheap isn't somehow bad. but what is Y?
  10. No one asked for haqq to have the same thing. I just think it should cost more. Just like you probably would if our fidays were 12 pts
  11. This things are all normal prices. They're all within reason. And I'm really confused about this impersonator comments. I'm not saying they shouldn't have post humans, or that the price shouldn't reflect the single order or that haqq should get them too. But the price of the two models above should reflect even the cost of an alphasid which just ONE of these models is an equal of. I mean I know people have been leaning really hard on the whole muttawiah thing but is that it. Is that what our faction is balanced around? It's not like mutts feed orders to our arm5 HI like kwang Shi do.
  12. The 2 posthumans combined cost 30pts. For 30pts you get one order, a doctor, a combination rifle, a heavy with 2 wounds and armour 5, a heavy rocket, and a sub. The mutt is stronger than other warbands but it's not also cheaper too. The mutt Vs a kiang Shi is 5pts Vs 5 pts and an irregular Vs a regular and an amazing kit Vs an okay kit both for 5 points. Imagine if a mutt was 1 point Vs a kiang Shi's 5 points. That is the price difference between this 30pt package and the equivalent alphad with heavy rocket. Again, mutts are quite a bit better than other warbands but they aren't also faster, cheaper, and have more wounds. The real cost for both of those models is 30pts. I know we can't really compare across factions. If you you show me heavy infantry from yu-jing and they're better than ours for around the same cost I'd say sure that's their strength. If you said they're better AND they're cheaper if be wary but fine that can be there strength, but this is further than that. This is a wip 15 doctor with mimetism for the cost of an alguacil, this is a size 2 alphasid with mov4-4 for the cost of a stock muyibs. This is nuts. There are limits to how far things should be better for cheaper shouldn't there? Just imagine for a moment getting an alphasid for 20pts. Does that seem fair? Also if our costs are balanced around cheap infantry then why would we ever take our heavy infantry? I'm playing in a limited insertion tourney and I'm just realising that our options are really bad. I get that haqq is built around cheap irregular orders to carry our mediocre expensive stuff but then I feel I can just take nothing but the good cheap stuff and leave the big heavy guys at home.
  13. in this picture you see a mighty djanbazan, arm 3, immune to shock, and with a fearsome HMG! for 35pts and 2 SWC! an excellent use of points... or so I thought. next to him are a single trooper that shares 2 bodies, the post human heavy and the post human doctor. the heavy is arm 5 (same arm as a alphasid) has 2 wounds, a heavy rocket launcher and a submachine gun, has mov 4-4 (faster than alphasid) and has all the other perks of being a heavy infantry. the other body is a doctor with WIP 15, mimetism, no wound incapacitation and BS13 (Im putting in all the stats where this 10pt doctor is leagues above any of our best doctors). am I crazy? is something wrong here? why is there doctor 10pts who is about 1.5 times better than our 16pt doctor? why do they have a size 2 alphasid with 4-4 move for 20pts? why are both of them cheaper than a single djanbazan? I just realized that technically there are 4 wounds to kill through in the post human choice. 4 wounds for 30pts and 2 SWC.
  14. tactica

    Are you guys just playing vanilla but putting things into the list that you think will be in ramah?
  15. tactica

    did they mention if C:Paradiso is going to drop at gencon?