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  1. fatality level 1 gives you +1 damage. lvl2 gives you crits on 1's as well as normal crits.
  2. Second wound and high armour. 6 in cover is no joke.
  3. Infiltrators get hit first because they are in the front but this guy has no defensive mod. He's not hard to kill with low armour and no defensive mod so I can't keep justifying his high cost. Most models have some kind of thing they get in defense. Either they have armour but are easy to hit or they have no armour but a defensive mod but he doesn't have either one.
  4. hey Zoe, is it possible for the ITS link to just be one of the drop down menu options under the community drop down button? or if not could it be one of the links listed on the side in white with the other community links? also thanks for the fast fix! the new site is beautiful!
  5. can this just be where we talk about the new website? how do we sign in to ITS for tournaments? I found lots of pages talking about new players but I couldn't find the sign in page?
  6. tactica

    this is a true point. also in a link team they can bring a doctor with them so their bioimmunity keeping them immune to shock and viral will mean that that doctor will almost always have a guy to pick up as well as be there to pick him up. but damn... so expensive.
  7. tactica

    so look I'm new but I feel way more confident in my opinion since hearing myomer say the exact thing I've been thinking on mayacast's last show. his abilities tell me I should be aggressive and commit orders to him to go kill people. so I'm going to have a 30pt model get my precious regular orders to move up and gank people from excellent positions. but if he's killing some basic front line LI or MI they will probably be BS 12, so hitting him on 15s while he's hitting them on 16s. great dice are in his favour but if they succeed which will happen quite often he disappears in a puff of smoke with ghulam armour. what a chump? now you've spent a lot of orders and points on a model that got to where he is using super jump so maybe its hard for a doctor to go get to him because your doctor doesn't have super jump. sure if you can find lots of shock weapons you'll get arm3 but that's less often. I mean I'm not a fan of the zhayedan but even it is better because when it shoots it takes cover but ignores the enemy cover. that's a stat swing in your favour on top of active turn dice benefit which means that the unlucky failure will happen less often. so okay the khawarij is easier to kill, harder to keep alive while ramboing, and has the most minor defensive buff in the game but is all that worth super jump, bs13 (rare in haqq) and PH13 (rare also). meh... +1bs? the zhayedan gets marksmanship so its be 15 regularly. better again. the govad that everyone talks badly about is 29pts with the HMG so you get a better weapon (if you prefer the HMG to the spitfire which is personal taste), better armour, better BS vs camo, a breaker pistol all for cheaper so its less points invested in the guy and when he does go down he's probably easy for a ghulam doctor to get to. so how would I buff it? frankly I think buffing it would be unfair because its stats are lovely but too expensive. 22pts for the shotgun version, 25 for the rifle (I mean, if that's the cost of a lasik, why on earth would you pay MORE for a kawarij? is it 5pts better than a lasik?) 25 for the doctor (it has a shotgun only so cheap) and 27 for the spitfire. no stat changes, just less investment so I can support the glass cannon with other models. though if I really had to buff it to make it worth the points it curently has then I would give it hyperdynamics and automedkit.
  8. tactica

    for their cost there is no reason, in my very humble 8 months of experience, to take them no matter what stat buffs they get in a link. those buffs could be on someone else that doesn't die as easily. I realize my short time playing means I could be missing something but I feel like Im hearing that sentiment from veterans as well.
  9. oh okay thank you so much its really making me a better player and also making my games more smooth!
  10. if you're coming on the side of teh board you should be flanking them and giving them no cover anyways. half armour and no cover is better in that situation. again, I'm not saying its always better, but if you are comparing it to the assault hacker then you're paying 7-8 more points and you have to avoid killer hackers and repeaters too. the only point I'm makng is that a flanking boarding shotgun is worth taking and in some situations it is even better than the rifle light shotgun. I'd say its better in less situations but that's why is costs less.
  11. the point is the boarding shotgun can sweep order monkeys off the board and in a pinch put a serious hurt on heavy armour as well. that is versatility you are getting. I'm not saying its auto include but you'd be a fool to dismiss it outright.
  12. okay this is fantastic, that means that we're back to the only time a model doesn't get to ftf an attack against them is inactive troopers in the active turn being hit by blasts. whew!
  13. I think stronger blasts as well as AP mode are worth saving a point. how often do you gun after arm 5-6 heavies and they just laugh at your bullets.
  14. okay I'm caught up. now if you shoot at the holoecho and the blast hits the ayyar while the ayyar is shooting at the rocket firer... does the ayyar still impose the surprise shot modifier on the rocket firer?
  15. And that's true for impact templates as well?