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  1. We've got it from the arbiter of Infinity lore that female Knights exist. Uncommon sure, but it doesn't seem to be that they're as rare as hen's teeth. So given that's what CB has said... shouldn't there be female knight models? Certainly not as many as the blokes (And I don't think anyone was asking for that), but one or two to reflect the apparent lore that "female knights actually exist"? I suspect its a moot point anyway. Gutier said its not something they'd be touching for at least six months, and I suspect Hospitallers will be out before then. I'm fairly sure that there's only a few units in Infinity that are explicitly male or female only. Father Knights, all the observance units (Moiras, Healers, Custodiers and Sin Eaters) and Riot Grrls. I think that's explicitly it? Odalisques possibly, but given what the fluff talks about both female and male harems existing, bio-enhanced male companions/bodyguards don't seem unreasonable (Just give them a different name I guess?).
  2. The thing is, its pretty clear this thread has moved on to wishlisting. Which is fine, those threads pop up all the time. One thing I've noticed though, is that people seem to pop up in the PanOceanian ones to point out game balance issues (Often people who don't play PanO as their primary faction), when it almost never seems to happen in the wishlist threads that occur in other faction forums, all of which have ideas suggested that would also crack game balance like a faberge egg handled by a gaggle of five year olds. I really have no idea why this is the case, but there you go. Forum sociology or something
  3. To which I throw back the usual retort given to people who ask for female models: "They're just little metal models, does it really matter?" Seriously though, CB should just follow Wyrd's example and once a year at like Gencon or Interplanetary release a limited edition model that's just a flipped gender version of some existing unit; female knight, female Galwegian, male Odalisque, male Moira etc. Hell, they could go all out and do fun stuff like a male Joan (Joe of Arc?) or female Achilles. Problem solved, and limited edition release requirements filled for the forseeable future to boot!
  4. Getting a bit personal there? Yes, its all based on my subjective impressions and experiences, but then again, hey, everyone here is basing what they're saying more or less on subjective experiences, because that's pretty much all we have to go on (We're going to draw different conclusions to the data we do have to work with as well). I've said what I think and why. Yes it is subjective and I admit that, but uh, that's pretty much all we have going on here (And again, I'm not going to dismiss those either) because again, its pretty much all subjective and based on personal experiences and impressions. None of us have direct ears to the game designer after all. My impressions and experiences with PanO disagree with yours, and that's fine. Doesn't make either of them worth less or more than the other, so I'm not sure why you're trying so hard to pick it apart. There's a zip file containing every list used in Interplanetary at the end of this article.
  5. Me am can speak English good (I think I meant "factional limitation", the usual "no warbands, no smoke and no chain rifles" stuff people talk about). Don't get me wrong. I like playing PanOceania (On the rare times I get to play it at least). But at the same time I find them less interesting, certainly to build lists with, than the other factions I play.
  6. I believe someone mentioned (Though I have no idea if its actually true or not) that the only person at CB who plays PanOceania regularly is one of the sculptors. And once again, no one is complaining that PanOceania is bad. They won Interplanetary for criminy's sake! What a lot of people have raised concerns with them is that, as Stiopa says, they're dull mechanically and hampered by factional weakness in a way that no other faction is. Even if you wanted to keep PanOceania in the "Peace through superior firepower" niche, there are ways to do it that are far more interesting than either "more BS" or "more mimetism and MSV". CB have shown that with Full Auto, Fatality, and the alternative auxbots that Aleph have used. The fact that other factions get new skills and access to units that are explained as rounding them out (One of which that used to be unique to a PanOceanian sectorial, one a skill that really feels like it should be a PanOceanian skill), when PanOceania essentially gets a new unit that, whilst good, is incredibly similar to existing units does is a bit galling. Its very easy to start thinking that CB simply doesn't put as much thought into PanOceania design (And like everyone hear I have no idea if they do or not). The constant "PanOceania was a mistake" and "The Salt Mines of PanOceania" jokes don't really help either. That kind of constant stirring is bound to make people a bit defensive and reactionary after all.
  7. Getting back into Hassassins, I'm wondering what kind of tools and tactics they have for dealing with the cheap, smoke-throwing melee centric warband models that my meta seems to love (Galwegians, Morlocks, more Galwegians). My usual methods are MSV 2 and mines everywhere but Hassassins are kind of lacking in both of those things. How do you guys deal with the danged things?
  8. I think this is the thing. PanOceania is not bad or sub-optimal or uncompetitive. Its just dull and lacks creativity and imagination and has just plain doesn't get access to as many tools of the game as other factions do. I never get excited about building a PanO list in the way I do with Haqqislam or Tohaa or Ariadna unless I'm doing something silly (Like seeing how many troops an ASA army can start with at the centre of the table). I think its noteworthy that where Nomads and Haqqislam got new skills that shake things up quite a bit (And lets face it, Full Auto, with its emphasis on firepower and dominating firefights, *feels* like the kind of skill PanO should have), PanO got a new troop that shares a lot of design similarities to existing troops. And the Kamau is not a bad troop at all; far from it, its cheap, efficient and will get the job done... and is utterly dull (Seriously, when having a HRL profile is the most exciting thing about a new unit...).
  9. I don't think they ever specified exactly what happened to him, they just talk about his sacrifice without getting into detail. Him being sepsitorised or being a deep undercover agent are just fan theories I believe. I don't think they ever specified exactly what happened to him, they just talk about his sacrifice without getting into detail. Him being sepsitorised or being a deep undercover agent are just fan theories I believe.
  10. The RPG had a couple of O-12 exclusive pieces of kit, the multi pistol and the guided grenade launcher. I am *really* curious to see if they'll show up in the tabletop game, and if so, what they'll be like. Also, it'll be interesting to see what the Zeta Units actually end up being like. Its funny, we know almost nothing about O-12 as a faction (in terms of units and gameplay), but CB have done quite a good job of indirectly fleshing them out and building up hype for them.
  11. I'd love to see your treatment of some of the Steel Phalanx characters I and other forumites came up with, though like other people have said, just draw what you want. Based on the Valkyrie, they're gonna look great regardless!
  12. It is worth mentioning that Gutier said "could release some female knights in the future", not that they will. I for one am quite happy that its something that they actually put some thought into. Given that it wouldn't be for at least six months, that probably rules Hospitallers out, and Father Knights are out by default (given that they are exclusively male). Maybe a Montessa or Teuton in a blister then? That'd be cool. I'd almost definitely pick one up. The 0-12 and Ikari Company information was quite interesting (I love the sound of the Ikari Company), particularly the stuff talking about how the Convention will affect 0-12 in terms of gameplay. Given that chain rifles were mentioned though, I will laugh so hard if 0-12 ends up with access to them where PanOceania doesn't.
  13. Am I the only person who likes Boarding Shotgun AD troops? They tend to be fairly cheap, and they can guarantee good range bands thanks to AD. Plus its a cool looking model. That's a good enough reason alone to use it.
  14. Swiss Guards do have AP CCWs (Though I'm not sure if I've ever seen them used). Kind of makes it look like a knight though. I definitely much prefer the old one (And I'm a little irritated that its another female-to-male resculpt, but I don't think anyone wants me to start that tangent again) and I've noticed a few other people make that comment too. The Kamau is a bit simple, but looks good (Albeit its a fairly similar pose to the Bagh Mari HMG) and the Bolt Paramedic (or what we saw of it anyway) looks quite nice. Still, the PanOceanian models just don't seem to have the flair that the other factions do.