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  1. Yes. That was more or less my point. Forcing you to have the hacker in the link changes how you use it.
  2. Out of the renders and dossiers we got at Rumble, about the only thing it looks at all similar to is one of the Riot Grrls, but I'm really not sure that it's that at all. Maybe something Combined Army that we haven't seen yet?
  3. I'm wondering if she'll be a bit like an Interventor (high WIP, high BTS, very strong hacking options). Forcing her to link with Dakinis both balances her (By stopping you from just keeping her in the back and relying on a repeater net) and balances the Dakinis (By forcing you to have a squishy with them to run the link).
  4. The fluff for her according to Bostria at the seminar was that she's a former major in the Haqqislamite military. I'm not sure it'll have any gameplay effect simply because having a mercenary lead an entire force (Especially one as paranoid and strict as the ISS) would be *really* weird. Qapu Khalqi gets away with it pretty much by just being a bunch of pirates, mercenaries and weirdos
  5. He has mimetism.
  6. It's apparently the new design, though Bostria said that there were no plans to resculpt the Lasiqs. Did he state whether Lunah was ISS *only* or just available to iSS (And this potentially others)?
  7. Kamasuil Unit Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: In the single thousands, Neebab numerology considers numbers where one powerful number follows another to be “dying numbers”. The convergence of such numbers cancels them all out and leaves in their place a number with strong negative connotation. Kamasuil, 7110 is such a number, representing ill-omens, unwanted revelations and haunted people. It is the number of disasters that were predicted but could not be prevented and dark fates that could not be foiled. Poets would use it to symbolise tragic romances, fallen heroes and suicides, whilst to traditional doctors it represented degenerative illnesses and wounds that killed slowly. Profile: Predecessors to the Gao-Tarsos landing units, the Kamasuil operational profile was one of deep strikes and behind-the-lines operations. Expected to operate without support for long periods of time, they would function as saboteurs and militarily-sanctioned terrorists, striking at both the materiel and psychological capability of the enemy to effectively wage war. In the face of the relentless onslaught of the EI, the Kamasuil was used to great effect against Combined Army forces, striking at supply lines and command posts, and providing immediate relief to isolated forces and civilian areas, changing nearly overnight from war criminals to heroes. Despite their string of successes, the Kamasuil could do little to halt the overwhelming power of the EI invasion. Where once they could buy entire months, the Kamasuil were often sacrificed to buy mere minutes, and the many victories of the unit were ultimately bought with a casualty rate that climbed up above 95%. Perhaps even worse for the Kamasuil, proud in equal measure of both their dark reputation and their fierce loyalty, their battlegear began to be used by Tohaa loyal to the EI cause. With the unit crippled and both its armour and reputation co-opted by the newly emergent Sygmaa, it was retired, and its surviving members were folded into the new Gao-Tarsos units. That is at least what the official histories say. Despite the Kamasuil unit no longer existing, Tohaa forces still sometimes make use of the distinctive Kamasuil battlegear and tactics (Albeit modernised with the advances developed by the Gao-Tarsos project). These are often survivors of the Kamasuil unit, who prefer the feel and responsiveness of the older style gear but at other times, Gao-Tarsos troops are deployed in Kamasuil armour due to it being better suited for operations deep behind enemy lines. In such cases there is a standing order that they not be deployed in areas where co-operation with human forces is expected, due to friendly fire concerns. However, rumour persists in the highest levels of Tohaa military intelligence that the so-called Triumvirate makes heavy use of the surviving Kamasuil assets for use in false-flag operations, using them to hide their own misdeeds behind the shroud of “Sygmaa raids” and “Combined Army incursions”. Basically just me taking the Fraacta body from the Combined Army starter and giving it the Gao-Tarsos combi rifle arms. I'm honestly surprised with how well it came out. The scales matched up more or less perfectly. As a side effect, for the first time ever, I *really* want to use the Gao-Tarsos.
  8. The completely different feel of the two factions both mechanically and in turns of background? The fact that CB has proven themselves to be very good at balancing the different factions, even when they have very similar tools (See Swiss Guard vs Hac Tao for instance), so we could be fairly confident that they'd be able to do so here as well? I mean, it's not going to happen of course, but that feels like a very weak argument.
  9. I get more of a Reaper feel off him personally, particularly with that pose.
  10. A hacking program that reveals what a Marker is without actually cancelling the camo state might be interesting actually. It lets you know what the marker is, so you can plan around it, but you still have to discover it if you want to shoot it. It'd definitely be a new kind of thing that could open up some interesting possibilities. I wonder though if it might be a bit, I dunno, granular? for the system though.
  11. Why would they have to tone down any of them? Are you worried that the Varuna-specific ORCs are going to be so far ahead of the rest that it's going to be necessary? Because I'm not seeing an ORC with a Missile Launcher, or one with Minelayer, or one with an SMG and Flamethrower (And remember, I made all of those up as examples; the Vorcs CB gives us might be far less out there) being that unreasonable at all when you consider the points costs.
  12. To be fair, for a long time there was a lot of speculation over whether ORCs were going to show up in Svarlaheima, Varuna, or even the theoretical Earth Bastion Army sectorial. I'm not sure I understand the point you're trying to make here. Shouldn't limiting certain load-outs to a sectorial make them *easier* to balance due to the narrower variety of units and therefore synergies? I'm not understanding how the power of ORCs is going to be screwed up if Varuna gets, I dunno, an SMG & Heavy Flamethrower ORC profile, or a Missile Launcher profile (And those are fairly extreme examples. As people pointed out, "unique profiles" could simply mean something as relatively minor as a Minelayer profile, or Drop Bears). Because they're unique to Varuna, wouldn't the only concern be making sure they're balanced within the sectorial (Which already has limited unit options baked into as a balancing factor)?
  13. Why? I quite liked it as it refers back to the old, old first edition stuff with ORC Troops actually painting Orc faces on their helmets. Its a nice little callback. Also, giving sectorials unique variations on a standard set of units is really not a bad idea simply because it prevents unit bloat, which is something that is just going to get worse as more and more sectorials come out. A lot of vanilla factions have too many units as is. Imagine how they'll look after two more sectorials. Sectorial-only variations and load-outs does a lot to cut down on that.
  14. Considering the main languages of Varuna are Spanish and Malay, I suspect Trump would *hate* the place
  15. For me at least, it was more that the bird on the plate is pretty clearly not a crow, or at least no corvid we get around here. The beak and legs are both wrong, and its far too small. Its almost like trying to say something using pictures or memes alone is really problematic and likely to just create confusion and bad feelings! Getting back to Varuna, something Bostria mentioned during the Q&A I found really interesting. He mentioned that ORC Troops in the Varuna sectorial will have access to weapon load-outs that are not available to ORC Troops elsewhere. This is a really interesting design space, and I'd love to know what Varuna ORCs (Or Vorcs) will get unique access to. Drop Bears perhaps? Missile Launcher? A close range SMG/DTW type profile? Something completely new entirely? I'm really hoping we can find out some more info on the Varuna sectorial perhaps at Gencon, simply because that alone is making me super interested in what CB are doing with it.