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  1. Can't wait to only check one forum again I'm gonna pretend you don't want anyone to miss you so you're actually acting virtuously. Because no one has an excuse to be mean to @Golem2God.
  2. I think most of us love Storm even if I have been one of the few that need to be moderated.
  3. How do you think the bans would happen? You and I would go to hell together, buddy.
  4. How are you this mean to nice people?
  5. @Kanluwen I don't want you to be an expert, I want you to not exclusively try to make people unhappy. There are so, so few people that make the forum worse instead of better by being present.
  6. @Kanluwen I've never seen someone mix ignorance with confidence to the same degree as you. It might be cute if it wasn't so negative.
  7. That could still be pretty cool.
  8. Well made!
  9. Just use Holo2, the only thing you should hide is profile, which isn't useful here. Use Holo2 to make turn 1 assassinations more difficult, to clear deployables, and to get up to 3 free surprise shots.
  10. If Kriza wasn't under-equipped he wouldn't be allowed to have Full Auto.
  11. Phalanx has no access to a Core technically. And effectively I guess, they can't get the 5th man.
  12. There's usually (always?) more than one Core. Except Phalanx I guess.
  13. Please trust me when I say that would not be healthy for the game.
  14. Very excited to see what happens to Securitate. Otherwise it's mostly the Grenzer link for me too.