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  1. That is the last time Sapper was used here so if that's how it worked that explains it.
  2. @EmperorSaiStone so it does! I must have been thinking of something else.
  3. People seemed to be a bit down on Koalas, so here's some tips. Remember that Koalas are cheap and no actual risk. You get a high stat infiltrating specialist with a repeater, the Koalas are a tiny fraction of what you are paying for. And unlike an ARO unit you lose nothing when they are "disarmed". Keep your expectations to what you are paying. First off, advantages over mines. You can move Koalas with 0 order expenditure while fighting or taking objectives, except to set them if you are worried about dying. You can also place them at a range, like drop bears but without a PH check or LoS requirement. The actual order cost to place Koalas somewhere other than where you deploy is very low. Koalas also do not need LoS to set off. This lets them cover a much wider area and basically forces your opponent to deal with them as avoidence is impossible. They are also better at covering allies. No template to deal with friendly fire, no finding a sneaky corner where they can shoot your guy without seeing the mine. Koalas are moveable units that generate ARO, causing other Koalas or mines to go off. You also get two so you can cover a wider area. Try to spread them out so they need to be cleared twice. Mines have a list of advantages as well. Koalas trade some things away but get a lot of flexibility that a good user can capitalize on. I wouldn't trade them for minelayer. Like all ARO weapons, don't expect kills regularly. Even a Fusilier has a low chance of dying between 50% chance to dodge and 30% chance to ARM. The primary point is to use orders or deny area. Delay or deny, their choice not yours. A good opponent won't take those odds on a valuable units, because it will make Koalas a massively powerful unit if every time it got a kill off it was a high value target. It is their turn, so they can choose. One of the main points of a long range ARO is that they can't use anyone to clear it, they need to get close or match range. The Koalas call for the same thing, but preferably a cheap unit with high PH like a WB. A sacrifice like a REM can be used but if they can't set off both this is a bad move, since you will only clear one. I wrote that to help you think of your own tactics, but here's how I try to get them to work out. I want to make my opponent use as many of their orders on something other than objectives or killing my valuable units. I can cover an objective in 3 stages. Camo, Ranged, Koalas. To get past they need 3 things. A unit that can deal with Camo (esp. with Bandit elite statline), a unit that is cheap enough to risk on Koalas, and a unit that can shoot well enough to deal with my ranged. This is basically never the same unit. That means three different units must get in position to deal with the threats if they want access to that area. Because of the nature of those units, they usually need a 4th for a specialist. That's usually too much to accomplish in one turn, unless they have a TAG. And that's not that bad of a points investment. Even if they have a 100g success rate you are only down 3 orders. This can be done with many unit combos, last game it was Intruder ADHL in the middle with Koalas and a Jaguar Panzerfaust for the ranged. He did have a TAG so I uses a bit more firepower. And he still powered through with no wounds, but the order cost was decent, and you have to eat it like that when a TAG is around. Any good CQB unit can be used in place of Camo as well. Only the Moran is vital.
  4. I still use Koalas a lot. They don't kill a lot, and when they do they don't kill much in points, but they require the opponent to bring a special unit to clear them. That means they first have to move their guy to dodge them up and after they're cleared send their main guy. Mixed with other good ARO options and you can get them to spend turn 1 dealing with just that. The advantage over minelayer is the number you get and how hard they are to avoid. Additionally you can use them to clear enemy deployables such as mines, I believe. Finally you have access to them on Corregidor, unlike minelayer. @Sergei_Simonov here's my actual list last used: Here's a list that drops the black sheep that I'm practicing with in favor of a good starter: If you'd like you could PM me with the guys like/have and we could work out something more personalized.
  5. @Valaskjalf MSV3 isn't just a next step. Tungunska might not even know the science behind it, much less be able to produce it, much less be able to produce it in enough volume to equip it to a unit. It would also be bizzare to see in Nomad balance. I would be very surprised to see it on Tungunska.
  6. @Dasaan I would rather pay for the 3 ARM personally. Being able to just go sapper and use it as a ARO piece while putting a repeater nearby would allow supportware. But is it as good as an Azrail? Azrail can move without paying orders to Sapper and don't require orders for supportware. And you can't use EVO mass enhanced reaction because they need a repeater themselves. It looks like a way to game it and still get supportware but I don't think the effort and orders spent, mixed with ARM and BS drop compared to similar roles, is worth it. So I'm not really worried about that unbalancing it, it just seems too costly for too little reward. Just use a TR bot! If supportware did become a problem it could be classified as a Rem. Pres. TAG instead. One thing: REM can't go prone, right? Doesn't Sapper use the prone S of the model?
  7. Man Corregidor is competitive. Possibly the only sectorial where I could coinflip for my link and be happy. The only thing I don't care for is Wildcat Haris. Right now im using Alguacillies. Obvious advantages here. Low cost link for an order base with heavy weapons. Also Alguacillies are cool because space cops. The addition of Lupe gives an interesting mix of additional anti-tank and drastically improved CQB. My main force right now is using this link. I'm building a police force with these guys and Geckos. The main 5 Alguacillies for me are on the painting stand 90% done actually. Here's my primary link: It's feeling like a lot of effort to move off of Wildcats though. They were just solving everything, I had to learn how to do a lot of things I took for granted as the Wildcats took care of it near automatic.
  8. If I like the look of something I'll learn to use it well. I've bought things I didn't care about for their stats and they almost never hit the table. "Looks good" is a bit different for me though, right now the model I'm in love with is the old Alguacil Sniper, not just new slick sculpts. So that opens a lot of stuff. Fluff can be cool enough that I start to like a model though, like the Kuang Shi.
  9. If he didn't know what's best he wouldn't have the Mandate from Heaven. Cranes are trained judges and juries with years of schooling, they can give a fair trial from hello to Kuang-Shi in 5 seconds flat. Hsien, of course, represent the will of the Emperor, so they also act with the Mandate of Heaven. So as you can see they left no room for accidents.
  10. @Jassal2.0 It would have a model, like a G:Servant size. It would be a permanent unit unlike a mine, so it would take ARM rolls instead of going away after activation. This means you can't get rid of with with an Echo or Koala or dodge. It would not require new rules.The only odd thing is 0-0 MOV but that already exists. That being said, the concept might be cooler than it would play on the board.
  11. PH is used by anything that can be smoked+msv2 or white noised.
  12. Did you guys see threads complaining about the indirect Interventor Lt. nerf from KHD? Some people felt they weren't worth taking anymore. That's what it looks like to me when Hexas are claimed as bad. I wouldn't even be allowed to have them! I was much more jealous before I started to enjoy infiltration on snipers.
  13. I get it on Garuda! Well, sometimes
  14. As long as it's possible, people will figure it out
  15. I'm already annoyed Jaguars replaced most cheerleading Keep in mind we need to buy Prowlers for an infiltrated DTW and pay SWC for an infiltrated Repeater. I don't think you can mix the DTW, Repeater and cheap order. Add SWC so it can't just be thrown in in place of an order and you get a lot more freedom. Without movement or token state I could see a chain colt, and I'd like to keep repeater if for nothing else to make you worry about KHD. The biggest things about infiltrated DTW is surprise ARO and SK hunting and it wouldn't be able to do either, but locking down shotgun range SK is still pretty nasty. SMG 360 Visor could be pretty cool as well. The idea itself is pretty cool and would be unmistakabley Nomadsy.