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  1. I feel like people are underselling how much a 10 point decrease is. Like I pointed out before, which looks better: Brigada HMG and a Zero KHD, or Kriza HMG and an Alguacil FO? Because the Kriza pair still costs 3 more. edit: for the record, Brigada HMG is by far my favorite HI HMG choice in Nomads, pretty evenly between S and point saving. S is way way more important than it looks in theory.
  2. The march away from mediocrity obsoleting the old keeps getting pushed. Why do they need to make Wildcats look bad? Wildcats have always been a draw for the sacrifices Corregidor makes. A good looking unit has mixed support, with some people loving and regularly taking them. A bad looking unit displaces similar units and makes it in to 95% of lists (Jaguars!). And using Riot Grrls as a standard?! Mediocre units that you don't like but others do is a sign of health. Good factions have mediocre units. There are only two outcomes with this attitude: you are disappointed or Infinity gets a hard powercreep. That's a lose-lose situation
  3. It depends on how much you value more wounds, specialist pilot, DTW and SWC. I find them to fill a different role than the main two competitors, Taskmaster Red Fury and Kriza MK12. Geckos are much tougher than any of them.
  4. Personally I'd rather stop at 3 sectorials unless they actually ran out of stuff to do. Maybe release Vanilla only units for a bit.
  5. Oh it does say "side". That's neat! Funny story, a few games ago someone spent 4 orders setting up a repeater and using Oblivion on a Morat. Not gonna forget that lesson
  6. It says that it breaks the link as a "secondary effect". Does preventing Isolation prevent the secondary effect?
  7. I thought that was confirmed the opposite. edit: or at least unconfirmed
  8. I'm still not holding my breath but that would be awesome! That might put Tunguska over the top for me to play. I love the idea of crusader knights but hate the MO fluff (for playing not to fight). If they were there I wonder if we'll get a HI or if they'll go a different direction with a MI. I'd rather have a MI since I don't think we need a Hospitaller to our Brigada but we'll see. Could be done well any way.
  9. HRL is a pretty good weapon, getting the template cheap is great. ML is really good but I don't use them much because my opponents take advantage of both of the weird rangebands, getting far with a sniper or close with a HMG/Spitfire. Plus the B for active. I prefer the weapon to be more flexible.
  10. Way beyond mine... the worst part is if there isn't a missing SWC they aren't even fooled by a decoy Algacuil. One more advantage to Hellcat HMG >:))) From my experience with Wildcats played in this way it is important to balance placing the additional troops in good, disruptive defensive positions but not in a spot that is easy to kill and lower your link bonuses. If you just hide them you have a lot of wasted strength. The other thing is placing them so that once the link breaks you can still maneuver the remaining Combis/BSG to be useful. So good offensive positions as well. And of course this formation makes a Lt. seem more reasonable as they won't be charging out... but then you need to balance putting it in a risky spot or putting it in a spot that makes it look like a Lt. Links can be hard to deal with. Sometimes it is nice to play my Alguaciles because you almost can't mess up with them, a higher cost link takes a lot more practice and thought. I have been surprised by how strong an unlinked Wildcat is with their Combi when things go sour. Getting a good idea of what you can do with one if his buddies go down is useful. Especially in a "firebase" type link that is designed to take fire. I typically go just Spitfire, but a combination with HRL has been strong. I've never tried 2 HRL (my closest to what you're looking to try) because of the 2 SWC, so I don't really know what to say about that. And it's just hard for me to drop the 16 BS 5 B rolls, so good.
  11. Because of their close ranged nature they get wiped out often. Be prepared for the order loss.
  12. I have found MSR to be one of the best balanced Fireteam weapons. Harder to under range the ML, More B than ML but still a good ARO compared to HMG, and you can't over-range it. Especially with MSV1. You can deploy it more haphazardly to get low vis zones without risking being sniped like an HMG can, or leaving a spot to get under-ranged like the ML. A bit more freedom of deployment because the +3 rangeband is so big.
  13. That's how we do it here.
  14. I'm excited that people are excited If Grenzer get a link you may regret clipping the MSR. If I do play Tunguska it will probably be for the Grenzer link, I'm fond of both MI links and MSR. Although I might need to play the Spitfire as well. 4+1 B 13+3 BS on my Wildcat Core is devastating. If you have the Combi you probably won't use Breaker pistol that much. The B on the Combi usually makes up for any damage increase. Its still good for ARO and having it on the other profiles, especially Missile and MSR, is pretty great. Grenzer Hacker would feel a bit redundant on Tunguska. Securitate and Interventors will probably have that covered. Anyways the FO Sensor profile is so good you don't want anything else!