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  1. Bakunin used to be the worse Nomads sectorial in basically every way. I don't know if finally getting an advantage makes them the better sectorial now. But more importantly, the sectorial choice isn't going to be the difference between winning and losing. Personally I would be quick to replace Lupe and Massacre. Not really fond of tribute models. They all look equally stupid to me, no matter the tribute. To see it from my perspective, imagine Massacre was sculpted after Homer Simpson.
  2. That's alright, that's why I usually take FO now. And even then because it is only one point, I hardly ever do objectives with it.
  3. I still prefer a guy with a jetpack and a shotgun to kill hackers, but having all those "may as well throw KHD on" guys get punished when my Iguana comes around with an Interventor KHD is cool. I like when people think they found a freebie bonus to take and I can punish them for it.
  4. There are lots of examples. Moblot have some profiles with Inftration. One guy even changes from Irregular to Regular on his second profile.
  5. Spits on ground Grabs crotch "Yeh, I'm a gentleman babe." Everyone knows Jaguars respect women.
  6. That's probably the biggest reason sectorials are common to start with. Less options. Go with what you have, buy what you think is cool, and you'll learn around that. Don't worry about trying to figure out what kind of player you are before you even started. The best thing you can do is get some games in!
  7. I don't know why you would make the assumption they would be an ORC centered sectorial and wouldn't get other stuff. edit: Does it really sound like fun to have another sectorial balanced around a buffed up link? I find those much less interesting.
  8. That would be cool. But Kamau will be the Wildcats similarity. A replacement I wouldn't mind.
  9. Usually does a powerful turn 3 play, sometimes a safe one on turn 2. I pay for Alguacillies a lot because I'm low SWC due to Gecko. But that's not always an option. I haven't seen a lot of people with actual experience. Mostly theory. The MK12 has become a standard rather than experimental for me by now. It's a really good unit, pairs perfectly with the otherwise vulnerable Nomads. People think of a clasical Pincer Maneuver like this: But that's not accurate. That allows the enemy to reinforce their flanks with their full force. A flanking force will always be weaker is some way than a full line. Without a sufficiently strong front they will be useless. In a Pincer Maneuver the center should still be the strongest element, especially in terms of holding power. In Infinity you are often attacking the reserve, but not always. For example, a Hellcat BSG or Bandit LSG prefer the reserve. Order base, Lt., specialists, support, artillery (long range like snipers and HMG) etc. While a Hellcat HMG or Bandit Combi or Tsyklon Spitfire are typically more at home using the flank to get good shots on their main force. The difference comes from the skirmish scale rather than formations. But many of the concepts still apply. Anyways, Intruders, Alguacillies, stuff like that, usually forms figurative reserve or artillery forces. Stuff you don't want the enemy to be engaging directly. They will be supporting the main force. Stuff like Brigada, Geckos and Wildcats make up a good front line. Things that can't be efficiently removed using brute force. But basically no single unit makes a better holding element than the Gecko (for their cost). It adds an important factor to your tactics. Especially good if you are a AD/SK heavy player, but by no means are they bad in addition to Wildcats. You just pull off different tactics. Personally I am a flanking heavy player in my standard lists but I do do Wildcats+TAG decently often.
  10. Good enough for Corregidor. Not every new faction needs to power creep the last ones. If "focus on what you have" won't fly I would go for the one that has your single favorite unit. You'll always miss it if you don't.
  11. Do you play Corregidor? We aren't exactly flush with choices. Intruders are good, it's usually a toss between them and Brigada. Wildcat in-link is used when we have no other options. But it is vulnerable and can hold an otherwise aggressive link back. But in this case both options are already present, so the Brigada is probably the sturdier choice. But Brigada remains a Lt. standard in Corregidor. On probably any other faction (maybe not Onyx) I would agree, it doesn't look great. But it's good for us.
  12. My Geckos usually wrack up more kills. Intruder has one of the highest to-wound chances in the game but Geckos can get amazing positioning by sacrificing wounds. I take Intruders to kill the thing that would have caused me trouble. The TR bot, the TO guy, the nasty sniper, etc. But for bodycount it's hard to beat the Gecko. Walking through templates, surviving a turn of being shot at, being able to survive crits. All of that means a Gecko can just keep going for more kills, where an Intruder would need to stop approaching or be put in danger. So an Intruder might kill the Swiss Guard, but the Geckos kill all the Fusilier and Auxilia. Both important roles. Corregidor is mostly made up of good-but-not-great troops. Balanced, effective, accurately priced. Geckos are not one of those. Geckos are hecking awesome.
  13. Nope. Other things do other things but nothing does the same but better.
  14. Keep Lt. on the Brigada for sure. Put the Zondbot in the second group so it can go with the Dak.
  15. Moran are great, but some people don't want the Repeater putting their hacker in danger and prefer Minelayer to Koalas. Moran are one of my favorites though. Brigada HMG is just good. Courage prevents you from losing suppressing fire to guts, more W and ARM let you take pesky templates and lucky hits and keep going, small S prevents the enemy from seeing it when you don't want them to. Solid unit. Basically, that's what I do. What you get out of a unit is based so heavily on your instincts and your meta. So experiment with what you want and change stuff around with experience. I play 3 Hellcats because it is a working tactic for me. I never would have tried it if I didn't play things for coolness. I use Securitate HMG and Hacker. The SS2 Hacker can and has been game changing, I always take it if I want a repeater net. Having a LSG and portable White Noise on a specialist makes him pretty solid. The HMG has multiple rare qualities on Nomads. Fast and low SWC. Repeater allows you to hack and most of all White Noise on the go. They can't attack you at close range if they are hackable without dealing with your hackers first. They can't flank or surprise shot you. Every skill is used in many games.