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  1. Is declaring a DataTracker mandatory? So no more fully hidden lists?
  2. I can see the order history, that it's paid etc, but where do I find the code?
  3. I ordered a a virtual tournament package a few hours ago but I haven't received the code yet. Is this normal? Might just be me being anxious to get the ITS-part of the tournament up and running
  4. Am I allowed to hack a camouflaged unit without discovering it first? The camo rule would suggest that I cannot since I am not allowed to declare an attack against the marker-state camouflaged unit but since anything hackable should be declared when it's within my hacking area? Am I missing some info. Is it different if the target is in a Holo state? If hacking would work against hackable targets; would Spotlight work against any target? Thanks in advance!
  5. Using deployable equipment before it is deployed. Is it allowed? It would make logical sense but I am unsure with the rules. For example: A LAMDEH Rebot is carrying a Sniffer. Can the Deva with Sensor use the Sniffer even though it is not deployed in the field or does it have to be deployed first?
  6. That's true. I think my focus on taking (the right) points while building lists is not as good as it is as while playing. That's a good lesson to bring with me Again a great list and nice to see your reasoning behind it
  7. Then that might need to be in the mission or FAQ because that's not what I read at all :/ And I really like the list or the basic idea of it, but isn't it a bit light on specialists? Thanks a lot for all the help. It's the basic balance between units I'm having trouble with so seeing all kinds of lists is probably great
  8. That is not what the mission says, it specifically says Kill, and in that case he would not have been killed. Otherwise I like the advice, it sounds very good I prefer the combi+flamer Tiger so far but it's a tough choice. Could you give me one or more examples of a complete list? I also considered using a Crane as a LT since I will be facing Fiday/s for sure, trying to outshine them in CC.
  9. ISS might work(I'm a bit limited in the models there). I'd prefer Vanilla if possible. The terrain is somewhat dense but a tag will be able to navigate most of the table. I was considering using Sun Tze 1 and then revealing an Executive-order Hac Tao as soon as he dropped to NWI. The supporting cast is probably my largest problem Thanks for the input
  10. So, I'm new to Yu Jing but not to the game. I've had three-or-so games so far but I'm struggling to create well-rounded lists. Usually I end up with 2-3 powerhouses and then maximum Shaolin and Kuang Shi as fillers. In a bit I'm playing mid-tier Decapitation with a friend and would like to know what kind of lists you would bring? He's playing Haqq or Bahram
  11. I totally agree with you. I mainly wanted to see if there was RAW that would support the same that I'd missed somewhere
  12. I agree, but that doesn't really matter if you read the wording: " If you use this weapon or piece of Equipment to make an Attack " You are still attacking with the knife. The knife deals Shock(for purposes of adding the ammos together).
  13. Ah, I thought it felt strange but I just read it as "Weapons with the CC trait" (which would include knives and pistols)
  14. The Shikami has the Dual Wield-ability and is equipped with AP CCW, DP CCW and Knife. Dual Wield: This CC Special Skill allows the user to combine the effects of the Special Ammunitions of two different CC Weapons. Silent: If you use this weapon or piece of Equipment to make an Attack while outside the target's LoF, that target cannot react by Changing Facing or apply the Warning! rule unless he survives the Attack (that is, isn't in a Null state after the Attack is resolved). Additionally, enemies without LoF in whose Zone of Control the Attack took place or was declared cannot declare AROs or apply the Warning! rule unless the target survives the Attack. This means that these enemies must delay their ARO declaration until after the Attack is resolved. So attacking with the DA CCW and a Knife would be OK and would give a Silent attack with DA+Shock?