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  1. Awesome thanks for the replies, man that is really really good!!! I may have to try another approach, the feathering technique was just soo time consuming especially for how small these guys are. And it doesn't help I'm an absolute perfectionist... I need to get over that.
  2. Well I stripped him lol starting anew, slapped on a base coat to get an idea of where I want the colors (i really need a medium/glaze) after I get the second coat on I'm not sure which direction to take as far as shading and highlighting go. Not a fan of the drybrushing but not familiar with wet blending the colors so I may use inks/glazes to build up the colors to highlights... we will see
  3. Thanks for the input fellas!!!! By the way, have any other awesome terrain your working on!?!? Once again thank you so much! Some of us like myself aren't that creative when it comes to terrain lol
  4. Yea I actually got the first two in the link to work thank God but the others I can't seem to get to for the page without losing some of the image. I'm probably going to have fed ex handle it so I don't blow out all my ink 😅
  5. Sorry to revive. So I'm new to printing templates but why is it whenever I set scale to 100% I lose part of the image, quite a bit actually. So what am I doing wrong? And thank you so much for releasing these to us my wife and I are extremely excited to use these on our table!!!!
  6. So I'm creating this as a log for my painted figures, buuuut a problem has shown (it's been 3 years since I've painted) I used to be pretty decent. I was a fool and didn't water down my paint, what you see is one coat. Should I strip it and start anew or will it fill in/smooth out if I start watering down my paints Here's some past work
  7. Oh duh my bad I didn't see that, thats really neat btw!!!
  8. So I see a box of scarface and cordelia in the background, just assembled mine and man was it fun!! Have you got yours around yet?
  9. Oh whoa nice!!! I didn't know that, thanks for the info Icchan
  10. So I went for the reverend custodial but I'm still confused on what the +marker is, dumb question I know I'm new to infinity. I went through the rule book and couldn't find a single thing on it!
  11. Excellent info thank you lol I had no clue. And your set up my lord! AWESOME!!
  12. Yea I wasn't too sure about the knights either but once I seen them in person I was sold! Now I would like your opinion I see you use allot of army painter, do you like that paint the most? I mostly stick to vellajo due to awesome coverage but would like to explore other paints as well
  13. thank you so much nazroth!! again that is just an amazing effect, ill give creds when people ask lol. keep up the good work!
  14. wow i absolutely love the green, could you provide a guide for achieving that? i recently just got into infinity and for some reason im having a hard time with the painting and coming up with a scheme i like lol but i LOOVEE that!!