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  1. Yes, I always use them with Inferior inf. They're amazing, in my last match, for example, I passed all of my 3 infiltration rolls ( yes, I was really lucky), at the end of my first round two of them were dead but broke Senor Massacre haris and gave excellent support for Al-Dja. In the match vs Ariadna, my friend wasted a lot of orders against them and both in the active and in the reactive turn, they killed a good number of models. I love Daylami style . For now, my main problem is the Ayyar, love the model and its playstyle, but even in matches where I've to face many 1w models, it's always subdued, I must clarify that my shots, with it, are really unlucky.
  2. Of course, I played the Panzer version, 3 of them. Yesterday evening another match, against Nomads, but this time with vanilla just to try Tarik, so in the end I won the match using only Al-Dja, Daylami and Knauf , it was not a great test, the Captain Islam just watched the match... Anyway, I'm trying to expand my knowledge, I wanna play also vanilla and Qapu, just to see how they work, I'm a little lost about the main army 'cause there're many interesting options but I'm quite inexperienced and it's diffucult to make list without doubts .
  3. After weeks, yesterday evening I played another match with Hassassin, now with their all miniatures, no more proxy. I used a list composed by a Ghulam link, Asawira Haris, Al-Dja, various REMs, Ayyar and our "shitty" warbands , I won the match against Ariadna, despite many CAMOs, Ghazi Chain Rifle and threatening Daylami are amazing against them, now it's time to play more matches with them.
  4. Someone stop me, now I wanna buy the new Druzes and also the old ones They are still beautiful models :
  5. Ok, so we'll have an upgrade
  6. Yes, because Achilles had one beacon, breaking the link allowed me to have Patroclus more advanced for subsequent turns . No more forum next year?
  7. Yes, I know that, but I broke the link to cover more space and to exploit some command tokens, was a tactical move, unusually, but often unusual tactics win battles , and so it was. Good to know, but in game terms and seeing how the matches went, has had a rather negligible impact, maybe it's the case to delete some old discussion in the forum.
  8. Take a look :
  9. Well, nice job man, you've my respect , I always liked Penny, but I've do admit, never played, she's a sort of scalpel, amazing in some situations. I played Teucer a few times, never disappointed me but 44 points and 2 swc is quite expensive for an upgraded Agema, the model is wonderful, I bought it without hesitation. Well, about Ajax. I played the big boy many times, it's one of my favourite units in Steel Phalanx and was my first Infinity miniature, therefore, I'm also very fond of it, an excellent alpha strike, many times it killed many models, in one match an entire link composed by 2 Hospitaller and 3 magister knights ( forgive me, Space Jesus). Its' a good TAG that costs 39 points...
  10. Surely I'll buy them, they're also excellent to represent my Asawira for Hassassin, but I can't wait to see their update profiles, if CB confirm the new ones seen in Outrage, they'll be really amazing.
  11. Thanks, yes I posted it in the wrong section, I'm losing my mind . I posted my opponents lists after the BRs 'cause, especially for what concerns NCA & Nomads, I saw them complete only after the match, so, when I played against I didn't know the existence of some models like Swiss Guard, Hexa or other camo, it was a narrative gimmick just to make you empathize better with matches .