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  1. As for an "asteroid base" station featuring restaurants and stuff ... it really depends on the size of the asteroid. Eros (in the expanse) had bars, restaurants, a pachinko parlour closer to the docks. As well as the rat runs of old tunnels and passages. Ceres has all of that stuff close to the docks, too.
  2. "History is written by the winners" but in this case, it gets proofread and corrected with the big red pen of Gutier.
  3. The antipodes ate their horses. Donorcycles give them indigestion instead.
  4. Your "biggly" big bing bang bong?
  5. I played Eldar for a couple of months in second ed when they had got their first codex. I pretty much had to find another club to play at because the first one got shirty about "cheaty bastard eldar" with pop-up attacks. Had to get the SM out of storage for the first club - Eldar were my first army for 40k in RT when the first Chapter approved came out. Marines came later, because marines. Shortly after that imposed "ban" on my CBE a change in my job and other recreational activities meant I didn't play much 40k until 3rd ed (started noticing the other sex and going out clubbing - it was my mid 20s).
  6. I just converted up some shikami based off the concept dossiers. I expect the actual models in June (if they follow the established protocol).
  7. Shikami are good - this is why I've converted up a couple of spare HI to be my Shikami. Specialists, mobility skills, multiple wounds and good armour. Don't discount keisotsu in a fireteam. A full 5 man team will give them an effective bs13 AND deny a few tricks of the enemy, too - and they have specialists, too. Deltakilo is my local Warcor.
  8. Sculpted some pants and hats onto a hac-tao and zuyong to make them into my shikami. Greenstuff and nothing more complex than a blunt #11 blade in a #1 xacto handle. Contender on the left, combi rifle on the right. Zuyon (r) donated his HMG to convert a Keisotsu butai to a new-type hmg model - so the combi is a very basic shape copy of a combi, carved from styrene strip. Of course, this now means that I expect the actual models to be released next month.
  9. My general purpose Corregidor Banguar hoodlums. I'm not fond of the bandit sculpts (and especially their wonky machete blade things.) 2nd from right can be combi-rifle or boarding shotgun Bandit (or just light shotgun jaguar/bandit). There's also a 5th one who has an ADHL but I have no pic yet. Apart from that, I managed to finish the gun rack for my corregidor TAG hangar. It holds a mk12 and 2 combis - 3 weapon "slots" for the two main weapon options available to the gecko squadron. (I'll be making a 2nd one - the first will get the mk12, the other will get the 2 combis). I got a gecko dual combi from Deltakilo a while back, that I converted to a mk12 version (the combis were carefully removed and saved for later. They had stocks/grips added with plasticard strip.) .
  10. Yup, that line was "Warcrow" 15mm stuff.
  11. Works fine on my browser version. There is a "spec ops" button in the list window. Click spec-ops button. Modify treitak profile/gear. Click "add to list" Shows up in list. It's NOT an option from the units in the bar across the top (or column, if you have vertical mode on) because it's an OPTIONAL thing for certain Tournament types and for certain game types (campaign type games) where it will be the ONLY unit able to change stats. They aren't a default "ALWAYS usable" thing.
  12. I've got crisscross scars all over my fingers that makes most biometric fingerprint scanners useless (and big scars on both thumbs that really **** with them).
  13. Well, you DO have such sights to show us ...
  14. Did a basecoat in one shade, then individually and carefully spot painted each hex with a lighter shade. That said, my inner shapes are more akin to circles than hexes, but the darker colour hex outline remains, fooling the eye from 12+" away. If you want it perfect from <6" then that's not something I aim for, so I can't help there.
  15. "that man is playing Galaga" sort of easter egg? Because otherwise, "I got nuthin' ' and I suck at easter egg hunts.