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  1. I turned the three akals I had into my locusts (then after I had finished, CB decide to release one). Even did weapon conversions using the boarding shotguns from other models, and converted msr for the marksman rifle. Nobody I know or game against in person is going to quibble about the combi rifles not looking precisely like the "proper" breaker combi is supposed to. I'm lucky to play ONE ITS tourney a year (and it's local) so ITS restrictions on what I can and can't do mostly don't apply to me.
  2. 1: Yes. The extra level is a function of Ghost: remote presence. P80, infinity rulebook (or pdf). 2: ONLY if the TAG meets the requirements. Reboot is the only one that CAN be used on TAGs. (specified in requirements). Assisted fire, Overclock and enhanced reaction supportware ALL require the target to be a REMote unit type (NOT just to have G:RP). A TAG is NOT a REM. Kaleidoscope (ONLY Hackers) , Fairy dust (HI only) and Controlled Jump (AD) don't apply to TAG units.
  3. Nah, Bakunin will get the trash-panda unit - they already have the rest of the GOTG mob anyway.
  4. I'd love to see a SG hacker model (or a multi-rifle version whether or not it's a hacker). Y'know, one of the profiles it didn't already have in the older version (HMG/Missile). I converted an old Missile launcher SG to a HMG (male - as the girly is TINY) and another one to multi-rifle using orc parts.
  5. They are nickel plated, generally. It does flake off - nickel is notoriously hard to get to stay ON something, and is often there only because it allows chromium to adhere better (my dad was an electroplater by trade, so I learned this stuff as a kid).
  6. Any particular Dire Foes mission? #6 (Defiant Truth) is here As for the others, they aren't available to download from CB anymore. I have copies of all 6, and the older ones with their lore sections, too. PM me for those.
  7. Foamed PVC is also known as "Sintra" in some places (it's a common thing for prop-makers and some costumers, but not as easy to work with as EVA foam.) and commonly in 3mm or 5mm (or 1/8" or 1/4" for those metrically challenged areas).
  8. I've not had any issues with gluing the plastcraft stuff. Superglue loves the stuff. IT DOES NEED to be based, for the most part, though.
  9. The aleph Chandra spec-ops has an aleph multi-sniper as part of the weapon sprue.
  10. Please let the character orc be called Grishnakh. And give him a matched (dire foes style) character called Euronymous. \m/
  11. Never let "perfect" be the enemy of "done". It's the enemy of the perfectionist. Crippling self-doubt, where their execution never meets their expectations. Learn to deal with "good enough for now." Any artist will tell you something is "never truly finished" - you can always go back to them later.
  12. I'm the ONLY member of my family who wargames or paints minis. I've NEVER received gaming products for birthday presents or christmas - for probably the same reasons - and I didn't START gaming until I was 17, a time when I was supposed to have left that "childish" stuff behind. MY mother still finds my hobby amusing, my siblings find it weird and my brother I haven't seen in over a decade, so I don't know what he thinks (nor do I care). My father has been dead 12 years, and his opinion ranked somewhere below what I think of my brother's. MY wife - now she's the statistical "blip". Her family include radio-controlled aeromodellers, model railway and amateur radio operators, and she's a painter. I'm in the "normal" category for her. So you aren't alone in those family issues. I persisted with it, and found like-minded folk (pre-net days, so I had to find where these tribes gathered by doing research. I found a group, and then cons, then found more groups through that and have been happily doing this hobby for the last 3 decades.
  13. Seconding the double siding of certain tokens. I do this. Camo/AP mines. imm1/imm2 and a few others (damage status like damaged/destroyed among them).
  14. Where I live, a "male past his childhood" doesn't exist. It's not a "thing". In the anglo-centric west, "male childhood" runs from birth to death*. The only difference is the size and cost of the toys (the only real metric for telling the "men" from the "boys"). *growing up is optional. There are some that try to instill that the following of sportsball, bedding of "negotiable virtue" women and mass-consumption of intoxicating beverages, as well as an unnatural fascination with the vroom-vrooms should replace the "playing with toys" aspect as one gets older. Ignore them. They are wrong. They can be complimentary to the playing with toys aspect, not as a replacement.
  15. Oil has a static charge that attracts particulates (which is why oiled things always gunk up - it literally attracts dust). Graphite is a good mechanical lubricant (which is why it's used to loosen stuck locks) due to the chemical lattice structure of it. The downside of graphite is that it is also a GREAT electrical conductor.