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  1. same here. I've actually got 2 different sets of those - Mark Copplestone did both - one is from his old Grenadier Future Warriors and the other is from his own Copplestone castings line.
  2. What kind of phillistine puts ketchup on fish&chips anyway? Let alone tartare (capers make me gag) sauce. Come to think of it, the whole slather the fish in goop and deep fry it strikes me as wrong, too. What's wrong with a light grilling (broiling for you seppos)? A little salt, ready to go.
  3. ALL there is officially is the small sprue in each spec-ops blister (and most of them are older look of weapons, too). There also USED to be a blister of sprues in the old tournament packs, but that's gone away, too. I've used Heresy (shotguns) and wyrd for some weapons (smgs/assault pistols) wth mostly the infinity ones for others. I don't think anyone does guns similar to the drum-fed bullpup YJ shotguns - which is a shame - Pancor Jackhammers looked cool.
  4. I have 6 factions. They rotate, I tend to play them each for about 5-6 months then switch. ALL become secondary depending on which one I'm using for this period of time.
  5. I wouldn't go so far as Daboarder says ... I'd say the chance falls somewhere between <SFA and none.
  6. *SporAn, btw. It's never been spelled 'sporin' - you're more likely to see that spelling on an antibiotic. OTOH, a sporin could cure you of CHA sydrome. The symptoms of which are wanting to wear a skirt and prance around with a face half-blued, whilst bellowing incoherencies. Bagpiper: One who summons the infernal horde from the netherhells. Lead member of Satan's improv jazz combo. Where they are accompanied by Banjo, accordion and recorder.
  7. No boom today ... boom tomorrow. ALWAYS boom tomorrow.
  8. Those seem to be JUST the missions. Train rescue starts at p10 (the mission) on those downloads. There's 9 pages of background before it.
  9. I've only ever used Humbrol's "maskol" - everything I've read on the Vallejo hasn't given me any reason to change that. I've happily used the VMC and VGC paint ranges for the last 4-5 years, but the masking products I won't touch.
  10. I don't think you can. You need to find the OLD 2nd ed entries for them. I've got all of them - but the last one (the newest, Defiant truth ) is remarkably lacklustre when it comes to the background story.
  11. The most powerful force in the universe ...
  12. I clean out the mounting holes with a drillbit first (clear off the oxidation (it will be there, because WMAs all have an oxide coating as part of normal chemistry with the metals exposed to air). Then I snip off the antennae one by one and clean them up, apply a small drop of glue to the divot in the skull, and apply the antenna with tweezers (actually "dressings forceps" which are 5-6" long tweezers) and hold until the glue goes off. Then I turn it over and repeat for the other side.
  13. An open container of sodium bicarbonate also removes odours from a refrigerator (yup, regular bicarb). Can also be mixed with vinegar as a mould retardant and cleaner (for surface mould). Also makes cyanoacrylate adhesives cure pretty much instantly and rock hard (superglue filler).
  14. I started gaming with WW2 in the 80s, followed by Moderns (87-88) and then Battletech and 40k. By the time I stopped playing 40k, I had Marines, Eldar, Grey Knights and Guard (with way too many points worth of models for each). I currently have Neoterra, QK, Corregidor , JSA and vanilla Aleph. I rotate them every 6 or so months. PanO was my first, followed by JSA and vanilla Aleph. Thence came QK, after being thumped by them one too many times (if you can't beat them, join the bandwagon) and Corregidor (because geckos).
  15. I've used leaded solders for the last 35 years and my lungs are still fine. Ventilation and stance/positioning relative to the job are the key things to watch. Just don't sit over the stuff and huff the fumes when you do it. I had a friend who used to do soldering with the job in his lap and hunched over it. I used to mock him for it endlessly.