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  1. So, rather a lot like Seinfeld?
  2. I'm almost 49. Old enough to know better, still young enough not to give a **** I started playing 40k as an 19 year old in 1987. I stopped playing 40k in 5th ed (with my GK, SM, eldar and guard). I saw a couple of games of 8th being played yesterday - but it still looks like action figures took over a miniatures game (with all of the knights and mecha all over the place). I don't mind some of the models from the last couple of editions, but others are just ... no.
  3. I used the android app today for the first time in a while, and it opened my browser and went straight to the wiki when I tapped one of the skills (natural born warrior). It even allowed me to save locally, too. Seems some issues have been fixed - you have my thanks.
  4. It's also listed as the Avatar SCORPION gunship (the SAMSON was the utility transport used by the main characters and flown by Trudi - and is a different model). It's the cobra to the samson's huey.
  5. They're probably going to be added to the merc list. Mercs are usually not linkable outside of certain sectorials, and the general mercs are only available to vanilla forces (which can't form fireteams for the most part).
  6. Is a helper bot a specialist? Does it have the engineer, doctor, etc, skill? If so, yes. If not, no.
  7. Yup, deployables all use different skills - even the separate mine types are separate skills. So you can't even do "mono-mine" and "anti-personnel mine" together since they are separate skills. A quick look at the tables in the rulebook (at the back, pdf or dead-tree versions) and you can see that.
  8. Or in the case of one peach-coloured oompa-loompa, your brain, either.
  9. On the plus side, now that I have suitable proxies for the Shikami, it makes their actual release *that* much closer (if you build them CB will release them).
  10. ^^ This is why I made my own. I used a couple of models I didn't need and couldn't use for them, and gave them haramaki and hats.
  11. Their Youtube channel.
  12. Well, they still work together (and I think live together, too). Steve Carter/Antoinette Ryder made up the SCAR of SCAR studios, so yeah, they're still a thing. They have a new comic thing going on the indy circuit. Their signature style of horror/weird/splatterpunk stuff. Ran into Jason Badower, a couple of months back, too. He used to do character sketches (rpgs) for players (for a price) at games cons back in the day, too. Then he got famous.
  13. I liked WW. That said, I thought Snyder's movies were shite. Going back to Watchmen. There were only a couple of the marvel flicks that I didn't hate (Irony man and the first avenger were good - ant-man wasn't horrible, and Guardians was a romp. the rest, not so much.). Before this, the Thomas Jane Punisher film was cool (at least much better than the Dolph Lundgren one). *I'm not a superhero comics fan by any means. Never have been.
  14. There's a new marvel trailer out? Excuse me, I failed to notice it (because it was so ... meh ... that it just kinda blended with the wallpaper.). The music didn't help, either. THAT got shut off quickly before it went from"mildly irritating" to "annoying".
  15. I have other knights I'm using as a BF (inherited from a previous owner's culling of miniatures). I don't have an actual BF model yet.