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  1. Combine plasma rifle used to have that effect too (e/m). Had a Hexa spitfire hit with an ARO plasma rifle shot from a charontid (down to 1w). Passed the arm roll, failed the bts for the e/m and her TO went to mimetism, and she lost her spitfire, falling back to her pistol. Next order, double tapped the pistol for a double crit, dropping the charontid dead.
  2. I wanted to add McMurrough the mercenary big dog to my Vertical smile of Corregidor force, but am not a fan of dogs in skirts (nor of kilts in general). So a conversion from a Devil dog or dog warrior was the only way forward. DD one was easiest. Reposed the right arm (cut at above elbow/below pauldron, pin and repose). GS press-mould of hand and chain rifle (GW 40k ork hands are to scale with these big-dogs). Sculpted new Left hand out of GS with a pointing finger. He's now saying "You're next, Jimmy!" (in a Glaswegian brogue)
  3. It's no longer capable of functioning as a corporate "whole". More a bunch of corporate raiders, so to speak. And nobody does "Hostile takeover" quite like the EI. They are the epitome of 80s "Greed is, for want of a better word, good.".
  4. Why, is it a movie Gosling is in? Then that'd be a resounding "NO, ain't gonna happen." thing. There are a bunch of actors who I just can't watch in films, and he and brad pitt are two of them. I managed to snag a pass to the BR2049 press preview screening with some mates who worked on Ridley's last movie (Alien:Covenant). That was a 3 hour train trip (each way). I liked it enough to not consider the trip to be a waste of time. Would not have done it to see "Drive" for example. I'll be seeing it again with the mrs tonight. She's a fan of Ford, and can't stand Gosling either.
  5. My first reaction upon seeing it: Oh, thank the makers that it's NOT based on the KW Jeter novels - they weren't good. It's very pretty, but lacked some of the substance of its predecessor - still a satisfying film, though. I still remain unconvinced about Ryan Gosling's acting.
  6. I'm adding stuff to my "Vertical smile of Corregidor" force. First of two tsyklons. I pinned ALL of the bits. Fin, spindle bit, the works. Have started painting it, too.
  7. What else can kill you instantly? Monofilament to a single failed armour roll.
  8. Soldier is also in the same universe as Star Trek, though (several of his battle honours are references to quotes from STII:TWOK).
  9. Shows up weird in comp browser, too. DS was down for a bit last month. The blog was fine, but the forums were down.
  10. As somebody who lived through the 80s and its fluorophilia phase, I can't like the colour choices so bright I need mirrorshades to view it. And I have to admit, at first glance, I did think "Wow, like an 80s blood bowl team". The painting is accomplished, even if the colour choices are something I'd never use.
  11. If you successfully dodge, you avoid the "hit", no consequences arise since the hit does not happen.
  12. I started painting minis when I was almost 18 (they weren't GW minis, either - they were airfix moderns in 1/72. GW came afterwards.) 31 years ago.
  13. What's a browser ad? Doesn't everyone run an adblocker?
  14. This isn't a new thing, either. People were doing it in 2nd ed, infiltrating the cutter, hexa, and swiss guard when only the Croc man and a couple of TO order sgts had TO AND infiltrate in PanO). TO doesn't auto grant infiltrate, and just having TO generally isn't an indicator that it can infiltrate. Basic reading comprehension helps there.
  15. Shasvastii are all hermaphroditic. Not female, not male. but having the aspects of both.